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ASHRAE Ireland Overview - Feb 2019


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Overview of ASHRAE Ireland Chapter activities, presented in February 2019

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ASHRAE Ireland Overview - Feb 2019

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL Introduction 1 Daniel Coakley Secretary, ASHRAE Ireland
  2. 2. ASHRAE Ireland Highlights • ASHRAE Ireland Section founded 2015; ASHRAE Chapter Status achieved in 2017; • Membership x2 over last 3 years → 170; • Strong student growth (>1/3 members) – Branches: CIT, DIT, UCD; – Upcoming 2019: NUIG, WIT; • Increased events in 2018/19 (Cork, Dublin) • Need volunteers to maintain growth & stability; – New positions available @ AGM (15-May) – Email • Strong growth in ASHRAE across Europe (4 new chapter in 2017) • ASHRAE has a leading role in development of IAQ & Ventilation standards for indoor environment. Associate 21% Member 43% Student 36%
  3. 3. Eight Chapters:  Hellenic (Athens, Greece)  Danube (Timisoara, Romania)  Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal)  Spain (Madrid, Spain  Cyprus (Nicosia, Cyprus)  Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)  UK Midlands (Loughborough, England)  UK London & South-East (London, England) Three Sections:  Scotland (Glasgow)  UK Northern (Manchester)  Northern Hellas (Thessaloniki) Agreements:  CIBSE  REHVA  KGH (Serbia)  VDI (Germany)  IOR (UK) Hellenic Chapter (1999) Cyprus Chapter (2017) Danube Chapter (2005) Spain Chapter (2007) Portugal Chapter (2005) Ireland Chapter (2017) UK Midlands Chapter (2017) UK London & SE Chapter (2017) UK Northern Section UK Scotland Section Northern Hellas Section ASHRAE in Europe Groups:  CIBSE ASHRAE Group  ASHRAE AiCARR Group
  4. 4. Events 2018/19 • Past Events - – 04-Oct: Steam Systems: Design & Commissioning (Cork); – 24-Oct: Breakfast Briefing on Indoor Air Quality (Dublin); – 08-Nov: Air Filtration & HVAC Requirements in Life Sciences applications (Dublin) – 13-Nov: Emerging Developments: Air Filtration and Air Handling Units (Cork) – 03-Dec: Best Practice in Integration of Ground Source Heat Pumps in Buildings (Dublin) – 15-Jan: Adiabatic Cooling & Prevention of Legionnaires disease (ASHRAE-IRI) (Cork); – 24-Jan: GEOFIT Project - Smart Geothermal Technologies (Student Event, Galway); – 25-Feb: Health and Wellbeing in buildings – Social & Tech solutions (Dublin) • Upcoming - – 11-Mar: High-Performance Building Design (Tom Lawrence DL) (Dublin) – 12-Mar: Galway Energy Summit – NUIG (Student Event, Galway) – 27-Mar: Net Zero Energy Buildings (Frank Mills, DL) (Cork) – 28-Mar: Net Zero Energy Buildings (Frank Mills, DL) (Dublin) – ??-Apr: Acoustics (Resonate Acoustics) (TBC, Dublin) – 15-May: Refrigeration / Chillers (Julian R. de Bullet, DL) (Dublin)
  5. 5. Registration / Volunteering
  6. 6. ASHRAE Committee (2018/19) Committee Roles Chair Vice-Chair Chapter Technology Transfer** Events, Talks, DLs Pat McEnroy Daniel Coakley Electronic Communications** PR, Website, Articles, Publications Daniel Coakley Pat McEnroy Membership Promotion** Membership, Sponsors Frank Caul Pat McEnroy Student Activities** Student Activities Martin O’Brien Donal Finn Young Engineers ASHRAE (YEA)** Young Members Daniel Coakley TBC Grassroots Government Activities** CIBSE, EI, IBPSA, etc. Ken Goodman Frank Caul Research Promotion** Donal Finn Paul O’Sullivan Nominating** Succession Planning Donal Finn Frank Caul Refrigeration Seamus Kerr Hugh O’Gorman Honors and Award Frank Caul Donal Finn D. Finn, UCD President D. Coakley, MERCE-UK Secretary M. Dawkins, RPS Vice-President P. McEnroy, Tandem PM Treasurer
  7. 7. Thanks to our sponsors Supported By:
  8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL Contact: E-mail: Web: