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Energy Efficiency in Huawei solutions


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Paolo Gemma, Director Network Energy Product Mgmt, Huawei, Western Europe

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Energy Efficiency in Huawei solutions

  1. 1. Paolo Gemma Senior Expert Huawei Network Energy Europe ITU-T SG5 Working Party 2/5 “Environment, energy efficiency and the circular economy” Increase Energy Efficiency in Data Center
  2. 2. Network Energy is one of Huawei's key product lines Enterprise BG Cloud BU Intelligent Computing ITNetwork Energy Carrier BG Consumer BGNetwork Products & Solutions Telecom Energy Smart site Telecom power Hybrid Power BMP/CP BMP / POL / CP Smart PV Smart PV solution PV controller PV Cloud Grid …… Data Center Facilities Modular Data Center Prefabricated Data Center UPS, Cooling, DCIM Cloud & AI Product and Service mPower Solution (OBCMCUPowertrainBMS) OSS NB- IoT/4G/5G EV EV Charger Grid mPower
  3. 3. Smart Modular DC solution adapts to diverse scenarios Micro & Small DC FusionModule500/800 Medium & Large DC FusionModule2000/5000 Small DC FusionModule1000A Medium & Large DC FusionModule1000B Multi- Scenario Solutions UPS2000-A/G 1-20kVA Subsyste m “DCIM+” Management System UPS5000-E 25 - 800 kVA UPS5000-S 50-800kVA UPS5000-S-FP 1200kVA NetCol5000-A NetCol8000-C 11~42kW 62 - 253kW NetCol5000-C 30~80kW Indoor Outdoor NetCol8000-E 220 - 440kW NetCol8000-A 13~100kW NetEco6000 Li-ion Battery
  4. 4. Modular UPS: More Reliable, Efficient, and Simple UPS5000 25-1600kVA Reliable Efficient Simple Full redundancy design Component: 1+1 Redundancy Module:N+X Redundancy System: Dual communication bus redundancy System at 97.1% efficient 5 minutes complete module maintenance 97.1%96% VS Take 400kVA and 40% load rate as examples 50kVA Power Module 3U high &97.5% Efficiency VS Traditional UPS Huawei Modular UPS Take professional engineer 8+ hrs Take labor 5 mins 1% efficiency increment saves about $30k in a life cycle
  5. 5. Design Green solutions save 40% energy TCO/PUE balance Saves $25,765,000 electricity cost Scenario: 1000 racks, 5kW/rack, 10 years’ life cycle, 50% IT load rate, electricity cost 0.15 USD/kWh, compared with PUE2.0 10 years’ electricity cost = PUE × Racks Quantity × Power per rack × IT load rate × Time(24*365*10) × kWh electricity cost • DC inverter cooling (in-row & in-room) • Modular DC hot/cold aisle containment • Optional free cooling Algorithm Thermal condition 温 度 IT loadA/C iCooling Cooling PUE TCO CAPEX OPEX Cost • 97.1% industry-leading efficiency modular UPS Power UPS Smart Hibernation IT Load Rate PUE 1.2 with free cooling PUE 1.06 module level
  6. 6. AI enables maximum data center TVO & efficiency 011010010001010 01 011010010001010 01 100100110 1 iManager SPC intelligent management @AI Automatic asset management iCooling Energy efficiency optimization @AI Automatic detection of refrigerant leakage @AI Precise temperature control iPower Battery SOC/SOH @AI Proactive fault prevention @AI Automatic fault isolation AI Resource Utilization Increased by 20% Passive Alarm Proactive Prevention Energy Consumption Decreased by 8% TVO: Total Value of Ownership
  7. 7. iPower: whole chain monitoring, AI proactive prevention Whole Chain Digitalized Monitoring Mains D.G Smart UPS LOAD PDU ATS PDU Smart Battery Management Smart Power Distribution AI Enable Dumb Devices Intelligent iBAT iCAP Health Estimation iFAN Life EstimationSOH Algorithm Alarm filtering: One Stop Fault Detection Fault isolation: Prevent Fault Spread Pre-Alarm Key Node Warnings Benefits Temperature Detection Breakers …
  8. 8. iCooling@AI: system-level intelligent energy efficiency optimization (2) Data governance (3) Model training (1) Data collection PUE prediction accuracy 99.5%@0.005 • 50% faster response • Energy saving 8%-15% 19+2 PUE feature parameters are selected from massive data. Based on the actual climate and SLA conditions, the iCooling system can automatically achieve the best PUE parameters of the cooling system through DNN algorithm. (4) Reasoning and decision • 700+ data collection points • Monitoring the cooling system in real time.
  9. 9. End-2-End Heat Dissipation Design 30% ≥30% 3% 9% Derating margin reserved value Counter-rotating fans, wind speed improved 3D VC heat dissipation efficiency higher than that of common VC heat dissipation Flow-dividing air duct and independent air channels for BIO module improve heat dissipation efficiency 75% Cellular board design increases porosity rate of front panel 45 ℃ Stable operating at high temperature
  10. 10. DEMT is a set of technologies that dynamically, intelligently adjust the component power consumption in real time according to various input parameters, such as loads and ambient temperature. Frequency Modulation & Hibernation Up to 30% power saving MIMO Speed Tuning Up to 5% power saving PID Technology Up to 5.4% power saving DTS 2.0 Technology Up to 5.3% power saving Patented Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT)
  11. 11. • PUE is reduced to 1.25@London, Saved 43% cost • “Fusion-iCooling”@AI, Reduce PUE 0.085 • Saving 20% Space Compared to Traditional • Fast Delivery, Quick Delivery in Four Months • Maintenance is faster and easier 可靠 • One-click fault information collection • Partial failure not affect the whole system 简单 Efficient Simple Reliable FusionCol: Extreme Energy Saving, Faster Delivery FusionCol
  12. 12. 0.7 0.4 Chiller+FC NetEco8000-E Power Charge (M$) 1.34 1.255 Chiller+FC NetEco8000-E PUE (Model: London xx Data Center, Racks is 1500, load is 5kW/R, the load rate is 30%-50%, and the electricity fee is 0.128 $/kWh. ) Reduce 0.085 Save 0.3M$ (43%) PUE 1.255@ London, Saved 43% Power Consumption London High T(℃) Low T(℃) Ave T(℃)Ave Humi% Ave Web T(℃) 32.3 -5.9 11.6 75.2 9 Dry Mode Spray Mode Hybrid Mode DX Mode pPUE 7217h 1478h 65h 0 0.088 ★ Free cooling Chiller Free cooling For example London, Start Different Types of Mode Reduce 0.085 Annual PUE, Save 43% Power Consumption
  13. 13. Prefabricated and pretested, TTM shortened by 50% Factory manufacturing and site preparation are performed at the same time Pre-test in factory before delivery TTM:35 months15 months Factory quality assurance and simple onsite verification
  14. 14. Multi-scenario Adaptation, Reduction in Site Selection Difficulty Gui'an Cloud Data Center Phase 1, Reused Warehouse Factory 62 smart modules, 1108 racks Source: China Unicom in Beijing and Gui’an DC Upgrade Warehouse Utilization Outdoor Application Source: MTN project EU provider V: DC reconstruction with distributed DC oriented to on-demand expansion; Reuse the existing conditions of the DC room and directly deploy.
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