Apps, mobile and beyond - the Meeting Industry meets new technologies


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As their clients’ consultants, meeting professionals needs to be up-to-date on the new technologies that are strongly affecting the meeting industry and our entire lives.
We need to know, for example, the opportunities offered by apps and mobile technologies, as much as their drawbacks and weak spots.
You are invited to bring and utilize your tablet computer and smartphone while reading this presentation, in which over 60 different, free or low-cost mobile apps for iOs, Android, Blackberry devices will be thoroughly introduced and examined, uncovering the power and potential of each one of them.
Create better attendee experience, manage your agenda, share duties, receive real-time feedbacks, distribute content and information, enhance onsite networking, improve presentation delivery, and make your job easier, faster, cost-savvy and more efficient.

Moreover, enjoy an "helicopter view" on the new technologies that are changing (and already changed) the meeting industry.

[This is the official slideshow presentation of the workshop "Apps, mobile and beyond", as seen during the Site EMEA Forum in Antwerpen]

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Apps, mobile and beyond - the Meeting Industry meets new technologies

  1. 1. Apps, mobile and beyondthe meeting industry meets new technologieswith the contribution ofDario CherubinoSite
  2. 2. 10 YEARS AGO• The iPhone wasnt invented yet• The World Wide Web was just 12 years old, and Wikipedia was just born• "Social network", "app", "cloud" had completely different meanings• Facebook, YouTube e Twitter didnt exist
  3. 3. TODAY
  4. 4. The facts• Almost 5 billion smartphones has been sold (world population is 6.8 billion people)• 80% of business travellers owns at least 1 smartphone• Event apps are already becoming mainstream: 1,209 people downloaded the IMEX app in 2011; they became 2,099 in 2012!
  5. 5. Apps
  6. 6. APPS Is the abbreviation of mobile devices can buy apps from Applications software working on computers, different stores smartphones, tablet pcThere are over 700.000apps On the Apple App Store And Blackberry App store has got more thanOn the Android Store (Google Play) 100.000 apps
  7. 7. Essentials Read QR (quick response) codes.QR reader This is just an example - a lot of similar apps do exist, with different names, for every kind of device. Online archive (5Gb), now includes the former "Google Apps", that allow to elaborate documents,Google Drive spreadsheets, presentations, and more - The files can be shared with other users and accessed from any device, and from Online archive (2Gb) - the files can be shared with other users, and accessed from any device andDropbox from See also alternatives like Microsoft Skydrive
  8. 8. Essentials Notetaking and archiving app. Moreover, sync files across devices, save web pages, and share ideasEvernote and notes with friends and colleagues. Many add- ons are available, like Penultimate, Hello, Skitch, or Web clipper - Easy task manager, accessible from any device. You can also share your lists with other users of thisWunderlist same app - See also Orchestra or Weave. Instant messaging app. You can share text messages, images, videos, your position, audioWhatsapp notes, just using your internet connection. It is also possible to create a group chat. Whatsapp uses your phone contacts, so needs no registration to the service -
  9. 9. Site Inspection Create 360° panoramic photos. Not available on the AndroidPhotosynth Store - but there are very good alternatives, as 360 panorama. Find your position and give information on nearbyAroundMe hotels, pharmacies, theatres, hospitals, supermarkets, taxi stations... Test the quality of your internet Blackberry users can utilise Fancy Speed Test
  10. 10. Photosynth
  11. 11. Photosynth
  12. 12. Download/Upload: This is how fast your network is downloading/uploading afile. The upload and download speeds are measured in Mbps (Megabits per second): thehigher the Mbps, the better. 1000 Kb = 1 Megabit 8 Megabit = 1 MegabyteGoogles Hangout recommends at least 1 mbps for both uploads and downloads, thoughyou can squeak by with a bare minimum of 250 Kbps uploads and 512 Kbps downloads.For a hangout with more than two people, Google suggests a download speed of at least2 mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps, or youll end up with frustratingly low-resolution(and possibly choppy) video and stuttering audio.Hulu, Netflix, Vudu recommend 1-2 Mbps for SD video streaming, 2-4 Mbps for HD 720pvideo, 3-9 Mbps for HD 1080p videos.
  13. 13. Ping: measures the time it takes for a packet of data to travel from your computer toanother system and back. The lower the ping value, the better. Ping times that are highcan indicate a latency issue with your connection. 100 is good 50 is very good 30 is awesome Human perception limit is 80ms
  14. 14. Site Inspection You take pictures of the corners of any room, and MagicPlan automatically measures the room andMagicPlan create a floor-plan - Only available on the Apple Store This app by Marcin Lewandosky is the Android alternative to Apples MagicPlan. Your deviceFloor plan creator needs to have an integrated gyroscope to use this app. Measure anything you can point your camera at,Point & Measure using your iPhones built-in angle sensors. It is reliable and easy to use up to 20 meters.
  15. 15. Site Inspection Especially created for site inspections with the meeting industry in mind, its a form to be filled withTechSpec informations, so to evaluate any locations using the same criteria. You enter information about a venue and this app determines how many people can be seated inMeeting Space various configurations (theater, classroom, rounds, etc.).Calculator This app was created by UCLA conference Services as a promotional item. Provides a variety of planning tools, including calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering,Super planner staging, projection and dance floor, as well as useful tips in several areas.
  16. 16. Event Support A simple and effective timer for speaker. Its possible to set up to 3 alarms.Presentation There are many different good alternatives for thistimer app, like PresenTimer, Easy Chair, or Easy Timer. Blackberry can use GoTimeItDocuSign Add your digital sign to any document. Turns photos into .pdf documents. You can alsoCamScanner HD save, forward, or send these documents by fax.
