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Blue triangle, 2017 - Cool Vendor case study


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In the run-run to its 2018 Cool and Hot Vendor Forum on October 18 in Orlando, Florida, the Gartner Observatory is developing case studies to spotlight the most impactful, innovating and intriguing firms we have spoken to, out of hundreds of Cool Vendor designation holders who have taken part in our research. In this case study, our communications director Suwen Chen outline the process for winning the designation, and what the outcomes were.

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Blue triangle, 2017 - Cool Vendor case study

  1. 1. FOUNDED IN 2011, BLUE TRIANGLE'S HELPS ONLINE BUSINESSES THROUGH THEIR PLATFORM, WHICH "COMBINES REAL-TIME MARKETING ANALYTICS WITH BEST-IN-CLASS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT", TO IMPROVE THE IMPACT ON REVENUE. COOL VENDOR IN DIGITAL COMMERCE, 2017 "I don't know how much impact it really had." Nevertheless, they promote it by talking a lot about it and naming it on their website. Especially the marketing-department benefits from the CV. THE COOL VENDOR ANALYST RELATIONSHIP They don't really have an Analyst Relationship as they had only spoken to one analyst by now. "We haven't reached out to anybody. Right now we're really kind of focused on product development and sales and less emphasis on marketing." Blue Triangle thinks a follow-up call with the analysis about one year after winning the CV would be useful. MORE DETAILS ON COOL VENDOR FORUM 2018: HTTP://WWW.GARTNEROBSERVATORY.ORG/ GARTNER OBSERVATORY, A UEBS RESEARCH PROJECT