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Wsp Deck Games

  1. 1. wsp international limited2011 Credentials Deck passion for promotions Custom Promotional Products | Retail Loyalty Solutions | Games, Contests & Sweepstakes 111 Granton Drive, Suite 110, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 1L5 Phone: 905·881·3625 Fax: 905·881·4667 Web:
  2. 2. WSP has been around for over fifty years, helping to build our clients’ brands and promote their products. There isa reason why they come back to us year after year after year… they know that we take the time to understand theircompany, their brand… and especially their message they want to send to their customers.We are an eclectic mix of well-seasoned, sometimes zany and creative individuals who bring unique perspectives and fresh ideas to yourmeeting table! We will work closely with you to come up with creative solutions to get results. We have maintained close relationships and haveearned and maintained the loyalty and respect of our clients for many years.We know our business, and are considered leaders in Custom Promotional Products, Loyalty Solutions and Games, Contests & Sweepstakes.Whether its driving consumers to use your brand or bringing customers into your store, with all of our years in the business, we give new meaningto “been there – done that”.But, time is money – so let’s not spend any more… please let us introduce ourselves… and the secrets to our success…
  3. 3. Games, Contests & Sweepstakes Creating an effective Game, Contest or Sweepstakes is not as easy as you may think. It takes long hours, extreme attention to detail and most importantly, experience! With our experience, we not only make it look easy, but, we have become industry leaders in the world of game promotions. Working in tandem with your marketing department we create fully customized promotions that can overcome any challenge that comes our way. Whether it is through Collect to Win, Instant Win, Scratch Off, Online or Social Networking game promotions, we always challenge ourselves to come up with new and innovative solutions that deliver tangible results. No one knows your customers like you do; our team takes the time to listen and learn in order to create programs that are easily executed to deliver increased sales and long lasting customer loyalty. We build a relationship with you so you can build a better relationship with your customers. That is why most of our clients run our game promotions year after year, building better, measurable results every step of the way. 3 Contest Stickers Inside! Fold & tear along perforations to open. Moisten Here Moisten Here Ready FoR a Harvest Fold stickers along change? perforation lines and Rewards! remove to play Change your oil and get a chance to win big? on Collector Card. the Now that’s a change! Scratch the two boxes on the reverse to save big on your services change oil plus you could drive away with a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Win Big 4.S102-1109 S102-1109 S102-1109 Moisten Here Moisten Here FReaK oUT Garmin personal GPS Sirius satellite radio package More than Mr. Lube is giving you two ways 1 Million 10 Available to be Won 10 Available to be Won $ 2010 Ford Focus ARV: $199 ARV: $209 to win more than $1.5 Million in in Prizes & Discounts Available! 6 Guaranteed to be Won! prizes and savings! ® Plus over 16,000 partner prizes and savings 1. Instant savings Save 10% OFF any one GRAND PRIZE: Two GUARANTEED Winners! Scratch to reveal instant savings of the following services: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid with 3 Years Mobil 1 Oil any one of the following off Change radiator, transmission, Service from Mr. Lube. major services: radiator, or fuel filter. transmission, or fuel filter. Redeem before 3/8/10. ARV: $32,960 2. Instant Prizes Scratch to win great prizes like: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid plus 3 years of Mobil 1 oil You’ve Won: changes from Mr. Lube Garmin Personal GPS Garmin personal GPS Call 1-888-847-0397 No purchase necessary. Prizes may not be exactly as illustrated. Contest starts radio Sirius satellite to redeem before 11/15/09 9/14/2009 and ends 11/08/2009. Get a game ticket when youpackages Lube visit any Mr. PPIZE CODE: service center. See Official Contest Rules at for all details including CWF1109GG10 complete prize information, odds to win and how to redeem prizes. Mr. Lube product and 1. 2. 3. services offer or reveal a PIN and enter our second chance Fusion Sweepstakes at Details on reverse. 1. Sobeys; 2009 Games in Atlantic, Western and Ontario regions 5. 2. The Grocery People; Super Big Celebration, scratch and collect to win 3. Mr. Lube; Change Oil, Win Big, Freak Out, sctatch and win 4. Associated Grocers; Great Grocery Giveaway, online 5. Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express; Check Inn and Win, peel and reveal
  4. 4. 150th Anniversary Big Red Grocery Giveaway! A&P, Waldbaum’s, the Food Emporium & Superfresh Your 150th Anniversary doesn’t come along every day – so the A&P family of Supermarkets (A&P, Waldbaum’s the Food Emporium and Superfresh) turned to us for a game promotion to kick off their celebration. Not only was this the largest Anniversary event in their 150th year, it also served as a re-launch of the A&P loyalty card. The concept was simple – use your loyalty card, get a valuable game ticket. The opportunity to win big proved to be the right motivation for change, with huge numbers of sign ups and card usage during the 8 week campaign and carrying through till today. But, remembering to use your card was only part of it! The game also focused on “Big Red Savings” giving customers a game ticket every time they went through the checkout lanes. Tickets revealed Free Instant Prizes and Discounts from the Vendor Community, an Online PIN or an Enter to Win In-Store ballot for another chance to win big. Add two Collect to Win stickers in every ticket for a chance to win Free Groceries for a Year or 1 of 3 Ford Mustangs, and you’ve got a big story to tell. How big? Big enough to create a full TV Ad Campaign – something A&P had not done in over 15 years! Online PIN 7/11/09 904211 tear aLonG PerForations to see iF YoU’Ve Won! Better than 1 in 15 chances to Win! Enter Online! Enter your PIN at play MOISTEN HERE TM Enter now, enter often! &win!Fold this sticker along perforations and Fold this sticker along perforations and PIN SM1895367 remove to play on Collector Card. remove to play on Collector Card. You could Win: Series BR150 Series BR150 FREE Groceries for a Year 15 prizes available to be won! $150 Grocery Gift Card big the red grocery giveaway! 