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How to Prevent and Cure Your Cellulite


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The "true" information about cellulite...

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How to Prevent and Cure Your Cellulite

  1. 1. ==== ====Naturally And Painlessly Eliminate Cellulite FOREVER! ====Cellulite causes often vary. They can be as complicated as heredity and genetics. Or it can be assimple as not drinking a lot of water or getting no exercise at all.When you say cellulite, dimples always come into mind. Dimples are said to be cute and makesthe person more attractive. I wish the same could be said about cellulite dimples. Some peoplerefer to these dimples as "cottage cheese" or "orange peel."They can be unsightly especially in the buttocks and thigh areas.Some women with cellulite resultto wearing full coverage clothes and avoid slipping into a swimsuit during summertime.What is cellulite?Cellulite occurs when the fat cells under our skin increase in size, making its compartments bulgeand therefore produce that dimpling appearance.There are two kinds of cellulite: One is the "Pinch" cellulite, which are only visible when you pincha portion of your skin, or when the area is compressed e.g. crossing the legs. The other type ofcellulite is the "Mattress", cellulite that is visible even in a natural state, meaning you can see thedimples even without pinching the area.Probable Cellulite Causesa) Sedentary LifestyleLiving an inactive life can lead to cellulite formation. The lack of exercise leads to both poormuscle tone and circulation resulting to hardening of connective tissues that are responsible forskin dimpling. Heredity and genetics - cellulites are mostly common on women but some men canhave it too.(b) Low water intakeWater helps flush toxins out of our body and we need lots of it. The recommended daily waterintake is at least two litres. Cellulite is a mixture of unflushed toxins, fat and water. Drinking lots ofwater can help reduce their formation.(c) Frequent medicationFrequent intake of medicines promote cellulite formation because they damage the connectivetissues in our body.
  2. 2. (d) Birth control pillsThese medication are said to cause cellulites as well because of the high levels of estrogen itproduces.Cellulites prevention and remedyWe are all susceptible to cellulites. Fat or thin. Young or old. Man or woman. Exercising and eatinga healthy diet will help reduce formation though. Also, applying an anti-cellulite cream helpsdiminish these unsightly cellulites. Make sure that you choose the right anti-cellulite cream or youcould end up wasting time and money.How do you know which anti-cellulite cream to pick? Here are some tips that you may find useful.a) Effective anti-cellulite creams are usually known brands. You might know someone using thiskind of cream; ask if they can refer you a specific product.b) Read the label. Be sure it states that it reduces and eliminates cellulites fast and in just a fewapplications.c) Check the active ingredients. An effective anti-cellulite cream should contain Caffeine or CoffeeExtract, L-Carnitine, Algae Extract/Bladderwrack Extract, Capsicum Extract, Green tea Extracts,Retinol A, Shea Butter and Horsetail Extract. These ingredients have been proven to reduce andeliminate those annoying cellulite.d) The anti-cellulite cream should be easy to apply with no odors.Now that you know the different cellulite causes, its time to know what is the best anti-cellulitecream works! Check out and be cellulite free!Article Source: ====Naturally And Painlessly Eliminate Cellulite FOREVER!
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