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Too long; didn't read: A trend in delivering news


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Our attention span is DECREASING. Users read 20% of the words on an average Web page, and are actively seeking a more personalized Web experience. Your favourite websites know this, and are adjusting accordingly.

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Too long; didn't read: A trend in delivering news

  1. 1. TL;DR Photo: Leah Fauller, Flickr
  2. 2. What is TL;DR? TOO LONG DIDN’T READ Photo: Blogspot
  3. 3. Our attention span is DECREASING Photo: Harald Muhlhoff, Flickr
  4. 4. Average Attention Span 12 SECONDS 8 SECONDS 2000 2013 Photo: Eric Flexyourhead, Flickr -
  5. 5. Users read 20% of the words on an average Web page Photo: Jana Zee, Flickr -
  6. 6. And are actively seeking a more personalized Web experience Photo: Shane Lin, Flickr
  7. 7. Your favourite websites f t m w p KNOW THISPhoto: Graham Blackall, Flickr
  8. 8. And are adjusting accordingly Photo: BuzzFeed
  9. 9. Websites like are thriving... Photo: Anthony Leung, Flickr
  10. 10. While credible news sources struggle to keep up with the times Photo: Reto Fetz, Flickr
  11. 11. A BIG OPPORTUNITY This trend has given “fluff” websites Photo: Bas Meelker, Flickr
  12. 12. To become our #1 source for CREDIBLE news Photo: Flazingo Photos, Flickr
  13. 13. reported the death of Michael Jackson Photo:
  14. 14. released a controversial recording of Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling Photo: Korea Times US
  15. 15. And news reporters use verified t accounts to break news first Photo: @CNNbrk on Twtter
  16. 16. is a news website driven by user- submitted content Photo: Scott Beale, Flickr
  17. 17. It’s the 15th most popular website in Canada Photo: Luke Roberts, Flickr -
  18. 18. #15 #26 #28 More popular than any other news site #32 #48 Photo: Elvin, Flickr -
  19. 19. Is this trend a problem? Photo: Urlesque, Flickr
  20. 20. Is it affecting the way we learn? Photo: CollegeDegrees360, Flickr
  21. 21. Or is it just another way technology is changing? Photo: John Tolva, Flickr
  22. 22. Photo: DT Young, Flickr Sources shrinking-attention-span-n110801 does-tmzs-clippers-scoop-mean-pop-websites-can-stand-as- equals-with-traditional-news-outlets/ arrogance-of-tldr.html