SITE Ireland April 2012


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Presentation delivered to members of SITE Ireland - Doonbeg, April 2012

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  • 68% female, aged 25 – 44Strong Irish and Dublin Presence
  • Photos
  • DemographicsAverage Age44Average HHI$105,731HHI>$150K22%College Grad78%2.8M Small Business Owners8M Senior ExecutivesCXO at every F500 companyOther Facts# of Company Profiles> 1M# of People Searches (2010)> 2B# of Pageviews / month1.3B+Fortune 100 Customers> 75%# of Groups> 620K# of Members in Groups13M+
  • The reception of your company page- the overview tab provides a friendly introduction to your brand, When a member visits this tab, they see everyone in their network who works on your company, your company blog posts and twitter feeds.
  • This section provides you with a unique opportunity to interact with millions of passive and active job seekers on LinkedIn.>
  • Here you can highlight products and services to your target audience. Here you can see and make recommendations on products and services.>Personalise your content for your target audience
  • You can use the analytics on this page to understand the composition of your base followers. Who are they, what they do and what products and services interest them.
  • SITE Ireland April 2012

    1. 1. “Picking What Works for You”
    2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• How Marketing has changed• The importance of Social Media• The Main Channels• Tools to Manage• Suggestions
    3. 3. “If Marketing has one goal, it ‘s to reach consumers at themoments that most influence their decisions.” Court, Elzinga, Mulder & Vetvik, 2009
    5. 5. What is Social Media?“Social Media is a group of Internet-based applications that buildon the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, andallow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content” Kaplan, 2009
    6. 6. Does it Return?
    7. 7. Web sites and Email still rock !
    8. 8. What are the benefits of social media marketing for business? (HubSpot 2011)
    9. 9. Most popular tools used by marketers (HubSpot 2011)
    10. 10. Weekly hourly investment of marketers in SMM 1- 5 hours (Social Media Examiner Report 2011)
    11. 11. • 845 Million MONTHLY Active Users – 80% Outside US and Canada• 50 % use the site DAILY• 425 Million monthly MOBILE users• Available in 70 Languages - Dec 2011
    12. 12. • Build a community; engage; influence• Learn from your Insights – who are your community? What can you learn? – what do they like on your page, Video/Posts/ Photos? – when do they like it- Monday , Wednesday?• Segment your community and target accordingly
    13. 13. Who Are Your Community?
    14. 14. What do they like?
    15. 15. Segment your Community
    16. 16. • Use Timeline to tell your story, - not just part of it
    17. 17. Creating Milestones
    18. 18. Timeline Cheat Sheet – Mari Smith
    19. 19. • Trial Facebook advertising for reach
    20. 20. reach
    21. 21. • Make your Page Accessible
    22. 22. Make it Easy !
    23. 23. Don’t bring them here!!!
    24. 24. • 175,000,000+ active users• 20+ languages• 340,000,000 Tweets per day• Remember – it’s a crowded space and your message can get lost
    25. 25. twitter – 140 characters including spacesRemember to leave space for re-tweets!
    26. 26. Twitter Marketing Tips• Know who you are targeting and what the message is• Create dialogue don’t just push promotions• Share information and ideas• Ask thoughtful Questions to encourage interaction• Don’t over promote• Be Helpful
    27. 27. Search and Follow Specific People
    28. 28. Follow Specific Hash Tags
    29. 29. Example of Twitter Advertisement Appears at the top of search
    30. 30. The Professional Network MISSION: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful• Provide ability to own and manage one’s own professional identity• Curate professional context• Turn relationships and information into business opportunity• Largest advertising platform for B2B (4x WSJ) Source:
    31. 31. Truly Global 100M+ members +1M / 6 days, >1 new member / second CAN 4% EU 26% IND 8% USA 44% BRZ 2% AUS 2% Source:
    32. 32. Profile Craft an informative profile headlineUpload a good photo
    33. 33. Profile Complete your entire profile, Including previous jobs
    34. 34. Profile Fill in each section. Try and use keywords as these are searchable…
    35. 35. What’s your Company Page?• Central Hub for your brand• Engagement Tool• How you grow your business virally (WOM)• Rich source of analytics
    36. 36. Why create a Company Page?• Used as a reference tool• Engage followers/potential clients• Promote your employment brand
    37. 37. Company Page Content: Overview
    38. 38. Company Page Content: Careers Tab
    39. 39. Company Page Content: Products and Services Tab
    40. 40. Company Page Content: Analytics Tab
    41. 41. How to increase awareness of your company page:• Embed a “follow us on LinkedIn” button on your website.• Add your Linked In URL to your e-mails and newsletters.• Promote your company page through LinkedIn advertising.
    42. 42. Practical Takeaways
    43. 43. Email SignaturesDavid ButtDCU Leadership, Innovation and Knowledge Research CentreAddress: DCU Business School, Dublin CityUniversity, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, IrelandTelephone: +353 87 260 2882Link: ¦ Twitter: @dculinkTechspectations: ¦ Twitter: @techspectationsEmail: ¦ Twitter: @DButtIrelandLinkedIn:
    44. 44. Twitter Lists
    45. 45. Specialised Lists
    46. 46. Public or Private Lists ?
    47. 47. Twitter Communities
    48. 48. Put Google to work for you1. Go to Enter the keyword / phrase that you would like Google to search for3. Choose “Everything” in order to search all content on the Web4. Choose how often (once a day recommended)5. Enter E-Mail address where you want results delivered6. Alerts delivered directly to your inbox
    49. 49. register your username everywhereRegister your username everywhere
    50. 50. Check Social Network Username Availability on
    51. 51. Record your usernames and passwords in one placeSocial Network URL Username Password
    52. 52. continue the conversation @techspectations
    53. 53. Thank YouDavid