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Valade kyle week2_ted_assignment


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Valade kyle week2_ted_assignment

  1. 1. By:Kyle Valade
  2. 2. In This video Jared Discusses ways to see music instead of just hearing it By looking at Fire, Seeing Pictures and charts and by looking at noise frequency.
  3. 3.  Through out and to start the speech he used Props, Videos, and multiple visuals to entertain the audience.
  4. 4. My favorite prop he used was the chart of sounds recorded at a skate park to determine which tricks were landed more often and which way the flow of the skaters was through out the park.
  5. 5.  Dream big Show Us the real you Make the complex plain Connect with peoples emotions Don’t flaunt your ego No selling from the stage Feel free to comment on other speakers talks Don’t read your talk End your talk on time Rehearse your talk
  6. 6.  I feel that Jared followed this commandment the best. He went all out in creating cool ways of seeing sound that people don’t often if ever see. Then he brought it all together by bringing this to the stage with a very informative speech.
  7. 7.  I decided to give him a 3 on his speech. I chose this because as scholastic as his speech was it was like sitting in a lecture at high school listening to a boring teacher go on about things you need to learn but don’t care to. I feel he needed to sound a little more enthused about the whole thing.
  8. 8.  I feel that the two key things he used well in his presentation were Using appropriate charts and High quality graphics to get his point across.
  9. 9.  I have learned a few things from this video including how to use the stage to your advantage, Keeping your audience intrigued and being confident about what your talking about.
  10. 10.  In this video the entire stage was covered in props that he used through out to keep the audience involved. I learned that just sitting there can be boring but if your actively trying to see what is going on on the stage you will be more apt to want to pay attention.
  11. 11.  In this video he kept the audience intrigued by having a lot of charts and interesting things going on through out the speech. Without any of this I feel that the crowd would have lost interest.
  12. 12.  I feel that Jared knew exactly what he was talking about because he dealt with stuff like that on a daily bases for his job. I feel it is necessary to have a good knowledge of what your talking about because the audience will think you look stupid.
  13. 13.  I think Sir Ken Robinson was a better speech giver. I came to this conclusion because he is just more of an articulate person and come across more knowledgeable maybe just because his accent ha-ha.
  14. 14.  I don’t have much advise for whoever is reading this besides to be yourself and to make sure you prepare fully before getting in front of people and making your statement on how you feel on a subject and more importantly it isnt worth it if your not having fun.
  15. 15.  This concludes my PowerPoint. I hope I have helped in some way in how you deliver your speeches and just make sure you get out there and try cause nothing will happen if you don’t.