Search engine optimization (seo)


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Search engine optimization (seo)

  1. 1. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)Source of Traffic (in Google Analytics this is accessed from: Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic).Time Spent on Site (in Google Analytics as ‘Average Visit Duration’ (Overview > Time On Site)) Some sites may have low visit duration purely because they are type of site that provides quick answer to direct question.On the Page SEO Content, HTML and site architecture that are in the direct control of the publisher.Off the Page SEO Links, social and personal that are influenced by readers, visitors and other publishers.Violations / Blocking Spam, cloaking and stuffing that may cause ranking penalty or ban.Update Fresh content is still king on Internet.Titles Create eye catching titles and headings that will appeal to both readers and search engines.Meta tags (define title and keyword tags) Search engines like to look in metadata tags. Add unique <title> tags, <meta> description text, and evocative <h1> headlines to your page Use descriptive, targeted keywords. The keyword meta-tags are something you write intohtml header ofdocument, and are not seen by humans. Many sites makemistake of usingsame set of meta-tags for every page on their website. Each page should be unique tocontent of that page. Meta tags include a description ofpage, a page title, and a list of keywords that are relevant to that page rather thansite as a whole.Link Building / Backlinks Find other high quality sites to post your press release to or a write guest blog post that links back to your website. If your services target your local community, then reach out to local businesses to generate links back to your site.
  2. 2. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / Google doesn’t pay their efforts much attention, and may actual penalize you for having links to your site from websites that are not similar or complimentary in nature. Get as many related quality websites as to hyperlink to you.Social Media Distributing information via social media can multiply visitors that will view your sites. Re-distributing blogs and content can be as easy as tweetinglinks, as well as connecting all accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.Deep Linking Don’t always link to your home page or url. Try to link to different, more relevant pages within your site. If you have hash tags (anchors) in your larger pages, link to them.Easy to Read URLs Be sure to use keywords in your URLs and file names. Having easy to understand and read URLs can not only helpsearch engine find your page but be evident for users to see, and is easy for people to remember. For instance: Resources Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips and Techniques: Part 3, SEO Tips for Freelancers - The rumored death of SEO - The SEO’s Guide To Adding Content For SERPs & Sales, guide-to-adding-content-for-serps-sales-129044 5 Top SEO Article Writing Tips, tips/ Understanding SEO [Infographic] - infographic/ Why I Talk Most Folks Out of SEO Projects - How to Learn SEO - How to SEO: SEO v Analytics - analytics-800610982/