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SICCS Parent Team Fashion Show 2014


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SICCS Parent Team Fashion Show 2014

  1. 1. klick5newyork©
  2. 2. Presents.....
  3. 3. The parent team wishes to thank all the wonderful parents who have participated and volunteered for this years fashion show. We truly appreciate your support for our young bright stars. Sincerely
  4. 4. Special thanks to: Kim Boston Jennifer Colon Maureen Dixon Tricia Elder-Garcia Marie Joseph Anyssa Edwards-El Kenise Smalls
  5. 5. Lawrence Moses (D.J) The Smalls Family S.I. Advance Vanessa Edwards-El Maurice Connor (Photographer) Fidelis Care Staging : Steve , Oscar & Mark
  6. 6. THIS HAS BEEN A kliCK5NEWYORK PRODUCTION for booking info klick or call: Connor at 718-219-1302 Thanks a bunch for your patronage, k5NY