  17. 17. Event Support Scans and collect business cards.CamCard HD Connects you with other professionals in the same place or event, using your LinkedIn contacts as a database.Unsocial Available on every Store. See also similar apps like Shmooze, Bizzabo, Here on Biz or Meetup Turn your iPad into an elegant visitor registry.Sign In!gallery/ c1gm
  18. 18. NewsMany different magazines are available on the App Store,See:Succesful Meetings,Incentive,the IRF,Meeting & CongressApples NewsStand includesBiz Bash,Kongres,CIMHave a look to "library" apps like:Kindle,iBooks,Nook
  19. 19. Travel Provides travel risk analysis, safe travel policies, training and awareness, risk managed travel andAon WorldAware incident response, for countries all around the world. Available for both iOs and Android devices Tracks domestic and international flights in real time. Features: live flight status & gate info, flightFligthTrack tracker maps, international airline flight tracking, and more... Its an augmented reality app that allow you, simply pointing your camera at a text of any languageWord Lens (depending on what pack you have), to quickly translate the language in print to another language. Very good for short sentences or single words.
  20. 20. Word Lens
  21. 21. Word Lens
  22. 22. Word Lens
  23. 23. Presentations Share your (.pdf) presentations with other users, and can include live polls.LilyPad See also GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Idea Flight, MightyMeeting, PadShare Easy utility that allow to share your screen other users. 3 apps in one: it can screen a tweetwall, live pollsProjectorfy and your announcements.
  24. 24. Projectorfy
  25. 25. Utilities Save long web pages to read later, when you have time, on your computer, iPhone, iPad, AndroidInstapaper device, Kindle. See also Pocket or Readability Set any date and place, and this app will calculateSunclock its sunrise and sunset time. See also Sunrise or Alba. Online mind mapping and brainstorming made easy, available on both your computer and mobileMindMeister device. The produced mind maps can be exported in .rtf, .pdf or .png format.
  26. 26. Your own app
  27. 27. What an app can do for you• Engage people and facilitate participation: enable content co-creation (videos, photos, comments, questions, etc.); integrate social networking, live polls and survey; gamify your event; and more...• Provide more complete and up-to-date information: share tradeshow floor maps, a directory of speakers, a complete schedule, presentations, and more; give easy access to new promotional and informational media, like videos; and more...• Help you with the logistics: people can sign up for your event, of for any single seminar or activity directly from the app.• Greenify your event and save you money: reduce your printing costs, and be environmentally friendly at the same time.• Measure everything: record how the attendees are using your app and know whats interesting for them and whats not!
  28. 28. Native vs Web apps• Costs• Usability• Complexity• Time
  29. 29. Create your (iOs) (Android) (iOs) (free web app) (free and low-cost event apps)
  30. 30. An example of a customizable event app courtesy of home page language agenda(Italian version) selection
  31. 31. An example of a customizable event app courtesy of europe@e-ludo.itagenda details reminders speaker details
  32. 32. more resources on the web
  33. 33. Googles HangoutVideo chat with up to users 10 Its At the same time Easy to use and browser-based Has got several Integrated Apps Hangout on Air can broadcast live your Hangout session on and
  34. 34. The CloudCloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).
  35. 35. The Cloud: advantages◦ Lower costs – Through Cloud computing, an employee’s computer will be cheaper because all the work will be done in the cloud, thus, eliminating the need for a faster, more expensive computer.◦ Mobility – Cloud computing allows an employee to use a different number of devices like laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones to work on projects.◦ Security and confidentiality – the Cloud offers higher security than what most small business owners can provide for themselves.
  36. 36. 5Gb freeGoogle Drive is a Cloud service that allow you tosave your files online Google hosts your It includes the former Google Apps so you can edit your files and create new ones
  37. 37. official video
  38. 38. more technologies
  39. 39. Other technologies RFID Gamification Augmented reality QR code Holograms Led Lighting 3d video mapping NFCHybrid Events Instant polls
  40. 40. QR code Quick Response Its a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional bar code),that you can generate freely using free online softwares and websites Several apps (QR-code scanners) can read a displayed code and convert it to a URL directing the smartphones browser to a website. There are several less known and popular alternatives, with different forms or colours, like the Microsoft Tag.
  41. 41. Augmented RealityMickey Mouse brings Disney Magic to New York City
  42. 42. RFID Radio Frequency IDentinfication Its a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. Based on RFID standards, NFC (Near Field Communication) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters. RFID can be used in a variety ofapplications, such as access management,tracking of goods or persons, toll collection contactless payment, and more...
  43. 43. RFID Radio Frequency IDentinfication Heineken RFID event
  44. 44. LedLight Emission Diod
  45. 45. 3D video mappingVideo mapping is a projection technology used to turn irregularly shaped objects into a display surface for projection. Using this technique, artists can add extradimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movementonto previously static objects. The video is commonly combined with, or triggered by, audio to create an audio-visual narrative.
  46. 46. 3D video mapping Carmapping Citroen DS5
  47. 47. Gamification Gamification can foster engagement, motivate people, facilitate learning,change behaviours...
  48. 48. Gamification More information:Game on:transform your meeting through gamificationGame Mechanics & Incentive:You can bet on it!
  49. 49. Dario CherubinoVp social media and new technologies - Site Italycreative director - Azimut creating to for its support and contributions“Site Lab: apps, mobile and beyond” is a project @siteitaly