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Flint Water Crisis


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Flint Water Crisis

  1. 1. Climate of Denial The Flint Water Crisis
  2. 2. Photo Credit: MLive
  3. 3. Photo Credit: MLive
  4. 4. Photo Credit: The Source
  5. 5. 04.25.2014 Switch to Flint Water 10.2014 Gov. Snyder’s deputy legal adviser urges reconnect to Detroit. Snyder not in email loop. Advisors deny request. 01.2015 Flint energy manager says no to Detroit’s offer to reconnect 07.13.2015 MDEQ spokesperson tells anyone who is concerned about the drinking water in Flint “to Relax” - NPR 09.02.2015 Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards says his team found much higher lead levels in water than city tests
  6. 6. 09.24.2015 Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha releases a study finding high levels of lead in children’s blood 10.02.2015 Governor Snyder announces plans to help Flint residents, and reconnects Flint’s water system to the Detroit system 10.18.2015 MDEQ Director Dan Wyant acknowledges his “staff made a mistake” that led to the crises - A year and a half after the crisis began. 12.29.2015 MDEQ Director Dan Wyant and Communications Director Brad Wurfel resign 01.19.2016 Governor Snyder apologizes in the State of the state to the people of Flint - “I’m sorry and I will fix it.”
  7. 7. 01.21.2016 EPA Region 5 Director Susan Hedman announces resignation 03.21.2016 Flint task force, appointed by the Governor releases its report blaming state government, the governor and especially the MDEQ for the crisis 4.18.2016 Governor Snyder accepts residents challenge to drink Flint Water – He goes to Flint and starts 30 days of drinking filtered Flint water at a resident’s home. He left a few days later on a European trade mission and stopped drinking Flint water 04.20.2016 Two MDEQ and one Flint water plant supervisor are charged with crimes for the crises 05.04.2016 The President of the United State visits Flint and drinks the water
  8. 8. Prepare Don’t Plan Before a crisis, in the public sector ...
  9. 9. During a crises Ensure the public is safe Assure them that you are in control Be supportive Focus on Solutions. Give them a place to go to get updates or keep you informed Remain visible + accessible Make your advisors accountable In the public sector
  12. 12. Lessons THE WAY FORWARD IS TO ENGAGE - Forget the politics. - Look at all the issues. - Keep everyone informed. - Stay results driven. - Recognize and embrace the sense of urgency. - Find people to speak with you.
  13. 13. Lessons THE WAY FORWARD IS TO ENGAGE - Know where you are vulnerable - Respond quickly. - Don’t blame - Accept responsibility. - Be visible - Remain accessible - People first
  14. 14. The Heroes
  15. 15. The Heroes
  16. 16. Cardinal Rules of Risk Communication - Accept the public as a legitimate partner - Listen to the audience - Be honest and transparent - Collaborate with credible sources - Meet the needs of the media - Speak clearly and with compassion
  17. 17. Thank you: Image Credits MLIVE YouTube Michigan Daily WKAR,