David Christensen Capability and Experience in Presentation Development


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David Christensen's credentials and experience along with portfolio examples - helping to create powerful, memorable and effective presentations

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David Christensen Capability and Experience in Presentation Development

  1. 1. Applying the same skills he brings to helping clients create powerful, memorable and effective presentations, David’s positioning as ‘The PowerPoint Exorcist’ stating that ‘deliverance is at hand from PowerPoint presentations that suck’ has been well received by the market and demonstrates his capability for relevant, creative and memorable positioning where it is called for. Introducing David Christensen More than 30 years hands-on experience For more than three decades David’s life has been centered on developing and delivering effective presentations. Helping create powerful, memorable and effective presentations Summis: From his early career with multinational advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB; through to Asia Pacific responsibilities with multinationals like Carlson Wagonlit and American Express and an extensive multinational business consulting career, David’s work has revolved around the strategy, creation, and delivery of presentations of all types. With experience spanning the academic world to a wide variety of business categories, and having lived and worked in more than a dozen different countries, David has developed and fine tuned his skills and experience covering the concepts, tools, strategies and other components that are able to help build and deliver presentation that are powerful, memorable, and effective in reaching the objectives they are designed for.
  2. 2. 2 The Key to Presentation Success: The Story Line “There are several important secrets to creating presentations that are really effective, and even for the simplest project all of these need to be considered,” says David Christensen. “Often the greatest single contribution I am able to make when working with a client presentation is to establish a logical structure and the story line – and that applies whether the project is highly content-focused or conceptual, regardless of the subject matter. In fact it is often the routine and dry content presentations – like regular finance and business operations reviews for a company – that can be transformed in this way. You need to see a presentation of any type like a novel that introduces the characters and story line, engages and draws the reader onward, captivating them so that they want to keep reading and get to the point where the story reaches a climax or resolution.” David points to an example of a project to manage an hour-long presentation of a company’s operations to the Board. “Ordinarily this would have been an excruciating, tedious and boring recital of facts and figures but instead everything was rolled into a theme which injected some fun and mystery into the material, and then it was presented like a mystery story that led up to a climax – and by that stage the Board were ready to eat from my client’s hand,” he says. Leveraging Video Elements Typically - for not a great deal more time and effort - once your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation has been completed it is possible to create a video version which can be used on your website, in fixed presentations and locations, or uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. The benefits of this approach are numerous … as well as video being a powerful medium for communication in its own right, video versions also provide additional quality content that can be beneficial for lead generation and SEO purposes. David typically edits an abbreviated selection of the presentation slides, then adds sound track and transitions with voiceover, subtitles and other effects also possible to add. Check out the examples shown here! Mastery of the Written Word From press releases, business plans, blog articles, captions, bullet points, humour and satire, product information and labels, technical writing, travel writing, academic and research papers, brochures, websites, sales presentations, speeches, sermons, podcasts, training materials, instructions, e-books and more … David Christensen has the experience, versatility and language skills to generate the written word – regardless of the audience. This is most vividly demonstrated on websites such as www.inversionpoint.com and
  3. 3. 3 The Power of Images Finding the right image to use as part of your presentation can make a huge difference to its power, memorability and success. Images can communicate at an emotive level and convey meaning far greater than you can often achieve with words. But remember this will work against you if you choose unwisely! There are two techniques relatively easy to implement that can be game-changers. The first is association – by associating your message/theme/brand with an image your audience already strongly identifies with you may be able to establish credibility and support very quickly. Secondly, consider what the objective of your presentation is in terms of the audience’s emotional response or action you wish them to take. The use of images aligned to evoke the desired emotional response can improve your outcome enormously. Graphics “A picture says a thousand words” goes the old saying and in presentations this is even more the case. Designing and tailoring graphics that communicate clearly requires a blend of skills and experience in graphic design as well as the various software tools available. Adobe Photoshop – powerful and versatile graphics editing software. David also uses similar applications such as Pixelmator to create graphic elements. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Publisher are also key software tools employed, while for specific purposes WebElements, Perfect Photo Suite, Graphic Design Studio, Snapseed and EazyDraw are all used
  4. 4. Online | Social Media | eCommerce Increasingly the lines between various media platforms and communication media are blurring, with the result that specialization or focus in one area of the broad communication and presentation landscape can be a great handicap. David has practical and hands-on experience across social media with multiple brands along with design, content generation and management of numerous diverse websites including many operating at the ‘sharp end’ of sales and transactional based eCommerce. This broad capability and perspective helps ensure advice to clients across multiple industries is insightful and relevant. Often the answer – or valuable clues – to new questions in one area can be found in an adjacent field, and increasingly this holistic understanding of the communications process will produce greater returns on investment than leveraging advisers with narrow, albeit deep, skills and experience Introducing Infographics 2516 The Diamond Sukhumvit | Sukhumvit Road | Phra Khanong | Klongtoey | Bangkok 10260 | Thailand | +66 87 086 0174 One form of presenting information that has become popular recently is known as the ‘Infographic’. All this simply means is that it is a way of presenting information in a high level, simplified format that can be understood very easily and presented as a single page. The tools and techniques used in Infographics can also be applied to PowerPoint and many times the information in a PowerPoint deck can be extracted and formatted into an Infographic which can be uploaded to many online locations, expanding the audience reach for your material. Talk to David about how Infographic style output can be incorporated into the way you develop and deliver presentation material Working With David Christensen You can engage David on an hourly basis; for an agreed project fee if the scope is clear; on a retainer basis for an agreed period – or another mutually agreed arrangement. Often you as the client won’t be sure what is the best way to go about your task, so an engagement could start with a review of your objectives, recommendation of your optimal strategy and a telephone discussion – which can be accomplished for less than $200. Where low value-added work is required David will work with you to find the lowest cost option and limit his involvement to where he is able to make a valuable contribution. David divides his time between Bangkok, Thailand and Melbourne, Australia but manages clients around the globe without difficulty, so location and time zones are no impediment. Contact David by email in the first instance at mailto:david@powerpointpower.com