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Z space, 2014 - Cool Vendor case study


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In the run-run to its 2018 Cool and Hot Vendor Forum on October 18 in Orlando, Florida, the Gartner Observatory is developing case studies to spotlight the most impactful, innovating and intriguing firms we have spoken to, out of hundreds of Cool Vendor designation holders who have taken part in our research. In this case study, our communications director Suwen Chen outline the process for winning the designation, and what the outcomes were.

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Z space, 2014 - Cool Vendor case study

  1. 1. COOL VENDOR IN EDUCATION 2014 As a hardware and software solution, zSpace delivers lifelike interactive experience by integrating the latest AR/VR technology in a desktop computer. zSpace utilizes three sensory characteristics (Perception of Depth, Ability to Look Around, Kinesthetic Realism) to create a natural and intuitive product. WINNING THE COOL VENDOR Unleash the passion within analysts: Challenges in marketing for zSpace was how to explain or demonstrate such a unique product that was not in the market at that time. So part of their meetings with the analysts was to get them hands on with the device and really appreciate it. 'Analysts become Ambassadors when they fall in love with the product.'  USING THE COOL VENDOR ANALYSTS RELATIONSHIP Working with a channel partner located in Europe to reach international markets. zSpace have channel partners in Asia, in Europe, and pretty much all over the world. They are able to work directly with trade magazines and press and trade shows. In the US, most of their channels sales are through industry trade shows focused on the education market. VALUABLE INSIGHTS CV logo is put in to investors deck and in other very high level presentations, which 'does lend a very powerful voice to the credibility of the company and it's amazing.' The Gartner name goes a long way. It's so powerful…'Gartner Cool Vendor designation is probably one of the best we have ever received. ' FOR REFERENCE: WWW.ENTREPRISESCANADA.CA FOR REFERENCE: WWW.ENTREPRISESCANADA.CA Strong leader with focused strategy: Mike Harper, the VP, was leading the PR team at that time. There was a big PR strategy to get the technology out there in Google to be talked about and known to people as they had never really experienced anything quite like zSpace. Type of targeted analysts:  Anybody that would take a meeting. Initially started in the US, zSpace had some travel overseas to the equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show, for example in Berlin. They did a few international shows because they thought that not reaching the international analysts would be a disservice to the company. At the end of every press release in the boilerplate, zSpace mention that they are a Cool Vendor winner. Departments benefited the most: Executive Management (meeting with investors) and marketing & sales. zSpace has added an awards section on their career’s page to attract new employees - including CV designation.  Explicit listing or mention as Cool Vendor in press release, website or article would be really helpful. 'We don't have any evidence saying we're a Cool Vendor besides you reaching out to us.' MORE DETAILS ON COOL VENDOR FORUM 2018: HTTP://WWW.GARTNEROBSERVATORY.ORG/ GARTNER OBSERVATORY, A UEBS RESEARCH PROJECT