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Social Media Case Studies

Social Media Case Studies presented at DMA of Orange County on 06/09/09

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Social Media Case Studies

  1. 1. Define your success metric Number of people who filled in the “get more info” form Number of new customers / sales Reduction in support costs Number of minutes a day we are nice to customers Number of people who used a specific coupon that is associated with this campaign Your marketing team / social media consultant Number of influential people who tweet something about us can help you define these. Number of influential blogs that linked to us Number of features suggested by users that we actually implement Increase in Pagerank Number of repeating, unique visitors Number of people in a specific location / demographic who follow us on twitter Number of new things we discovered about customers that we never knew before
  2. 2. • Define relevant success metrics that translate into a business context. • Quantitative - sales (obviously), new leads, new qualified subscribers • Qualitative - satisfaction, loyalty, authority, interaction, feedback • For qualitative goals, use simple rules as metrics. • Set campaign goals based on these metrics. Your return is successfully meeting or exceeding these goals. • Implement campaign, review metrics and goals. Filter out channels and strategies that don’t get good returns. Repeat.
  3. 3. Measuring Qualitative Returns
  4. 4. A simple campaign to build Loyalty & Trust Be nice to customers who mention your company / product name on Twitter. Success Metrics Goal As implemented by... - Amount of positive N amount of positive comments sent to customers conversations about your per week within a given time company or product per week ceiling - Amount of conversations that started from the comment. Measuring Qualitative Returns
  5. 5. A campaign to increase Satisfaction Engage with customers / prospects using social media and ask what they would like from you. Success Metrics Goal As implemented by... - Amount of good suggestions N amount of suggestions that your company hadn’t collected per month and N thought of. amount that you actually implement. - Amount of the above that your company actually implements. Measuring Qualitative Returns
  6. 6. A campaign to increase Authority Start a blog on a topic that relates to your company and that you an expert on. Focus on writing authoritative content first, promoting your company second. Success Metrics Goal As implemented by... - Amount of influential blogs N Pagerank by a certain date. linking to you. Nth position in Pagerank - Pagerank relative to that of relative to competitors by a competitors. certain date. - Amount of organic traffic per N% of organic traffic per month. month. - Amount of traffic that $N per month attributable to converts to sales. referrals from blog. Measuring Qualitative Returns
  7. 7. Measuring Quantitative Returns
  8. 8. A campaign to increase Offline Sales Implement a promotion on a social media platform. Give participants a printable campaign voucher so you can track where offline sales originated. Success Metrics Goal As implemented by... - monthly sales $N monthly sales - monthly store traffic N% increase in store traffic over the pre-promotion period. Measuring Quantitative Returns
  9. 9. A campaign to increase Online Sales Use Twitter to inform prospects about special promotions, capitalising on Twitter’s real-time nature for exclusive, limited-customer / limited-period offers. Success Metrics Goal As implemented by... - monthly sales attributable $N monthly sales directly to Twitter $N monthly sales directly - new customers attributable attributable to Twitter directly to Twitter - monthly revenue generated from customers originally from Twitter (i.e. did the customer go back later of their own accord and buy more) Measuring Quantitative Returns