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Moz trip 09


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Moz trip 09

  1. 1. Mission to MozMission to Moz20092009
  2. 2. LazzyLazzy“speedy”“speedy”GovenderGovenderStarring:Starring:
  3. 3. SharonSharon““cowgirl”cowgirl”NaidooNaidooStarring:Starring:
  4. 4. SelvanSelvan““Silencio”Silencio”GovenderGovenderStarring:Starring:
  5. 5. Leo and Caroline:Leo and Caroline:““the honeymooners”the honeymooners”Starring:Starring:
  6. 6. Angie &Angie &Rhoda:Rhoda:““TheTheGoldenGoldenGirls”Girls”Starring:Starring:
  7. 7. BethanyBethany““Sleepy”Sleepy”StockdaleStockdaleStarring:Starring:
  8. 8. DarrylDarryl““Skipper”Skipper”MeekinsMeekinsStarring:Starring:
  9. 9. And…And…A special guestA special guestappearance by:appearance by:Starring:Starring:
  10. 10. TheThe““BLACKBLACKMAMBA”MAMBA”Starring:Starring:
  11. 11. Jehovah JirehJehovah JirehWritten andWritten andDirected by:Directed by:
  12. 12. Our Purpose:“ To assist the ministry of Egreja Baptista through children’s bibleclubs and adult teacher training times”Our Purpose:“ To assist the ministry of EgrejaBaptista through children’s bibleclubs and adult teacher trainingtimes”These are the images of our lifechanging trip…
  13. 13. Thank you TPF forThank you TPF foryour care, prayersyour care, prayersand support…and support…See you on the nextSee you on the nexttrip!!!!trip!!!!