Mutual respect and_collaboration


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a lesson in mutual respect and collaboration for high school students

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  • A few thoughts about this lesson:\n\nThe slides are self-explanatory in terms of how to do the discussion activity.\n\nThe groups of 3 only get five minutes to discuss each topic.  The spokesperson presentations should also be no more than five minutes so that way the whole discussion activity will be a total of  30 minutes.\n\nMove around to observe how the groups are interacting\n\nAllow silence to happen; you don't need to fill in gaps with talking in order to be effective\n\nsuggest different viewpoints where appropriate to get them thinking outside the box, don't offer your opinions about these issues.  This activity is for the students!\n\nManage student interruptions.  This is a lesson on mutual respect and collaboration so listen is a BIG DEAL.\n
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  • Mutual respect and_collaboration

    1. 1. What Are Hot Topics?Subjects that people often feel stronglyabout and have differing opinions on.
    2. 2. Have you ever felt strongly aboutsomething and a friend or familymember disagreed with you?How did you handle it? Howdid the person whodisagreed with you handleit?
    3. 3. Well...what if we had a world whereeveryone agreed on everything? It might be nice but then again... It might be kind of BIZARRE. What do you think?
    4. 4. Is it possible that you can actually learnthings from people whom you disagreewith?
    5. 5. Discussion Activity• First, break up into groups of three
    6. 6. Now, you will be given three differenttopics to discuss:Each group picks a spokespersonEveryone in the group gets a chance to speakhis/her mind about the topicAfter 5 minutes is up, the spokesperson fromeach group shares/summarizes what the grouptalked about to the entire classPick a new spokesperson for each topic soeveryone gets a chance to present to the class EVERYONE READY?
    7. 7. Topic #1 Nuclear Power for our future....Is this a viable form ofalternative energy for futuregenerations?
    8. 8. Topic #2Lowering the legal drinking age from 21to 18 What is the rationale for this? Would this benefit our society or not?
    9. 9. Topic #3.Should we continue to havecompulsory education in America?What if some people dontwant to go to school?Should the law make them?
    10. 10. Did everyone speak his/her mind?Did everyone act as a spokesperson?Did everyone agree on everything?
    11. 11. At Minarets you will...Collaborate in small groupsTake on leadership rolesGet chances to speak your mindand...
    12. 12. Be respected for who you are