Flash 11.2 Security Updates And Fixed


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Flash 11.2 Security Updates And Fixed

  1. 1. Flash 11.2 Security Updates And FixedAdobe has released an update for its popular Flash developer that addresses a criticalsecurity issue. According to the security bulletin page over at Adobe Support, thevulnerability is being exploited in the wild so Adobe has issued a security update for itsFlash Player software that fixes two critical vulnerabilities in the widely-used program. Atlong last, this latest version also includes an auto-updating mechanism designed tostreamline the deployment of Flash security fixes across multiple browsers. This does notmean that users who do not use Internet Explorer or work with different operatingsystems are safe from exploits, as the vulnerability exists on every system as well.This is the third security update for Flash in the last six weeks. Flash Player v. 11.2addresses a couple of bugs in Adobe Flash Player Adobe warns that thesevulnerabilities could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of theaffected system. Adobe has traditionally deployed two separate installers for Windowsbased systems: One for Flash on Internet Explorer, and another for non-IE browsers.With the release of Flash Player 11.2, Adobe is introducing a new background updatemechanism to help Windows users while updating. The new Adobe Flash Playerbackground updater updates all instances of a release version of Adobe Flashprogrammer for all Web browsers on a computer. Previously, users had to performseparate updates for each Web browser running on their system. If a vulnerable versionof Adobe Flash Player is on a system, you are asked to upgrade to the latest version assoon as possible to protect the system from possible exploits.After the introduction of the new background updater, Windows users have the option todownload and install updates for Adobe Flash Player automatically, without userinteraction. After a successful installation of Adobe Flash Player 11.2, users arepresented with a dialog box to choose an update method. The following three updateoptions are available to users:•Install updates automatically when available (recommended)•Notify me when updates are available•Never check for updates (not recommended)Additionally, the user can change his update preferences at any time via the Flash PlayerSettings Manager, which for Windows users can be accessed via the Control Panel. In theFlash Player Settings Manager, the update preferences can be found and selected in the"Advanced" tab under "Updates."Adobe Auditude is Adobes video ad management and monetization platform, helpsmedia companies to dynamically insert, target and measure video ads efficiently. With
  2. 2. the integration of Adobe AudienceManager and third party site data, publishers canbetter understand who is viewing the ad and target accordingly. Advancements toPartner Management tools enable content owners to better manage inventorydistribution and revenue shares with syndication partners. Enhanced reporting tools givepublishers the ability to access more detailed data on ad views, completion rates,location information and more.About DCKAPDCKAP is a Fremont, CA based global technology services company delivering technologydriven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Also For Freeconsultation and more informations on regarding Flash developers, AndroidDevelopment and Flash programmers.2201 Walnut Ave, Suite 240Fremont, CA 94538Call US: 1 510.796.2525Email: infoca@dckap.com