Elevator pitch with context - enterprise software ITSM solution


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A one page framework to use as context for developing an elevator pitch. Created for an ITSM enterprise software solution. Summer 2011.

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Elevator pitch with context - enterprise software ITSM solution

  1. 1. ELEVATOR PITCH - SUMMARY SENTENCEWe make a software product, called The Kaseya Solution, that combines the affordability and usability of IT task management tools like LogMeIn and WindowsUpdate and the power of a high-end service desk system like BMC Remedy and IBM Tivoli.THE PROBLEM • Many companies now understand the value of giving their IT technicians tools to help them to manage IT tasks and services more efficiently. • The problem is that existing IT service management (ITSM) solutions fall into one of two categories: – Inexpensive IT task management tools, like LogMeIn and Spiceworks, that IT technicians love yet aren’t fully featured or don’t allow for easy sharing of information across a large organization. – High-end service desk systems like BMC or IBM that will scale to support the needs of hundreds or thousands of users but that IT technicians refuse to use or are complex/expensive to install/use. • According to IDC, companies spent $15B worldwide in 2010 (growing at 8% Y/Y) trying to solve this ITSM problem.THE COST OF THE PROBLEM Quality of Product/ServiceThe result is that too many organizations are unable to: • Coordinate the efforts of their IT technicians • Deliver optimal IT services to the end user • Minimize the cost of delivering IT servicesTHE SOLUTIONKaseya is the ITSM system that delivers the best of both worlds, including: • The affordability and ease of use of IT task management tools Low Price • The scalability, heterogeneity, and reporting flexibility of a high-end service desk systemTHE BENEFITS Ease of UseThe Kaseya Solution… • Makes end users happy by giving them great IT service – SLAs and Customer Sat scores typically increase by 10% or more in 90 days • Makes IT technicians happy by giving them tools that save them time – 1 tech using Kaseya can do as much as 5 techs using alternate tools • Makes IT managers happy by giving them the reports that they need and by improving the productivity and morale of the IT team • Makes CIOs happy by keeping service delivery costs low – service delivery costs typically decrease by 50% or more in 180 daysTHE TEAMThe Kaseya team is led by CEO Gerald Blackie, a 27-year software industry veteran and former CEO/Founder of Captura Software (the makers of anautomated IT process solution). Prior to that, he was CEO/Founder of Platinum Software (the makers of ERP, CRM, and SCM solutions). Other members ofthe Kaseya leadership team include: • Mark Sutherland (President) – Kaseya cofounder, 20-years of security systems software development expertise at Spyrus, TRW, and Elsin • Paul Wong (CTO) – Kaseya cofounder, 22-years of security systems software development expertise at Spyrus, Tracor and TRW • Tim McMullen (COO) – Former CTO and cofounder of Platinum Software, former COO at Vicinity • Bob Davis (CMO) – Kaseya cofounder, former CMO of Novell and former GM of storage division at CACLOSING & NEXT STEPSIt’s my understanding that you are responsible for IT management in your company. Can I meet with you now – or followup with By: David Castroyou next week – to show you a live, 30 minute demo of the Kaseya Solution? (US PPS Marketing)