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NeuroSky, in semiconductors, 2013 - Cool Vendor case study


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In the run-run to its 2018 Cool and Hot Vendor Forum on October 18 in Orlando, Florida, the Gartner Observatory is developing case studies to spotlight the most impactful, innovating and intriguing firms we have spoken to, out of hundreds of Cool Vendor designation holders who have taken part in our research. In this case study, our communications director Suwen Chen outline the process for winning the designation, and what the outcomes were.

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NeuroSky, in semiconductors, 2013 - Cool Vendor case study

  1. 1. COOL VENDOR IN SEMICONDUCTORS, 2013 THEIRDIFFERENCETO OTHERCOMPANIES Unlike many other companies, they try not to self-promote because they think the customers don't care about which award they'd won, but about the products. "When our customers use our sensors then that's it. They usually don't move away from us. We are a very good solution." USINGTHECV� The Marketing Department used the Cool Vendor Logo a few times, but the couldn't see any advantages or a noticeable difference.� INTERNALMORALE The CV didn't really help to raise the morale of the team with the exception of the Marketing Department, "because they kind of accomplish something". AWARDSINGENERAL As an independent third party, the Gartner Observatory team could help to figure out which award would be worth getting, because Neurosky gets nominated very often, but this means a lot of paperwork. It would be good for them to know which of them has the best return on investment in terms of time and money. For example, last years they didn't go for any award because they were too busy. They won a few other awards but non of them is noticeable. ANALYST��RELATIONSHIP Neurosky never approached analysts proactively, but they have been contacted by them. They don't really have long-term relationships with analysts. WINNINGTHECV Neurosky doesn't know if it affected their growth or not, because it is hard to measure and other media are definitely more prominent than the CV. Nevertheless, it helped them to get invited to conferences and forums.� MORE DETAILS ON COOL VENDOR FORUM 2018: HTTP://WWW.GARTNEROBSERVATORY.ORG/ GARTNER OBSERVATORY, A UEBS RESEARCH PROJECT Return On Investment