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The market for influencers


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Introduction to a joint research project by early career academics at the University of Edinburgh innovation and entrepreneurship group, the Center for Market Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics and the Stockholm University department of social anthropology.

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The market for influencers

  1. 1. THE MARKET FOR INFLUENCERS Valuation as performativity LancStock Presentation 5 October 2018
  2. 2. Co-authors of the research project Left to right, the co-authors are….  Fábio Rocha   @fnevesdarocha  Jessica Backsell   @JessicaBacksell  Johan Nilsson   @StockholmUni  Duncan Chapple (Corresponding author)   @DuncanChapple
  3. 3. Definition of an influencer Someone - Open for business as an influencer - Whose influence can be monetized - Who can be tracked and traced
  4. 4. Approaches What comprises an influencer? The market for influencers4 Framings and readings Adorno (Duncan Chapple) •Rendering understandings of independence and authority Foucault (Jessica Backsell) •Panopticon normalises things so they can be observed Goffman (Johan Nilsson) •Presentation and self-presentation Goldenweiser (Fábio Rocha) •Involution of replicated, internalised patterns Gramsci (Duncan Chapple) •Interventions that allow the winning of active consent with popular layers Notions of methods Analysis of interviews with people in the domain Walk through analysis of digital tools Qualitative analysis of self-expressed accounts of valorisation
  5. 5. Questions Native and researcher understandings The market for influencers5 What comprises an influencer? • Emics native to the context • Etics which offer our explainations Self-valorisation • How do people describe their own value? Valorisation • What are the valorisation tactics? Organization • How do buyers speculate?
  6. 6. Author roles Our Process
  7. 7. Working model The market for influencers7 Documents store • Dropbox • Drafts • Presentations • Photos • Journal articles Monthly Cycles • Working • Editing • Speaking Key roles don’t need to be fixed • Scribe • Annotates meetings; notes responsibilities. • Initially Johan • Driver • Convenes meetings; prepares agenda. • Initially Duncan
  8. 8. Our path to publication Draft by March 31st The market for influencers8 Agree on the central research question, working questions and theoretical framing that fits our materials and corpus Tentative agreement on the initially intended journals, Marketing Theory and a special issue of Organization Studies (Power and performativity as interweaving dynamics of organizing) Tentative outline of the different parts of the text, using bullet points to show the paper’s framing and anticipated discussions Assess resources and deliverables, to produce a timeline Divide the responsibilities. Not hierarchical. Instead both fitting together what we have, and allocating responsibilities to ensure parity. Conduct research. Identify phenomena. Get writing. Produce sections. Integrate & reorganise. Feedback from peers and reviews. Regroup and edit.
  9. 9. Why this paper matters The market for influencers9 •Literature review will show the limited degree to which our targeted journals address the market for influencers Challenge naïve, naturalist and instrumentalist notions of influence •Impact on regulatory factors, transparency, potential market distortion and broader policy Impact of influencer markets •Accountability •Commensuration •Valorisation (e.g. content is valued, influencers’ control and network power, what work is done on the message) •Valuation (e.g. audience is valued, closeness to the templates for intended results) •What the market for influencers undervalues (community, regional difference) Understanding crucial aspects of the market for influencers
  10. 10. Whatremains unsolved? Effects of influencer marketing Issues of legitimacy • For marketing via influencers • Of influencer marketing strategies The market for influencers10
  11. 11. Please email us your questions ..and comments  Fábio Rocha   Jessica Backsell   Johan Nilsson   Duncan Chapple 