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Innovation (defined)


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Innovation (defined) -

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Innovation (defined)

  1. 1. Innovation (defined)Necessary SkillsIt’s a mindset in business. Employees are continuous improvement and constantly thinking outside box(Dance 2012). The following skills to be of who are innovative include the ability to ask provocativequestions, to network with innovators at the cutting edge and the willingness to experiment - and to fail(Llewellyn 2012)Something NewInnovation is about change in a creative way. It is the result of thinking deliberately (in specific ways)about existing problems and unmet needs. Innovation is the embodiment, combination, and/orsynthesis of knowledge in novel, relevant, valued new products, processes or services (Dance 2012).Innovation is defined merely as introducing something new. There are no qualifiers of how ground-breaking or world-shattering something needs to be, it needs to be better than what was there before.Innovation means things to people. Invention refers to new concepts or products derive fromindividual’s ideas or from scientific research. Innovation is the commercialization invention itself (Dance2012).Innovation is reflected in novel outputs: a new method of production, a new market, a new source ofsupply or a new organizational structure, can be summarized as doing things differently. Innovationoccurs when someone uses an invention or an idea to change how the world works, how peopleorganize themselves or how to conduct lives. Innovation is understood as the successful of a new thingor method. Innovation is the embodiment, combination or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant,valued new products, processes or services. Innovation is a new element introduced in the networkchanges, momentarily, the cost of transactions between at least two actors, elements or nodes, in thenetwork (More 2011).Ideas are flowing back up the pipeline, tare coming from the consumers. Reason this happened isInternet and many new tools give consumers many easy ways to create own stage, to have own voice, itprovides collaborations between volunteers. As the saying goes, Necessity is the mother of invention.can have some new idea to innovate a new tool want to meet needs. As the result, the solutions turnout to be inventions. I believed everyone has the creativity to innovate some special and new things. Itdepends on observation and needs. people will be interested about new things, don’t be afraid tointroduce own idea to others you’re not professional (Leadbeater 2005).Necessity is the mother of inventions. reason to inventing is advanced stuff time. refore inventing thingsdoes play a role in daily life. see inventions developed unintentionally. If a inventor did not what thepublic needs, his/her inventions might no be as useful as meet to needs. Knowing the demands is towho develop and invent obviously. be in consumers’ shoes, is realize what people need may lead toamazing innovations (Leadbeater 2005).
  2. 2. As a ProcessInnovation is a process, involving multiple activities, performed by multiple actors from one ororganizations, during new combinations of means and/or ends are new for a creating and/or adoptingunit are developed and/or produced and/or implemented and/or transferred to old and/or new.Innovation is a process of taking new ideas to satisfied customers. It is the conversion of new knowledgeinto products and services (Dance 2012).Innovation needs structure. Expand special resource known as innovativeness are not dealing with afinite resource but with a renewable one. give everyone in an organization the chance to developinnovative competencies. make the systematic application of innovation real (Dance 2012).Innovation Engineering is a groundbreaking program provides a systematic approach to innovation (tools and methods for creating, communicating and commercializing meaningunique ideas) (UMaine2012).Innovation Engineering accelerates a continuous flow of innovations - - to address departmentʼs,divisionʼs and companyʼs problems & opportunities. process can be used on major innovation projectshave a dramatic impact on sales and profits or minor projects help transform the culture. Itʼs a four -stage process of Define, Discover, Develop and Deliver and integrates painlessly with classic projectmanagement systems as Compression Planning, Stage-Gate, Design for 6 Sigma or Hoshin Planning(UMaine 2012).Types of InnovationArthur D. published a study on The New Face of Innovation designed to reassure us new innovationapproaches were indeed being developed as well. After speaking with 100 Technology & InnovationOfficers, ADL has concluded the new face of innovation has five principle new dimensions (Fischer2011). Customer-based innovation –seen as the in terms of future investment priority: engaging withcustomers in deeper and more meaningful ways to create stronger relationships and stimulate a desireto be involved in the innovation process. This includes designing-in emotion, integrating social-networking and being more sophisticated in open innovation (Fischer 2011). Proactive business modelinnovation – creating new ways of building innovative business models or reshaping existing ones,delivering lasting value to customers and stakeholders, modular approaches to cope with global/localcomplexity and adapting business models to new markets (Fischer 2011). Frugal innovation – originatingnew innovations in lower income, emerging markets and adapting to more developed markets allowingcompanies to profit from the full spectrum of opportunity markets have to offer. ADL remarks FrugalInnovation brings about a rethinking nature of innovation. of more striving for less (Fischer 2011). Highspeed/low risk innovation – getting products and services to market not quickly, without flaws gradualproduct rollouts, global 24/7 product development and increased trials and experiments (Fischer 2011).Integrated innovation – taking traditional innovation approaches from New Product Development asportfolio optimization, ideas management and stage-gates and applying them across the value chainbusiness. don’t say it as such, this sounds to me like innovation as a crusade, in everyone in theorganization becomes an innovator (Fischer 2011).
  3. 3. User InvolvementThe users are the big source of big, discruptive innovations. Some large companies dont do tdont haveconfidence. Some users may the need people and invent useful things before the producers. Whenusers have new ideas, twill make a innovation of time (Leadbeater 2005).consumers passive, waiting for devices to be invented. speaker mentioned in the video about the bikes,sell well in U.S. is invented by some young consumers than big companies. invented things see the need.people who work are stronger than who work by themselves. This is true not will save more time, willcome up with some innovative ideas working with others. speaker said in the video dont need anorganization to be organized, this informs us shouldnt be passive anymore. should be more positive andmotivated about innovation wont be controlled by the companies. Never will ksomeday would inventsome creative and innovative stuff. For the three reasons above, creativity should be collaborative andinnovative (Leadbeater 2005).the users came up with the design idea. made effort to make up a super-products or said it is fit life.other said the products were use by the consumers. pipeline speakers expressed should be flew to leftor to right at any time. is if consumers created a products, is good to users, and, if the users discoveredtherere some problems with products, give them some suggestions. creation shouldnt category intothe moment innovation and collaborative innovation. Einstien created idea and formula by himself.people are different, come up with an idea by themselves and let it become a success. collaborativecreation can be way of innovation. If it is so-called innovation, it shouldnt be separated into types(Leadbeater 2005).Consumers and users can be one same person, it dose not need to be separate like positions. Everyoneis consumer, everyone can be a user. the world can be improve in a fast way. are own opinion. What thespeaker talk about creativity can come from. He mentions a question is about mountain bike, this is aexample can explain his idea indeed. Yes, creative idea can be inspired even from young guys. Not agigantic company can has idea to make people have life, normal people like us(Leadbeater 2005).
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