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Group#17 portfolio

  1. 1. BAD PROMOTIONS AGENCY Zara: Fast Fashion
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES• Execute an initial promotional strategy plan to reach more consumers in the target market.• Focus on integrated brand promotion  Mass media  Direct marketing  Banners  Branded entertainment
  3. 3. STRATEGIES• Market Segmentation • Promotional Strategies • Ages 25-35 • Become a brand in consumers’ • Fashionable evoked set and top of the mind. • Price Conscious • Highlight the value consumers • Young professionals will receive • Single/newly married • Establish differentiation • No children • Build brand loyalty through • Socialists customer intimacy • Self-expressive brand positioning
  4. 4. MASS MEDIA • Ads will run in the top 3 fashion magazines• Ads will feature either brand’s name or key merchandise found in all stores. Refer to the above DKNY ad.
  5. 5. MASS MEDIA• Billboards will be • Radio Broadcasting will displayed in cities be featured in the cities featuring new store of the new stores. openings. Refer to the GUCCI & Emporio Armani billboards.
  6. 6. DIRECT MARKETING• Customers on mailing will receive exclusive promotions, consisting of dollar or percentage amounts off their purchase, holiday sales, and free shipping.
  7. 7. BANNERS• Using search engine marketing and cross-site scripting, Zara would be the first brand to populate when key words were search by consumers. (Red circles indicate where the Zara brand name would appear.)
  8. 8. BANNERS• Click-through banners and pop under windows will appear when searches are executed on key words that Zara has previously bid on.• Cookies will also place ads on the webpages when consumers have searched key words or visited the Zara e-commerce website.• Banners will be added to fashion sites and social media sites as well
  9. 9. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT• Branded entertainment will be a second-hand marketing attempt, placing shopping bags or merchandise in movies relating to the brand.
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