Hansel and gretel(1987 vs 2013)


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Hansel and gretel(1987 vs 2013)

  1. 1. ELECLIT A53 Kim, Dong Chan
  2. 2. The Heros’ ordinary World
  3. 3. The Heros’ ordinary World Witch Hunters 1987 film • Hansel and Gretel • Hansel and Gretel was became famous after just ordinary children. they killed a witch in candy house. Father was a woodcutter and they • They became witch hunters and they were had a step mother. killing witches if like • They usually helped the city halls hired their parents work and them to kill and pay them. played together.
  4. 4. Call to Adventure
  5. 5. Call to Adventure 1987 film • Hansel and Gretel’s stepmother cooked and she left for awhile. • While Hansel and Gretel is playing donkey got entered the house and ate the food which the stepmother cooked. • The stepmother got angry after she came back and she ask them to get some berries. Witch Hunters • Hansel and Gretel were hired by a Mayer of a City because many children were missing. • Hansel and Gretel found a witch and they killed. • Hansel and Gretel found a document which tells about blood moon.
  6. 6. Refusal to Call 1987 film • It is quite ambiguous because Hansel and Gretel were forced to go to mountain. Witch Hunters • N/A • Hansel and Gretel more intended and wanted to find the children and what is going on.
  7. 7. Supernatual Aid
  8. 8. Supernatual Aid 1987 film • N/A • Only helpful object was the flint that their father gave it to Hansel. Witch Hunters • Edward a Troll helped Gretel when she was raped • Mina a White Witch helped Hansel to heal his wounds. • Mina found a script and made potion for the weapons.
  9. 9. Crossing the first threshold 1987 film • Hansel and Gretel try to go back to their house but they lost their way to back home. Witch Hunters • Tried to find some witches and children and caught a witch and killed but there was no children.
  10. 10. Belly of the Whale 1987 film • Hansel and Gretel just decided to sleep in the forest first and find the way in the morning. Witch Hunters • They found out a script about Blood Moon. But it still did no gave them to find out the exact purpose of Witches.
  11. 11. Road of Trials 1987 film • N/A • They were just finding the way back home. Witch Hunters • Hansel and Gretel made a trap and found a witch and caught and tortured witch to know the purpose. • They knew the purpose and they tried to protect a child but it was too late. Other witches attack the village and they got too much damage.
  12. 12. Meeting with the Goddess 1987 film • N/A • It could be their father but it is after all problems had solved. Witch Hunters • N/A
  13. 13. Meeting with the temptress
  14. 14. Meeting with the temptress 1987 film • Hansel and Gretel were so hungry and tired. And they found a house made of candy. • They ate the candy and an old woman in that house offer them to sleep in her house. Witch Hunters • N/A • But, Muriel, the leader of Dark Witches, told them about their parents story. How they died and who is Hansel and Gretel.
  15. 15. Atonement with the Father 1987 film • Stepmother felt guilty that because she was so angry and sent Hansel and Gretel out of house and asked them to get some berries from Mountain. Witch Hunters • N/A • They were so cool with the past events and they had no time to think because Dark Witches kept on attacking them.
  16. 16. Apotheosis 1987 film • The witch almost put Hansel on the boiling bowl but Gretel stole the witch’s wand and spelled. The position of Hansel and Witch had changed and they put her in fire. • After, the house exploded and children who were in spelled became free. Witch Hunters • Hansel, Mina and Ben prepared and tried to save Gretel and children. • They killed witches during Blood Moon and save all children and Gretel. • They fought with Muriel and killed but Mina died.
  17. 17. Apotheosis
  18. 18. Ultimate Boon 1987 film • The Ultimate Boon was the wand of Witch. It became to the treasure and Hansel and Gretel’s Family became rich. Witch Hunters • N/A
  19. 19. Refusal of Return 1987 film • N/A • They wanted to go back to their house and the met their father. Witch Hunters • N/A • Hansel and Gretel made group with Edward the Troll and Ben to go around the world and kill the Dark Witches.
  20. 20. Magic Fight 1987 film • Gretel used the witch’s wand to save Hansel. Witch Hunters • Mina made potion and sprayed on the weapons. • Mina used her wand to fight with Muriel.
  21. 21. Crossing of the Return Threshold 1987 film • N/A Witch Hunters • N/A
  22. 22. Master of Both Worlds 1987 film • Witch in Candy house Witch Hunters • Muriel, the leader of Dark Witches.
  23. 23. Freedom To Live 1987 film Witch hunters • Not shown in the movie • As mentioned ealier, but we can expect that Hansel and Gretel they will going to have made a group with Ben chill life!! ^^ and Edward to travel the world and kill the dark witches.
  24. 24. THANK YOU!! FEZ Character in Minecraft by DC Kim