~$20130314 thoughts on the data value chain


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My thoughts before going to the Data Supply Consultation with DG Connect of the EU. How best can they support those that create real innovation of Big Data?

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  • Make Open Data Tangible! Give us… ahem …a helping hand and please focus your entire attention upon the next slide…
  • ~$20130314 thoughts on the data value chain

    1. 1. A view from both ends! David OvertonDbyhundred Ltd and SplashMaps doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    2. 2.  A desire to support environments that nurture Open Location Data An awareness that the instruments have to suit those that innovate… the SMEs and those that don’t know they’re SMEs yet… doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    3. 3.  No one can guess on the best bets. ◦ So better to be open, perhaps pro-active ◦ Better to be flexible ◦ Better to be agile ◦ Better to deal with small projects with big ideas ◦ Better to deal with “bottom-up” innovation rather than “top-down”. doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    4. 4. …identify opportunities for better data driven efficiency (e.g. business intelligence), cross- sector solutions and data dependent sectors. These should also include aspects of Open Government Data. doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    5. 5.  Low Carbon vehicles Innovations ◦ Data and Sensor network driven ◦ Size of Sensor market INSPIRE ◦ Project Manager coordinating award winning collaboration ◦ Successful bidder for policy support funding to combine and cloud enablement of Amazingly ordinary and quirky, desirable, tangible consumer outputs from the Open sphere! doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    6. 6.  Project Manager Bid Manager Entrepreneur Innovation Manager … with time for other things too ;-) doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    7. 7.  Every part of the value chain needs motivation ◦ Creation ◦ Supply ◦ Use ◦ Re-use Legislation is important and undoubtedly INSPIRE and similar initiatives have played a part. (Open data programme in the UK, Norway, Finland, Germany and a number of other countries) Culture plays a large part doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    8. 8. • CultureCreation • Re-imbursement – but need to see longer term • Heavy interoperation workSupply • New Skills • Encourage innovative use Use • Make it tangible • Legal – Geo rightsRe-Use • Ease of re-use doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    9. 9.  Suppliers don’t see benefit beyond the government funding they get ◦ Intervention to encourage commercial exploitation of Open Data Traditional EU type approaches filter out REAL innovative SMEs ◦ New instruments that engage, encourage and celebrate diverse companies New Crowd source funding approaches have emerged ◦ Decisions made by the crowd… not a committee…. doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    10. 10.  Cash to grow without losing ownership If I’m an innovator, I will establish relationships first and look for funding second. Easily and quickly accessible funding Expertise from diverse fields (web designers, marketing professionals, research etc.) Proactive a themed networks without hefty membership fees and with funded events Cash to develop own networks (volunteer data) Normalised supply of data across Europe Support for those that harmonise doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    11. 11.  Culture is a barrier in the commission and in all civil service departments An approach that engages rather than invites is needed Interventions need to be light and quick and less process driven for SMEs doverton@dbyhundred.co.uk
    12. 12.  Open becomes Tangible! Crowd funding platforms – a rich eco-system of innovation Crowd sourced data is getting commercial Already in ITS Try for yourselves! www.splashmaps.co.uk