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  • LR\n
  • Acquia product usability , I’ve been in the community for just over three years, involved with projects, as well as a bit of work on Drupal 7 help text, and more recently we did Views usability study and a Drupal 8 information architecture usability study\n
  • \n
  • LR\nHow many call themselves Developer/ Designer / Business Person, None of the above?)\nHow many of you have conducted usability testing before? \nHow many of you have asked for budget for usability studies?\n\n
  • LR - odon’t read this. we want to ensure you can run a usability study by the end of this session. overview of tools and process\n
  • \n
  • The way we design is not always the way things are used. Find out the delta betwenen them.\nThings we could uncover: \n Visual problems (like contrast)\n Error messaging and UI text\n Content\n Navigation and findability problems\n Workflow problems\n\n
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  • DM\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • “Usability testing is the second most used evaluation method and the method that has the most impact on making products better” \nAdvantages of unmoderated over moderated. \nUnmoderated is faster, asynchronous, less steps to cover but doesn’t offer probe and not suitable for studies that require a lot of in-time probing. \n\n
  • DM start\nPreparation is the longest phase of the process \n
  • \n
  • business goals translate to UX goals \n
  • \n
  • Usability specialists believe it is not cost effective to run more because it only uncovers more minor \nproblems\n\n\n\n“Virtually all of the problems judged high in severity were discovered after running 5 subjects, whereas only 55% of the problems judged low in severity were found.”\n
  • recording: Silverback Morae WebEx \nscreenshare: Skype Google+ hangout\n
  • \n
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  • LR Start\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • DM start\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • LR start at Invision\n
  • \n
  • Add usability testing to your skill set!

    1. 1. ADD USABILITY TESTING TO YOUR SKILL SET!#badcamp #badcampux @lisarex @dcmistry
    2. 2. Lisa Rex@lisarex
    3. 3. Dharmesh Mistry @dcmistry
    4. 4. Refer a friend! Know someone 
 who would be perfect for one of our open positions? $2500 is yours if your referral is hiredWe’re Hiring!
    5. 5. And whoare you?
    6. 6. AGENDAA few basicsPreparation for a studyConducting an unmoderated usabilitystudyThe analysisQ&A
    7. 7. A FEW BASICS
    9. 9. Buying a shirt forsomeone...
    10. 10. A
    11. 11. B
    12. 12. C
    13. 13. WHAT THE HECK IS RAPID USABILITY TESTING? Observe real users doing real tasks Quick turnaround vs academically rigorous Simple reports
    14. 14. “Testing with one user is 100% better than testing with none.” - Steve Krug
    15. 15. FLAVOR THAT SUITS YOUFormative vs. SummativeModerated vs.UnmoderatedIn Person vs. Remote
    16. 16. The preparation
    17. 17. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION1. Goals2. Prepare- Recruit (Moderated)- Conduct (Moderated)- Set up (Unmoderated)3. Watch the videos & analyze4. Report findings
    18. 18. PREP STEP 1: GOALSTalk to stakeholders:“What are the business goals of the study?”“What do we need to learn?”“What are our primary tasks & personas?”“When do we need it?”“What’s our budget for usability testing and fixingproblems?”
    19. 19. PREP STEP 2: WHAT TO TEST? Information architecture Prototype Staging site Production siteYou can test at any point during the projectlifecycle
    20. 20. PREP STEP 3: PARTICIPANTSWho to test?New users vs. current usersPrimary roles & personasHow many to test?5 participants per study is ideal for uncoveringthe major usability problems while remainingquick and cost effective.15+ participants for a card sort / IA study
    21. 21. PREP STEP 4: CHOOSING THE METHOD Variety of, Verifyapp, Treejack, etc
    22. 22. PREP STEP 5: STUDY OUTLINE Starting URL Scenario Tasks (include login details) Post-session questions Choose your participants
    23. 23. PREP STEP 5a: WRITING TASKS Do not use words that are in the UI Phrase things in the way people think Write in plain languagePut tasks in order; dependencies between the tasks? Include assists Ask them to rate their experience
    24. 24. PREP STEP 5: TEST SITE ENVIRONMENT How will they access the site? Content and user account setup is needed? Do you need to set up separate sites for each? Or re-set between sessions? Tip: Use can use Drush to disable and uninstall modules! Or, if you have a dev, stage and prod environment, overwrite the database on the testing environment
    25. 25. Starting URL: Scenario: You have built sites in otherCMS, have heard of Drupal, and would like to know more. You work for a non-profit that is looking to replace it’s site with an open source solution.
    26. 26. Task 1: Explore for a couple minutes and tell me what you have learned about Drupal.Task 2: You want to find Drupal experts for hire. Show me how you would do this.Task 3: If you didn’t find it already, Marketplacelists Drupal companies. Now, you want to learnmore about the Drupal community. What would you do? Task 4: Let’s say you want to post a supportquestion in the forums. Tell me what steps you would take.
    27. 27. PREP STEP 8: OBSERVATION FORMPriority/SeverityIssue summaryLink to screenshotTask nameParticipants who had the issue (frequency)
    29. 29. STEP 5: WATCH THE VIDEOSWhat to note?Things that went wellThings that did not go wellCapture quotes and annotate screenshots or getvideo clips
    30. 30. STEP 5: ANALYSIS, cont.Categorize things that did not go well into bugsand usability issues Severity: Low/Medium/ High (or 1-5) Frequency: Number of occurrences Scope: Local/ Global
    31. 31. STEP 6: THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARYOverall: There were no Critical problemsuncovered. Overall, the response was positiveand participants could find their way towardsachieving the tasks quickly.High severity findings• Bulleted listMedium severity findings• Bulleted listThe detailed findings can be found at [URL].
    32. 32. Tools for testing livesites- Loop11Tools for testingscreenshots- Five Second Test- Invision app- VerifyappOther- Treejack (IA studies)- (Diary studies)
    33. 33. Q&A