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Fundraising Ideas

  1. 1. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / FUNDRAISING IDEASCommunity Baby Shower o Find a location for the shower that can accommodate a large number of people. o Advertise the event through churches, private schools, community organizations, newspapers, local cable stations, radio stations, and anywhere else that seems reasonable. o Direct everyone back to your organizations website. o On the website you should have a "registry."  Although you wont actually be registering at a store, you can provide a list of items the center needs. o People can bring their baby items to donate. o Through the help of volunteers and donations, you can provide refreshments and either entertainment or a game. o Although not a traditional baby shower game, bingo would be ideal for the large group setting.Baby Bottle Campaign o Advertise the baby-bottle campaign through the churches weekly bulletins, other organizations newsletters, and, if possible, speak at as many church services and group meetings as you can to get the word out. o Purchase plain plastic baby bottles through a wholesale outlet to save money. o On small sheets of paper print out the name of your orgainization with a request the people fill the baby bottles with their loose change. o Once the bottles are prepared and the campaign has been advertised, deliver empty baby bottles to each of the churches and organizations that agreed to participate in the campaign. o Check back with each group or church within a week of the bottle being passed out to see if they needed more bottles to pass out. o Have notices put in the organizations weekly bulletins or announcement boards reminding people when they need to return the bottles. o Stay in contact with each church and organization so as the baby bottles are filled someone from your organization can pick them up. o Particularly if there is a lack of storage space, you dont want the people trying to help raise money to be burdened by the project. o Remind as many people as you can the week the baby bottles are due back. o Plan a big pick up trip around to all the participating organizations on the designated return date. o Let people know if thy forget to return their baby bottle where the bottles can be dropped off. o Have volunteers ready to sort and roll the coins to be counted and deposited.
  2. 2. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / o You can choose to use a Coinstar machine to count the change, but they charge 8.9 cents for every dollar counted. o Once all the change is counted and deposited, let all the churches and organizations know how much was raised. o If possible, print a public thank you in the local paper and list each of the churches and organizations that participated.Raffle o Have people and local businesses donate goods and services and have an online auction through Ebay or on your website. o If traveling internationally ask people to donate Frequent Flyer Miles. o Someone has the chance to win an expensive or sought after prize for a minimum amount of money. o The key is to get as many donations as possible and the bigger the item, the better. o After you have collected the donated prizes you can then sell tickets. o Have a list of the prizes either printed on the raffle tickets or on-hand to show people. o Have several people sell raffle tickets. o On the raffle day, designate a person like the parent of the baby or a sibling to pick the winning tickets from a basket and reveal the winners.Baby Photo Contest o This is an especially appropriate fundraiser for a baby since it involves babies. o Have an entry fee for the photos and offer some donated prizes that you have collected previously. o Set up the photos in a public area like the hospital lobby, street fair or other public event so people can vote on their favorite baby photo. o The winning photos get the prizes and the entry fees are all donated to the family.Walk for Life o The best times for this event are spring or fall when the weather is comfortable and cool. o You will have to secure a track either at a local school or park. o Put an ad in the newspaper, hand out fliers and speak to local organizations and businesses to let people know about the event. o Have people register and hand out pledge sheets. o It is the registrants job to get as many flat-rate pledges as he can before the day of the walk. o Those who register show up the day of the event after collecting pledges, walk the assigned amount of time around the track and then collect their pledges. o You can raise more money by asking local businesses to donate prizes and sell raffle tickets for the prizes at the walk. o At the event, have tables set up where people can get more information about the local pregnancy crisis center and pregnancy statistics.Fund raising events
  3. 3. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / o Host a ticketed event with a theme and a meal (Valentines, Crazy 80′ s night, Mexican Fiesta, etc).Yard Sales o Have friends and church family donate items and have a huge yard sale with all proceeds going towards your adoption.Community Education Classes o Make the most of day care and child raising knowledge by holding community education seminars. o You might hold babysitting classes, or run a course for mothers-to-be on what to expect in the first months of being a parent.T-Shirt Contest o Create T-shirts that promote your child care organization while raising funds. o Site such as ContestCause -  Even create the winning shirt and ship it directly to the purchasers. o Create account and then invite others at the center to create unique T-shirt designs right on the site. o They can also vote each day for their favorite T-shirt and order the winning T-shirt right from the site. o Create a unique design with the hand prints from some of the children in various colors o Have a local T-shirt company print enough shirts to sell for your fundraiser. o Be sure to include your centers name on the shirt.Calendar SalesCookbooksRestaurant NightJeans Day at the officeCoin CollectionRaffle / Auction_____-A-Thon Events (bowl, bike, dance, jump, hair cut)Scrapbook CropGame NightsCraft FairSports Tournaments (karate, hockey, soccer, etc)Bake SalePopcorn and Movie NightReceptions, Dinner Parties, Wine and Cheese TastingChildren’s play group gatheringMothers’ Club gatheringFood sales (candy, pizza, doughnuts, etc)Sorority or Youth Group eventMatching gifts / Grants
  4. 4. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare (603) 689 – 4513 / Seasonal Birthday or Special Event Donation Collection Yard / Garage Sale Golf Outing Marathon and Letter Campaign Car Wash Home Run Derby and Hot Dog Picnic Family Swim Night at local pool Block Party / Carnival CarolingHelpful Resources Pregnancy Care Center Fundraiser Ideas - care-center-fundraiser-ideas.html Great Fundraiser Ideas for Babies - ideas-babies.html Crisis Pregnancy Awareness Fundraising Ideas - pregnancy-awareness-fundraising-ideas.html Adoption Fundraising Ideas - Fundraisers for Non-Profits - Fundraising Ideas for Day Care Centers - ideas-day-care-centers.html Do-It-Yourself Fundraising Ideas - Fund-raising Ideas for Nonprofits - child-care-centers.html Fundraising Ideas And Fundraiser Ideas - Fundraising Ideas for a Day Care Center - ideas-day-care-center.html Fundraising Ideas - Fundraising Ideas for an Art Center - art-center.html