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Bizible, 2017 - Cool Vendor Case study


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In the run-run to its 2018 Cool and Hot Vendor Forum on October 18 in Orlando, Florida, the Gartner Observatory is developing case studies to spotlight the most impactful, innovating and intriguing firms we have spoken to, out of hundreds of Cool Vendor designation holders who have taken part in our research. In this case study, our communications director Suwen Chen outline the process for winning the designation, and what the outcomes were.

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Bizible, 2017 - Cool Vendor Case study

  1. 1. COOL VENDOR IN ADVERTISING, 2017 WINNING THE CV ANALYST RELATIONS Bizible thinks they won the CV because nobody else does what they do. "It's a combination of cutting-edge technology and solving your real problem." "When you're trying to break into the enterprise markets, it's very important to be recognised by an enterprise analyst firm, which is exactly what the Cool Vendor designation got us." It would be a valuable service for start-ups if somebody would tell them how to interact with analysts. " The analysts business is weird. […] It feels like an elaborate scheme sometimes. […] Basically, you have to pay to play even though they claim that it's not a pay to play" FOUNDED IN 2011, BIZIBLE TODAY HELPS MARKETERS AT MORE THAN 300 COMPANIES WORLDWIDE GET BETTER VISIBILITY INTO THEIR MARKETING PERFORMANCE. BIZIBLE LEADS THE B2B MARKETING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SPACE WITH REVENUE ATTRIBUTION AND PLANNING PRODUCTS. WITH SOPHISTICATED OMNICHANNEL, EVERY-TOUCH ATTRIBUTION TECHNOLOGY, BIZIBLE DELIVERS UNPARALLELED PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS ABOUT ALL REVENUE-GENERATING EFFORTS. IN 2017, THE COMPANY DOUBLED THEIR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES AFTER A FUNDING ROUND, AND INVESTED HEAVILY IN GROWING SALES AND MARKETING. THEIR PLANNING SOLUTIONS AND MEASUREMENT ARE INDUSTRY-LEADING TECHNOLOGY.   The CV and the other awards they have won help with recruiting and internally improve morale.   As a start-up, it's hard to have a budget for analysts.  Bizible was not aware that they were nominated for Cool Vendor. "It was a fantastic surprise!" Right now, Bizible does not reach out to new analysts, but tries to improve their existing relationships. From a logistical perspective being based in the U.S. might have given them an advantage to win the CV. "We actually get a lot of demand for briefings" It helped a lot in marketing, but the one benefiting the most is the sales department. Using CV Logo on their • website • sales deck • demo deck • presentations (sometimes) MORE DETAILS ON COOL VENDOR FORUM 2018: HTTP://WWW.GARTNEROBSER VATORY.ORG/ GARTNER OBSERVATORY, A UEBS RESEARCH PROJECT