80 prizes available to be won! See Official Rules for details. 3.2 Million in prizes! $ For full details see Official Rules in -store or at and discounts available. Place Stickers on Collector Card. Match the pictures to Win! MOISTEN HERE ® Shopping Spree ® B14 FREE Groceries C16
  5. 5. Cruisin’ to Win!Irving OilOur Cruisin’ to Win game promotion was one of the most effective Petroleum promotions in recent years. With a huge focus on the importanceof the small Instant Prizes combined with an amazing Collect to Win game as well as an Online Game that forged Irving’s Customer RelationshipMarketing email database, Cruisin’ to Win made a huge impact on the Atlantic Canada and New England USA markets. Cruisin’ to Win“zigged” when others “zagged”. “Is that the phone, or the cash register? At the cash register, Cruisin’ to Win racked up double-digit year-over-year increases in same-store sales across Atlantic Canada and New England in 2003 and again in 2004. At the store, Irving saw a flow of new customers in the key opportunity and non-user segments, females, younger age groups and professionals. And the campaign fuelled interactivity and chatter between customers and staff.” ~Cruisin’ to success – Cruisin’ to brand equity. Excerpt from June 2005 issue of Marketing Magazine.
  6. 6. Custom Promotional Products Adding value to your business and brand is always our number one focus! We offer high quality, high perceived value, branded premium promotions. We work closely with you to understand your brand’s image and determine audience appropriate concepts and premiums and turn them into reality. We have no catalogue and no inventory. Every project is client-specific, customized and made to order. The only real limit is the imagination... and we’re proud to say that ours are limitless! We maintain a current roster of over 400 active suppliers — if an item exists, we will source it. If it doesn’t exist, we will create it from scratch. Our top-notch sourcing team scours the globe looking for hot new ideas and products with current and in depth knowledge of the FDA, child safety testing and consumer product safety regulations. Our premium promotions team treats your brand like it’s our own — we are 100% dedicated to maintaining your brand’s quality and integrity. 4. 5.1. 2. 3. 1. Johnson & Johnson; Gold standard Band-Aid tin 2. The Hershey Company; Clucking Cadbury bunny 3. LCC vins & spiritueux/Clos des Vignes; Two Oceans reusable shopping bag 4. The Hershey Company; Connecting candy containers 5. Distell International; Amarula two bottle glorifier
  7. 7. Clorox CanadaBrita BottlesWe have been working with Brita Canada for over six years developing a wide assortment of custom promotional items for their national andcustomer specific gift with purchase value add promotions.In the spring of 2004, research indicated consumers were spending a lot of money buying cases of bottled water for daily consumption whilea perfectly good Brita Filtration system sat on their counter, was in their fridge or was mounted to their faucet.Brita challenged us to develop a promotion that would effectively promote the use and consumption of Brita Filtered Water outside the home.We developed a custom Brita Premium Water Bottle making Brita Filtered Water portable. The promotion was extremely successful and startedan exciting trend in what was otherwise a very inactive category.To date, we have produced over 500,000 hard plastic water bottles in various sizes and colours and almost 50,000 premium stainless steelwater bottles! We continue to work tirelessly with the regulatory scientists at Clorox to ensure all bottles produced meet or exceed Brita’sexceptionally high standards extraction testing.With over fifteen successful promotional executions for the brand to date, we have consistently delivered what we promise, when we promiseit, at an extremely competitive price. These are the reasons they keep coming back to us year after year!
  8. 8. The Hershey Group of CompaniesSince 1997, we have produced more than 200 custom products for The Hershey Company worldwide. From brainstorming concepts to customdesign and development we have produced everything from plastic Kisses containers, to clucking Cadbury bunnies, to collectible custom diecast cars.In 2002, Hershey’s Chocolate World approached us with a challenge. They were gearing up to open their newest attraction -- The Hershey’sReally Big 3-D Show™. They asked us to bring their new 3D Brand Characters to life in the form of custom plush characters. We enthusiasticallyembraced the challenge and produced the complete line up of characters.As Chocolate World opened new locations in Chicago and Times Square they once again challenged us to develop and create an inventorymanagement and replenishment system.Currently, we actively store and supply six of their retail locations and their retail partners with over 30 SKUs of product. We utilize a 250,000square foot third party warehouse to facilitate their logistical and warehouse requirements using a custom developed inventory managementsystem.To date, we have successfully shipped over 24 Million units to the Hershey Group of Companies!
