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Social Media and Analyst Relations - Patricia Valuch and Barbara French


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On January 30th 2014, Duncan Chapple interviewed Barbara French and Patricia Valuch about their experiences of using social media to develop relationships with industry analysts.

In the one-hour webinar, the two AR professionals compared their experiences of helping Juniper Networks and Symantec to learn from and interact with some of the most influential people in their industries.

Along the way, they discuss the foundations of social AR, important issues when developing their programs, how to use metrics and how to relation with other social media experts in their organizations.

The call was organized by the Analyst Relations Forum, a LinkedIn Group and annual conference hosted by Kea Company. The AR Leaders' forum, which met the day after the AR Forum in October 2013, set Social AR as one of its key priorities for the year.

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Social Media and Analyst Relations - Patricia Valuch and Barbara French

  1. 1. Social AR webinar Please mute your mic or phone, thanks! Barbara French Sr Director, Analyst Relations, Corporate Communications at Juniper Networks Patricia Valuch Analyst Relations Communications Specialist at Symantec Duncan Chapple Managing Director, Kea Company
  2. 2. Agenda Social Media and the Analyst Ecosystem Today Strategy and Planning Initiatives and Interactions Program Foundations Metrics Your questions…?
  3. 3. Social Media and the Analyst Ecosystem Today * How far are analysts using social media today? * Are analysts following particular market segments especially likely to use social media? * How are analysts balancing their personal and corporate brands?
  4. 4. Strategy and Planning * How can social media be added to AR’s already full workload? * How does social media fit into the AR strategic and tactical framework? * How can AR validate processes and plans for social media? * How can AR get permission to start speaking for the company? * What are the essential elements about social media that should be added to the AR plan?
  5. 5. Initiatives and Interactions * How can AR people balance discrete interactions with individual analysts and long term initiatives (aka campaigns) that might focus on one analyst or a whole group? * What are some of the best practices you learnt the hard way? * What are the appropriate uses of social media when interacting with analysts? * Should social media be incorporated when doing interaction calendar planning? * How can social media be used for long term initiatives? * How much effort will it take to add social media to the analyst communications toolbox?
  6. 6. Program Foundations * What are the essential elements of a program foundation for social media? * What should be included in the social media service level framework? * How much budget should be allocated to social media efforts? * How should AR’s social media program dovetail with other social media activities in the company? * Should AR create a formal social media training program for non-AR colleagues?
  7. 7. Metrics *Where do social media metrics fit into an AR measurement program? * Everyone has their favourite tools: Radian6, Tweetreach and so on: which are yours? * How do social media metrics fit into the overall AR measurement and reporting program? * What are the social media metrics needed for both performance and operational measurements? * What are the best practices for collecting social media metrics? * What are the approaches for reporting on social media activities and outcomes, either as standalone reports or as part of a broader reporting structure?
  8. 8. Questions? Remember, we’re being recorded so - Type “anon” if you want to send us your question anonymously via chat - Email it to duncan.chapple@keacompany. com - You don’t have mention your name if you ask your question orally
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