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Neobux opportunity revised


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Neobux opportunity revised

  1. 1. Advertiser (promotes his product/service through an advertisement) User (Gets paid for viewing advertisements of advertisers) Product/Service Neobux (MEDIATOR)  Best paid to click (PTC) program since 2007  Has paid more than 80 million$ to its members since 2008 on time every time  Offers opportunity to multiply your earnings in different ways by working online for just 30 minutes a day
  2. 2. Reggen666 who has cashed out almost 22,000$
  3. 3. Standard Golden Sapphire Emerald Platinum Ultimate
  4. 4. Viewing ads (0.001 to 0.02$/click Minijobs (0.01 to 5$/task) CoinsPoints Referrals (0.005- 0.01$/click)
  5. 5.  Orange Ads ◦ Most Important ◦ To be clicked on Daily on priority basis  Four types of ads ◦ ORANGE, Pink, Grey, Green, Blue  Number ◦ Approx. 20 to 80 ads during 24 hour period daily  Each Ad pays ◦ Approx. 0.001-0.002$ ◦ 1 point ◦ 3 chances for lucky draw (Ad prize)
  6. 6.  It’s a Bonus Gift (Lucky draw) ◦ Real cash: 0.25$ to 50$ ◦ Points: 10 -10,000 points ◦ FREE GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP worth 90$  I have won 108 ad prizes (as on 7Nov14) worth 130$ and yes, FREE GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP also
  7. 7.  Small and simple set of tasks of business data search, data entry, analysis, surveys etc  Potential of paying from 0.01 to 5$ for each completed task depending on your level (Level badge 1,2 and 3)  Many Neobux members are earning 100-300 $/month only from doing minijobs
  8. 8. Rented Referrals (RR) • Rented from Neobux for a cost of approx. 0.2$/month/referral • RRs are people who registered with Neobux directly without any referrer • Your benefit: • 0.005 $/click of your RR (for Standard members) • 0.01$ /click of your RR (for Golden members) Direct Referrals (DR) • Free of cost • DRs are your friends, family, relatives • Your benefit: • 0.0005 $/ click of your DR (for Standard membership) • 0.01$/click of your DR (for Golden membership with golden pack) You would get above benefits only on ORANGE AD s clicked by your referrals
  9. 9. 100 RR 100 x1 x 0.01$ 1$/day (30$/mth) 500 RR 500 x1 x 0.01$ 5$/day (150$/mth) 1000 RR 1000 x1 x 0.01$ 10$/day (300$/mth) 5000 RR 5000 x1 x 0.01$ 50$/day (1500$/mth) Just imagine you are a golden member and have a clicking average of 1 (assuming that not everyone will click everyday) See how much can you earn !!!
  10. 10. 100 DR 100 x 4 x 0.005 $ 2 $/day (60$/mth) 500 DR 500 x 4 x 0.005 $ 10 $/day (300$ /mth) 1000 DR 1000 x 4 x 0.005 $ 20$/day (600$/mth) Just imagine you are a golden member and have a clicking average of 4 (assuming that every member is active and click 4 orange ads a day) , See how much can you earn !!!
  11. 11. 1000 DR 1000 x 4 x 0.01 $ 40 $/day (1200$/mth) 5000 DR 5000 x 4 x 0.01 $ 200 $/day (6000$ /mth) There is no upper limit for how much you can earn here As you progress you can double your earning/click from your DRs by upgrading to one of the golden packs. You will now earn 1 cent / click (You double your earning) See how much now can you earn !!!
  12. 12. Many people get excited to join Neobux but they do not realise the long term potential of this amazing opportunity and due to lack of commitment and patience, they may not earn this amount from Neobux On the other hand in reality, there are thousands of users (like Rseven, bhoori, vishnupark, saivicky, Reggen, schen, magnet to name a few) who treat this as a business, develop their success strategy, define goals, be commited to Neobux daily and most importantly, Have lots of PATIENCE, and you can see them cashing out crazy amounts of 1000$, 3000$, 10000$ and even 22000$ every now and then..!!
  13. 13.  Register your Neobux account (FREE of cost) from your computer/laptop (mobile is not allowed) by clicking the link below  Start clicking ORANGE colored ads first followed by purple and green ads daily  Do some mini jobs-This is very very important!!  Try your luck with Ad prizes  Be active daily  Visit forum daily  Rent your first 3 referrals when you have 1$ in your account  Increase your referrals gradually and extend them to maximum possible period and see your earnings soar…!!  Upgrade to Golden membership as soon as possible
  14. 14. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on or 08056148474