  9. 9. Retail Loyalty Solutions Loyalty marketing has become a key strategy for the growth of our company in today’s competitive marketplace. We base our thinking on the concept of Relationship Building. Not only do we focus on acquiring new clients but we focus on nourishing the growth of our existing ones. Through constant interaction and communication, we are able to understand your needs and focus on your long- term business and brand objectives. Whether your goal is to acquire new customers, retain existing customers, motivate behavior to increase purchase activity, create brand support, or something entirely different; our solutions will deliver the competitive edge that is certain to enrich your brands and strengthen profitable relationships. Our Very Own Smile Collect Our Very Own Jumbo Steak Knives with Savers Smile Savers 2 Smile Savers 00 $ 1 = FREE Steak Knife! of Our Very Own the purchase savings on1. 2. 1 Smile Saver Jumbo Steak Knife! = $0.99 Steak Knife! finding ways to Always make you Smile! Every day low price $1.99! It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3! Collect one Smile Saver with each $50.00 purchase us every week! 1. Shop with in our store. Spend $50.00 to $99.99 and receive 2. Collect Smile Savers Free with one Smile Saver; spend $100.00 to $149.99 and every qualifying purchase. The receive two Smile Savers, etc. There is no limit to more you shop, the more you save! the number of Smile Savers that you can collect, so shop early and shop often! 3. Redeem Smile Savers and Save You can combine two Smile Savers to get your off the purchase of Our $1.00 Very Own Jumbo Steak Knife. 1. The Grocery People; Free steak knife program Steak Knife FREE! You can combine Smile Savers You must surrender Smile Savers on redemption. Applicable Taxes your savings! to maximize are extra. This is a limited supply and time offer! Smile Savers 2. H.Y. Louie; Free Summer Splash acrylic glasses, with Summer Splash Cash must be redeemed in our stores by July 25, 2010. No rain checks will be issued. Cashier: Scan Smile Savers 3. W. Lee Flowers; Our Very Own jumbo steak knife program, with Smile Savers as customers redeem for their Steak Knives. Scan each Smile 4. Saver being redeemed. Void Smile Savers on 4. Hometown Grocers; Cambridge Radiance Towels, with Smile Savers 3. redemption.
  10. 10. Irresistibles Bamboo Cutlery CollectionMetro Richelieu Inc.Metro stores in Quebec, challenged us to develop a powerful promotion for their independent dealers. They needed a promotion that wouldattract and engage their discerning French clientele and yet still deliver substantial profits. Our solution was the eco-friendly Irresistibles brandedBamboo Handled Cutlery Collection. The promotion offered, a free high value bamboo knife block with the purchase of the first week’s knife andwith every featured knife purchased in the following weeks - a free steak knife. This promotion exceeded expectations significantly!We worked diligently with the Metro Marketing Team to develop this program operationally so that their independents’ risk on all free giveawayswas completely mitigated. Order and distribution quantities were also vetted by retailers prior to production.EverycomponentwascustomproducedwithMetro’sIrresistiblesprivatelabelbranding.BeingprominentlyadvertisedintheMetroflyeranddisplayedinallstores,customers immediately embraced the high quality collection.What were the results? In 220 stores they surpassed an astounding $7,000 in retail sales per store and generated an average of 24% profitmargin!The Ontario Division followed in the fall of 2009 and despite the economic downturn, their 168 stores delivered, on average, retail sales of$4,360 per store and even higher profit margins!We delivered both promotions as full service custom programs, supported by product design, packaging, displays, advertising, operationguides, online mail-order fulfillment and complete program management.
  11. 11. Cambridge Radiance Towel CollectionBrunet Drug StoreBrunet Drug Stores in Quebec were in the process of introducing a new décor package that featured white, cream and chocolate colors – all toattract their predominantly female clientele aged 18 to 36. Brunet came to us looking for a sales promotion that would deliver their new colorsand also support their value and brand objectives.We engaged our long-standing relationship with the Cambridge Towel Corporation to deliver the beautiful Radiance Towel collection. First, wedeveloped a color palette that perfectly accented the new décor delivering white, mushroom and chocolate towels. Then, we created BrunetDollars, the focal point for Brunet’s Vendor Commitment Drivers.TM With our help, Brunet reached out to their weekly feature vendors to helpfund their promotion. Vendors were given full recognition on the displays, Brunet Dollars and special saver wallets, all created and producedby us especially for Brunet. Customers collected Brunet Dollars with the purchase of featured vendor’s products and were entitled to $1 off anySKU for each Brunet dollar they redeemed.Finally, Brunet asked us to develop a powerful Bonus Giveaway to really kick off the first week of the promotion. We sourced and delivered abranded bath mitt that was offered Free with the first week’s purchase.Operationally, we worked with Cambridge to pre-load displays so that stores only had to unwrap it and start promoting! All program materialswere produced bilingually to satisfy the English – French marketplace.In 122 stores, Brunet averaged $1,224 retail per store and completely met their Vendor objectives.