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Chris Ingle on successfully engaging with analysts


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Chris Ingle from IDC gave this presentation at the Gartner Observatory's 2018 Cool and Hot Vendor Forum at the University of Edinburgh business schools.

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Chris Ingle on successfully engaging with analysts

  1. 1. Successfully Engaging with IDC Analysts Chris Ingle © IDC
  2. 2. © IDC, 2017 2 Introduction to IDC Significant primary demand-side research — more than 300,000 end users surveyed annually More than 1,100 Analysts located in over 50 countries worldwide, with 49% of analysts in emerging markets Providing global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry trends in over 110 countries
  3. 3. Creating Your DX Strategy Do you have a digital roadmap? 84% OF ORGANIZATIONS WORLDWIDE ARE ON A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (DX) JOURNEY IDC’s IT Executive Program is committed to supporting businesses globally in the Digital Transformation of their organizations. We help clients mitigate risk, apply innovation, speed time to market, and drive business outcomes across IT and the line of business. PLANNING EXECUTION COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE SPEED Digital Roadmaps Created Technology Partners Selected Technology Investments Made Digital Strategy Crafted IDC helps our customers identify the technologies that will provide them with a unique differentiator IDC helps IT buyers vet technology partners that can bring their innovations to market faster IDC helps companies prioritize the programs and use cases for their digital roadmap and develop the IT capabilities required for DX IDC helps organizations define their digital strategies and strategic priorities IT Executive Programs Leading with Digital Transformation 3© IDC, 2017
  4. 4. IDC’s Digital Transformation Use Cases An Insider View into Customers’ Strategic Initiatives 4© IDC, 2017 • Determine DX Strategic Priorities • Develop DX Programs • Identify DX Projects to Support DX Program Goals IDC’S DX USE CASE TAXONOMY provides structured guidance on how 14 distinct industry and government verticals are creating and enabling Digital Transformation (DX) success in the digital economy.
  5. 5. IDC’s Proprietary Tracker Platform and Query Tool Provide the Ability to Analyze Data Across Multiple Trackers New 2018 IDC Trackers are focused in key 3rd Platform areas:  Smart Home Devices  Gaming  Collaborative Platforms  Cognitive/AI Systems  Printer Consumables  Server Workloads  Storage Workloads IDC Trackers Are Fueled By the Largest Global Analyst Team in the Industry 5© IDC, 2017
  6. 6. IDC Spending Guides A Key Resource for Strategic Planning 6© IDC, 2017  IoT  Cognitive/AI  Security  3D Printing  Robotics and Drones  Augmented and Virtual Reality Core IT Spending Guides  IT Spending: Industry and Company Size  IT Spending: Line of Business  IT Spending: SMB 3rd Platform Spending Guides  Digital Transformation  Mobility  Big Data and Analytics  Public Cloud  Smart Cities (NEW)  Blockchain (NEW) Technology spending for digital initiatives sits in both IT and business budgets. IDC Spending Guides provide spending forecasts by vertical industry, company size and/or use cases to help identify where technology spending is coming from and for what business goal. Innovation Accelerator Spending Guides
  7. 7. Custom Analytics Integrated Marketing Business Value Buyer Behavior Thought Leadership Sales Enablement IDC Partners Closely with Clients to Build Strategic Custom Research to Grow Their Business Partnering 7© IDC, 2017
  8. 8. Direct analyst access Company-specific advice Insight, intelligence, and information in real-time “IDC provides excellent customer service. This is the best relationship I’ve had with any of our vendors since I assumed this role.” Client Service at IDC Provides Timely Access to Personalized Analyst Insight 8 Architecture Director, Healthcare Payer Industry © IDC, 2017
  9. 9. IDC is the Industry Leader in Media Mentions 9© IDC, 2017 Source: Factiva 21,730 18,547 6,007 5,206 1,106 649 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 18,000 20,000 22,000 October 2016 - September 2017 IDC Gartner Forrester Frost & Sullivan Ovum 451 Research
  10. 10. 1. Carefully consider your objectives 2. Approach it like a complex sale 3. What do you do when you get there? 4. We can access the internet! 5. You need a roadmap © IDC 10 5 Rules for Success with Analysts
  11. 11.  Get written and talked about  Get recommended to prospects and support when shortlisted  Get exposure to an analyst’s firms network  Get strategic advice Each of these objectives drives a different approach to analysts and each analyst firm approaches them differently © IDC 11 Your objectives could be…
  12. 12.  You want to sell to BT would you: • Call the switchboard and ask for Gavin Patterson? • Spam as many people at BT as you can find • Buy advertising space on the side of St Paul’s station  Instead: • Understand the structure of your target analyst firms • What motivates your target analysts? • Where do they live (metaphorically), who do they trust, can your partners help? © IDC 12 If you want to get analyst exposure, approach it like a complex sale
  13. 13.  You should have prepared the ground with them, their colleagues in sales, marketing and support, what do they want to hear, what motivates them, what do you want to get from this?  You have half an hour, how best can you use it?  Analysts are analytical, we like a story but want it backed up  It’s a balance (direct feedback from a senior analyst): • Best practice – keep the pitch short: 30m mins max. If we’re interested we’ll do a longer call. • Say what problem you’re addressing and how you fix it. We’re generally less interested in a better mousetrap, and more interested in genuine innovation. • Annoying: confusing analysts with journalists. Assuming we know nothing. Assuming we know everything. Talking down to us. Talking up to us. • Example: Anonos. They tested us out on domain knowledge (GDPR) and then bought EVP. Used us extensively to roadtest their marketing messages. They are passionate about the subject and their solution. © IDC 13 Most likely you will brief one or more analysts from each firm
  14. 14.  Analysts trade in information, we want to know valuable stuff other people don’t know (which could be your technology)  Value for customers from your service not trade secrets  Framing the market through definitions, categories and taxonomies are important to (some) analysts  A few unique insights are better than a 1000 general points; references are good but motivated customers are better  Speculate and challenge! An exciting and challenging company founder commenting on what she sees is valuable. Someone regurgitating PR messages isn’t © IDC 14 We can access the internet!
  15. 15. Analysts and the market want to know where you are going  What are your ambitions?  How do you get there?  How do you get your people there?  How do you get investors there?  How do you get the market there? Be open about the challenges as well as the opportunity The analyst relationship should be part of that roadmap, you should be asking how you deepen and get more value from the relationship over time © IDC 15 You need a roadmap
  16. 16.  IDC tracks 1000s of vendors across our research and other services.  Successful innovative firms will break into our research naturally as they become more important. However this process can be accelerated  I’m happy to help © IDC 16 Closing thoughts