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Filtering Twitter Noise

The problem, and some solutions using TalkingPuffin and Scala. Related blog post and screencast:

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Filtering Twitter Noise

  1. 1. Filtering Twitter Noise The problem, and some solutions using TalkingPuffin and Scala. Dave Briccetti @dcbriccetti
  2. 2. What is Twitter noise?
  3. 3. How can I mute everything from Foursquare?
  4. 4. Nothing more from Foursquare. If we wanted, we could just exclude Foursquare tweets from individual users.
  5. 5. What about noisy retweeters?
  6. 6. No more retweets from this user. This leaves her original, primary tweets, which we value.
  7. 7. How does TalkingPuffin store these filters? Let’s look at the filters dialog.
  8. 8. These are “compound filters.”
  9. 9. Contains a List of these:
  10. 10. Tags
  11. 11. Tags may be assigned to people, and tweets may be included or excluded by tags. Tags can be exported to Twitter lists.
  12. 12. Here we just want to look at Twitter employees.
  13. 13. Tags are managed by a TagUsers object.
  14. 14. CompoundFilters and tags are stored in InOutFilters.
  15. 15. InOutFilters are stored in a FilterSet, along with some general, boolean options.
  16. 16. Detecting retweets with regular expressions
  17. 17. External Noise Filters A shared repository of regular expressions or other filters that can be used in a community to identify and filter out noise.
  18. 18. General Filters Pane
  19. 19. Delivered Via a Web Service on Google App Engine
  20. 20. Loaded into a List of regular expressions
  21. 21. And used to find noise tweets
  22. 22. Summary ● There is a lot of noise on Twitter ● With the right tools you can control it ● TalkingPuffin is one such tool ● Scala is a great language for creating such tools
  23. 23. More ● Learn more about ● TalkingPuffin at ● Scala at ● Consider joining the TalkingPuffin open source development effort ● Contact ● Dave Briccetti, @dcbriccetti