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Ravel,2017 - Cool Vendor case study


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In the run-run to its 2018 Cool and Hot Vendor Forum on October 18 in Orlando, Florida, the Gartner Observatory is developing case studies to spotlight the most impactful, innovating and intriguing firms we have spoken to, out of hundreds of Cool Vendor designation holders who have taken part in our research. In this case study, our communications director Suwen Chen outline the process for winning the designation, and what the outcomes were.

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Ravel,2017 - Cool Vendor case study

  1. 1. Cooperating with Harvard Law School, Ravel Law provides Legal Analytics and gives open access to American case law. Law firms have a competitive advantage through Ravel Laws analytics platform, which uncovers trends and patterns. Further, Ravel Law helps to understand and extract the most valuable data for you. Not knowing the award existed, "it was a pleasant surprise" when they'd been announced a Cool Vendor. But it was "like fame that came out of the blue and then went into the blue". Ravel Law wins awards by trying to enhance their brand: "by focusing on the substance, by focusing only on the product, focusing on the customer relationships focus on generating press about our product and our customers". The CV was used for some social media marketing. It's some form of validation. Even though Gartner is a good company and really respected by Ravel Law, it's not very important for their customer base, which is why the CV hadn't had a big impact on their business. In addition, Gartner could have contributed a lot more to offer some help and give advantages, but there was a lack of communication.�� WINNING THE COOL VENDOR USING THE COOL VENDOR COOL VENDORS IN AI FOR LEGAL AFFAIRS, 2017 Neither in the days they had won the award, nor these days they do much of their own press, media and analyst outreach.�Instead of working proactive, they concentrate on building their brand. Ravel Law has won a number of more industry-specific, more product-related, more customer familiar and therefore more impactful awards than the Cool Vendor. MORE DETAILS ON COOL VENDOR FORUM 2018: W W W . G A R T N E R O B S E R V A T O R Y . O R G GARTNER OBSERVATORY, A UEBS RESEARCH PROJECT ANALYST RELATIONSHIP