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Flash developers expertise brings a cutting edge to media and entertainment


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Flash developers expertise brings a cutting edge to media and entertainment

  1. 1. Flash Developers Expertise Brings a Cutting Edge to Media and EntertainmentFremont based global technology Services Company DCKAP announced today a proactivedevelopment initiative in Flash and ActionScript technologies for business, education,entertainment and multimedia, in keeping pace with surging market growth.Our team of flash programmers has the expertise to design and develop flash web sites and flashintros for businesses and flash based applications using flash scripting language ActionScript 2.0 andActionScript 3.0. Flash animations and intros that we develop can be easily integrated into a web siteto make it highly interactive. DCKAP has successfully completed and delivered a diverse range ofFlash ActionScript applications for business, entertainment and education for its various clients.Flash has all the required features to create and deliver compelling applications, content and videoto a wide audience. It is an integrated, cost-effective solution, has multi-screen, multi-devicecapability and enhanced search engine indexing, along with an emphasis on data security. Flashanimations and Flash introductions are intuitive and enable the creation of applications that demanduser attention and can be easily integrated into Web applications to make them highly interactive.With creativity and professionalism of the Flash ActionScript developer, businesses will derivemaximum return on investment. Flash designers, Flash developers and Flash Action Scriptprogrammers use Flash as a versatile tool to create highly interactive Web applications, GameProgramming and presentations. We have designed and developed various flash web sites and otherapplications like presentations, animations, cartoon, games & movies, banners, screensaver, actiongames, flash chat, remote based solutions and flash applications using Macromedia Flash MX to theglobal clients. ActionScript 3.0 is the programming language for the Adobe Flash Player and AdobeAIR runtime environments. ActionScript 3.0 is used for a variety of applications from simpleanimations to complex data-rich interactive applications.Flash is an effective and attractive tool that enables the user to create highly skilled and attractiveapplications and presentations that will look great, work perfectly and smoothly. DCKAP is involvedin the flash application development and most of the websites uses flash action script 3 componentsto interact with the users. Our professionals use wide range of flash action script animation to createinteractive flash animations and tutorials. With creativity and professionalism of the FlashActionScript developer, businesses will derive maximum return on investment. Flash designers, Flashdeveloper and Flash Action Script programmers use Flash as a versatile tool to create highlyinteractive Web applications, Game Programming and presentations.The true power of Flex lies in ActionScript, in-depth knowledge of which is an essential requirementfor developers for adding interactivity to the applications. The developers also bring the knowhow tobuild component libraries in Adobe Flex, which is an important requirement for ecommercesolutions and multi-media web applications.
  2. 2. About DCKAPDCKAP is a Fremont, CA based global technology services company delivering technologydriven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Also For Freeconsultation and more informations on regarding Android Developer, Android Developmentand Android Programmer.2201 Walnut Ave, Suite 240Fremont, CA 94538Call US: 1 510.796.2525Email: