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Smart Apps From iPhone App Developers


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According to recent findings from a survey by market research firm Nielsen, the iPhone has seen a significant rise in consumer purchases in Q4/2011. iPhone developers are equipped to deliver new apps for new users and newer use cases.

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Smart Apps From iPhone App Developers

  1. 1. Smart Apps From iPhone App DevelopersAccording to recent findings from a survey by market research firm Nielsen, the iPhone has seen asignificant rise in consumer purchases in Q4/2011. iPhone developers are equipped to deliver newapps for new users and newer use cases.Propelled by the launch of Apples iPhone 4S in the fall of 2011, 44.5 percent of those surveyed inDecember said they chose an iPhone, compared to just 25.1 per cent in October.Smart Apps for Smartphones A smartphone is only as smart as its installed apps. iPhone AppDeveloper is all about helping us save time and work smarter. Developers may not run out of ideasfor new apps or improving existing ones. However, ideas are not infinite and developers will alsofocus on making apps more effective, efficient and intuitive.The iPhone 4 comes with powerful built-in features for business. Multitasking helps run more thanone business app at the same time and instantly switch between apps. FaceTime can facilitate videocalls among employees and colleagues. Folders keep all business apps organised. The new powerfulemail features viewing mails from all accounts in a unified inbox, viewing threaded messages bysubject and switching between accounts. The Retina display significantly enhances user experienceacross applications.iPhone App Developer services include rich iPhone and iPad applications with LBS / GPS features,augmented reality, mobile interactivity and user interface design for clients across the world. iPhoneprogrammers implement cutting edge technologies, including bar code readers and camera-integrationin mobile applications. iPhone app programmer implement, maintain and support Java backendsystems for the iPhone. iPhone programmers also port iPhone applications on to other platforms suchas the Android and vice-versa.Where Do We Stand?As of the turn of the year, one million apps exist for smartphones, with about two thousand newmobile apps being added every day. According to analyst company Mobilewalla, Apples App Storenow has 590,138 smartphone apps for iOS devices. Taken across all platforms, the top categories ofmobile apps are: Entertainment 16.68 percent Games 13.36 percent Books 10.21 percent Lifestyle8.02 percent Utilities 7.13 percent Education 7.08 percent Travel 4.84 percent Business 3.76 percentReference 3.73 percent Music 3.32 percent Health & Fitness 3.28 percent Productivity 3.09 percentSports 2.92 percent News 2.85 percent Social Networking 2.71 percent.Where Do We Find Great Apps?Smartphone users like to download new mobile apps and smartphone games all the time. Discoveringnew phone apps that are really worthwhile is not that much fun, though. Taylor Martin on phoneDog
  2. 2. recently gave some tips on discovering apps. When you open App Store from an iOS device, you areinstantly met with suggested apps, multiple top categories and usually something along the lines of"Editors Picks." Obviously, this is where you will find the most popular and sometimes the best ofthe best mobile apps. With iOS, Martin says he uses an app called App Shopper. In essence, its anelectronic sales paper for the App Store. Its just a front for the App Store that displays all of therecent and ongoing price changes. For example, Great Little War Game, which usually runs for $2.99,is currently free in the App Store. So for the time being, its displayed on the third page of AppShoppers website. If you click the "Buy Now" button in App Shopper, it takes you straight to thecorresponding page in the App Store. In addition to App Shopper, though, he has used AppMatrix andYahoo! AppSpot. However, he prefers to stick to App Shopper to catch the best apps when theyre onsale. He also wrote that when looking for an application with a specific function, he generally asks onTwitter first.Author Bio:DCKAP is a Fremont, CA based global technology services company delivering technology drivenbusiness solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Also For Free consultation andmore informations on regarding iPhone Developers, iPhone Development and iPhone Programmers