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Ideas	  are	             worthless@dcancel
I’m	  David	  Cancel@dcancel
On	  the	  internets	  @dcancel@dcancel
I	  love	  building	  things@dcancel
But	  building	  these	  is	  way	  cooler@dcancel
I	  work	  at	  HubSpot@dcancel
This	  is	  my	  Ameline@dcancel
Really	  excited	  to	  be	  here@dcancel
Ideas	  are	             worthless.@dcancel
"Vision	  without	  execu5on	                  is	  hallucina5on"@dcancel
I	  am	  your	  wakeup	  call@dcancel
“Less	  thinking,	              more	  doing.”@dcancel
Your	  biggest	  problem	           is	  overthinking@dcancel
over	  analyzing@dcancel
Not	  underthinking@dcancel
Get	  out	  of	  your	  head@dcancel
You	  don’t	  have	  an	               idea	  problem@dcancel
You	  have	  a	             doing	  problem@dcancel
You	  need	  to	  try	  more@dcancel
And	  fail	  more.@dcancel
"…I’m	  not	  afraid	  of	  dying.	  I’m	           afraid	  of	  not	  trying…"@dcancel
Get	  up	  and	  get	  out@dcancel
Go	  solve	  customer	                    problems@dcancel
The	  best	  way	  to	  solve	        customer	  problems@dcancel	  with	  customers!@dcancel
There	  is	  no	         Ideas	  for	  Dummies...@dcancel
No	  Cliffnotes	  for	                    Ideas...@dcancel
No	  textbook...@dcancel
No	  mul5ple	  choice	                   answers...@dcancel
There	  are	  no	             right	  answers@dcancel
No	  right	             answers.@dcancel
There	  are	  no	  5ps...@dcancel	  hacks...@dcancel	  secrets...@dcancel	  shortcuts.@dcancel
"Opportunity	  is	  missed	  by	  most	     people	  because	  it	  is	  dressed	  in	     overalls	  and	  looks	  like	 ...
I’m	  sorry.@dcancel
Just	  hard	  work.@dcancel
But	  you	  are	  scared	                    of	  trying...@dcancel
...because	  there	  are	              no	  right	  answers...@dcancel
...just	  lots	  of	             wrong	  answers.@dcancel
You	  should	             be	  scared.@dcancel
You’ve	  been	  taught	                to	  be	  scared@dcancel
...since	  first	  grade.@dcancel
To	  always	  look	  for	  the             right	  answer.@dcancel
Please	  stop	  thinking@dcancel
Please	  start	  doing@dcancel
Do	  it	  now.@dcancel
Thank You  David Cancel
Thank You  David Cancel
Thank You  David Cancel
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Ideas are Worthless


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Ideas are Worthless

  1. 1. Ideas  are   worthless@dcancel
  2. 2. I’m  David  Cancel@dcancel
  3. 3. On  the  internets  @dcancel@dcancel
  4. 4. I  love  building  things@dcancel
  5. 5. But  building  these  is  way  cooler@dcancel
  6. 6. I  work  at  HubSpot@dcancel
  7. 7. This  is  my  Ameline@dcancel
  8. 8. Really  excited  to  be  here@dcancel
  9. 9. @dcancel
  10. 10. Ideas  are   worthless.@dcancel
  11. 11. "Vision  without  execu5on   is  hallucina5on"@dcancel
  12. 12. I  am  your  wakeup  call@dcancel
  13. 13. “Less  thinking,   more  doing.”@dcancel
  14. 14. Your  biggest  problem   is  overthinking@dcancel
  15. 15. over  analyzing@dcancel
  16. 16. Not  underthinking@dcancel
  17. 17. Get  out  of  your  head@dcancel
  18. 18. You  don’t  have  an   idea  problem@dcancel
  19. 19. You  have  a   doing  problem@dcancel
  20. 20. You  need  to  try  more@dcancel
  21. 21. And  fail  more.@dcancel
  22. 22. "…I’m  not  afraid  of  dying.  I’m   afraid  of  not  trying…"@dcancel
  23. 23. Get  up  and  get  out@dcancel
  24. 24. Go  solve  customer   problems@dcancel
  25. 25. The  best  way  to  solve   customer  problems@dcancel
  26. 26.  with  customers!@dcancel
  27. 27. There  is  no   Ideas  for  Dummies...@dcancel
  28. 28. No  Cliffnotes  for   Ideas...@dcancel
  29. 29. No  textbook...@dcancel
  30. 30. No  mul5ple  choice   answers...@dcancel
  31. 31. There  are  no   right  answers@dcancel
  32. 32. No  right   answers.@dcancel
  33. 33. There  are  no  5ps...@dcancel
  34. 34.  hacks...@dcancel
  35. 35.  secrets...@dcancel
  36. 36.  shortcuts.@dcancel
  37. 37. "Opportunity  is  missed  by  most   people  because  it  is  dressed  in   overalls  and  looks  like  work."@dcancel
  38. 38. I’m  sorry.@dcancel
  39. 39. Just  hard  work.@dcancel
  40. 40. But  you  are  scared   of  trying...@dcancel
  41. 41. ...because  there  are   no  right  answers...@dcancel
  42. 42. ...just  lots  of   wrong  answers.@dcancel
  43. 43. You  should   be  scared.@dcancel
  44. 44. You’ve  been  taught   to  be  scared@dcancel
  45. 45. ...since  first  grade.@dcancel
  46. 46. To  always  look  for  the right  answer.@dcancel
  47. 47. Please  stop  thinking@dcancel
  48. 48. Please  start  doing@dcancel
  49. 49. Do  it  now.@dcancel
  50. 50. Thank You David Cancel
  51. 51. Thank You David Cancel
  52. 52. Thank You David Cancel