Strategic Enrolment Management & Cohort-specific Marketing


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Presentation given at the Strategic Enrolment Marketing & Management Forum in Toronto, Ontario in May 2013.

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Strategic Enrolment Management & Cohort-specific Marketing

  1. 1. 1Strategic EnrolmentManagement &Cohort-specificMarketing
  2. 2. 2Goals of this presentation• Are your goals tied to a “fill the funnel” approach or bycohort?• Do you match tactics to a cohort?• Are you measuring your success by tactic?
  3. 3. 3SEM (RE)volution• SMART goals• Academic Success• Data• Student Services• Communications &Collaboration• Marketing goals• Facilitates success• Analytics/trackable• Student Service• Shared strategies& communications
  4. 4. 4Mature/TransferStudentsCase Study
  5. 5. 5Reaching the (apparently)unreachable
  6. 6. 6Campaign GoalsWinterA. Increase awareness of programs offeredB. Increase mature applicationsC. Increase Ontario college transfer applicationsD. Increase 101 confirmationsSummerA. Increase awareness of York’s summer session overallB. Increase applications from students wishing to study on a Letter ofPermissionC. Increase applications from Ontario college transfersD. Increase applications from Ontario university transfersE. Increase number of current York students taking courses during thesummer
  7. 7. 7Deliberately digitalWinter Summer
  8. 8. 8Being Flexible@yorkuniversityWhere’s your career headed in 2013? Startat #yorku in #january + earn your degree.Apply to York by Dec. 5 about starting something new in#january? It’s not too late to earn yourdegree. Apply to #yorku by Dec. 19 York21 or older? Looking for part time or online studies?Increase your earning potential. Earn a degree at yourpace.Learn your way.
  9. 9. 9Tactics - Winter
  10. 10. 10Tactics - Summer
  11. 11. 11KPIs
  12. 12. 12Offline Tactics
  13. 13. 13Key Learnings• Be responsive!• Target audience + message for best results – but not too targeted.• Geo-targeting works!• Cost per impression ads: Google outperformed all other channels.• Cost per click ads: Run of network ads worked well but really need to payattention to list of websites for placement.• Mobile interactions increased with every phase, from 4% to just over 21%traffic.• E-blasts netted the lowest rate of return.• After the landing page and Future Students home page, pageview countswere highest for program and admission requirements pages.• LinkedIn requires very specific messaging. Impressions and clickthroughsspiked with key phrases.
  14. 14. 14InternationalCase Study
  15. 15. 15Where in the world do we start?• Social networks have no obstructions and are focused onspecific groups (rather than physical events)… leads to 61%lower cost per student lead (Darrup-Boychuck, 2009)• The approximate cost of recruiting one in-state student is $200,one out-of-state student is $500 and one international student is$1,000, without including staff salaries. Meanwhile, the cost ofonline promoting, using “pay-per-click” or mobile marketing, is$119.50 per any enrolled students regardless of the students’countries of origin. (Baxton and Foley Study, 2009)
  16. 16. 16Print marketing / crossover
  17. 17. 17Online
  18. 18. 18Making it personal
  19. 19. 19Content Flow and KPI
  20. 20. 20Key Learnings• Working in other languages offers challenges that canbe overcome• Analytics are a must for determining success• Dedicate savings from printing in-country to onlinetactics• Flipbooks reveal key insights about how print books areused• Social media extends your reach
  21. 21. 21Taking it thatnext step
  22. 22. 22Tracking & Analysis• Interaction Stats• Purchase analyticsSocialMedia• Site stats• Movement on siteWebsite • Applicant demographicinformationApplication• Prospects and applicantinformationCRM • Complied data onapps, programs, retentionDataWarehouseHandbooksSchoolvisitsOntarioUniversitiesFairOnlinechats &webinarsAdvertisingCampaignsSpringOpenHouse
  23. 23. 23Examining Results and MakingRecommendations• Consideraudience &format• CustomizedreportsReporting• Interpret data• Short term gains• Long termplanningRecommending • Cast your netwidely• Advocate• ChangemanagementSharing
  24. 24. 24Goals of this presentation• Are your goals tied to a “fill the funnel” approach or bycohort?• Do you match tactics to a cohort?• Are you measuring your success by tactic?
  25. 25. 25Questions?Donna Cope, Director, Strategic CommunicationsLaura D’Amelio, Senior Content DeveloperDivision of Vice-President Students, York University