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Arts linkedin organizations

  1. 1. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin ARTS LINKEDIN ORGANIZATIONSCommunication ArtsFounded in 1959, Communication Arts is the premier source of inspiration for graphic designers, artdirectors, design firms, corporate design...Very Active: 1,238 discussions this month · 84,242 membersFreelance Graphic Designer & Copywriter1,525 peopleInternational Network for the ArtsThe International Network for the Arts (INA) is for every artist, performer or fancier of the art world.Theatre, dance, music, literature,...Very Active: 1,125 discussions this month · 13,472 members241International ARTS & CRAFTS NetworkThis networks purpose is to help professionals within ARTS & CRAFTS to get another outlet for mappingtheir location, services on offer, share...Very Active: 159 discussions this month · 8,534 members67Americans for the ArtsAmericans for the Arts is the nations leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America.With over 45 years of service, we are...Very Active: 92 discussions this month · 7,358 members135Inside EA: (Electronic Arts) People, Games &Opportuni...Inside EA: People, Games & Opportunities is THE social network for creative talent globally to expandtheir contacts, share experiences and gain...Active: 33 discussions this month · 11,548 members173Communication Arts & Sciences Alumni - Michigan State ...This group represents a network for fellow MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences alumni toconnect with one another. The purpose being to...Very Active: 50 discussions this month · 5,164 members83American Institute of Graphic ArtsAIGA, the professional association for design, is the place design professionals turn to first to exchangeideas and information, participate in...Very Active: 900 discussions this month · 7,613 members160
  2. 2. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comPerforming Arts AdministratorsThis group is for arts administrators who serve in the field of performing arts. The groups purpose toprovide a place to network and share...Active: 32 discussions this month · 4,596 membersCultural Performing Arts NetworkThis group is for networking between those who are either one of the... cultural arts organizations,cultural arts performers, choreographers,...Very Active: 462 discussions this month · 5,874 membersTechnology in the ArtsThe Technology in the Arts brings together the nation’s arts community to spark dialog around theintersection of technology and the arts,...Active: 44 discussions this month · 4,509 membersArts Administration NetworkAn active, idea-filled, imaginative network of arts administration and management professionals from allpractices of art. This group can and...Active: 46 discussions this month · 4,320 membersArts & Crafts Vendor GroupNetwork of vendors for the purpose of sharing information.Very Active: 116 discussions this month · 4,787 membersElectronic Arts EmployeesA group for all employees, current and former, of Electronic Arts.2 discussions this month · 4,099 membersAlumni of the School of Visual ArtsAlumni of the School of Visual Arts--professionals in advertising, animation, cartooning, computer art,film and video, fine arts, graphic...Active: 27 discussions this month · 3,972 membersArts, Antiques & AficionadosPlatform to expand your Network of People & Ideas in the Arts. Kindred “tags”: Actor, Artist, Author,Collector, Curator, Enthusiast,...Very Active: 81 discussions this month · 3,703 membersArts Marketing NetworkThe Arts Marketing Network is a LinkedIn group for anyone involved in marketing the arts in aprofessional capacity anywhere in the World.Active: 31 discussions this month · 3,604 membersAssociation for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS)The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) is an international membership organizationdedicated to reducing the costs of retail...Active: 23 discussions this month · 2,561 members
  3. 3. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comArts and Crafts Festivals and SponsorshipA group aimed at producers of arts and crafts festivals and events and corporate and advertisingagencies interested in sponsorsing those events.Very Active: 53 discussions this month · 3,196 membersArts Funding Policy, Practice and PoliticsDiscussion group for people interested in arts funding, policy and politics. It will affect all of us in the UKarts sector from this year15 discussions this month · 2,432 membersTAGA - Technical Association of the Graphic ArtsTAGA is the global professional technical association for the graphic arts industries, active since 1949.TAGA serves the CTO, CIO, and R&D...Active: 32 discussions this month · 2,301 membersNational Academy of Television Arts and SciencesThe National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the advancement of television andthe promotion of creative leadership...Very Active: 56 discussions this month · 2,891 membersArts, Culture & Humanities - Non Profit Networ [Subgroup]Arts, Culture & Humanities - Non Profit NetworkActive: 25 discussions this month · 2,139 membersFiber Arts & Mixed MediaThe Fiber Arts & Mixed Media group is for artists who want to discuss upcoming shows, teachingopportunities, exhibitions, calls for entry,...Active: 28 discussions this month · 2,085 membersArts & ArtistsEveryone associated with any kind of visual art is welcome to join.Active: 38 discussions this month · 2,470 membersArts & BusinessThis is group is the digital mixer where three sectors meet. Creatives, business people, artists.6 discussions this month · 2,466 membersEmerging Leaders of New York ArtsELNYA is Emerging Leaders of New York Arts. We are a New York City-based networking and professionaldevelopment group that explores new ideas,...18 discussions this month · 1,845 membersOn-line Venue for Handmade Arts & Crafts, and Inventio...JOIN THIS GROUP!!! This is a place where you can discuss and share handmade ideas!!Very Active: 81 discussions this month · 2,298 members
  4. 4. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comCREATIVE DESIGN PROSWe are a design community that boasts a cross section of pros in fashion, industrial, advertising, webdesign, to photography, illustration,...Very Active: 554 discussions this month · 113,349 membersAIGA | the professional association for designAIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.Very Active: 309 discussions this month · 52,278 membersDesigners Talk: Freelance Graphic Design GroupDesigners talk is a forum for designers to discuss ideas and get feedback on graphic and web design. Anactive community forum for freelance...Very Active: 77 discussions this month · 41,841 membersGraphic Design Professional GroupAll individual desktop publishers, graphic designers, presentation specialists, production artists, graphicartists, and equivalent disciplines...Very Active: 108 discussions this month · 16,193 membersGraphic Designer (GD)GRAPHIC DESIGNER: The group of the graphic designer on Linkedin.Very Active: 3,308 discussions this month · 42,856 membersArt Directors Club ForumArt Directors Club is the premier organization for integrated media and the first international creativecollective of its kind. Founded in New...Very Active: 1,496 discussions this month · 13,680 membersGraphic DesignThis group is for Graphic Design professionals to expand their global network of people and ideasVery Active: 115 discussions this month · 22,753 membersGRAPHIC DESIGN PROSWe are a global graphic design community that boasts a cross section of creative pros with backgroundsin art, fashion, advertising, web design...Very Active: 248 discussions this month · 5,470 membersCreative ReviewThis group has been set up by Creative Review to provide its readers and contributors with a space todiscuss all aspects of advertising, design...1 discussion this month · 8,823 membersIn-House DesignersThe purpose of this group is to discuss different challenges graphic designers and creative professionalsface, share tips, talk about graphic...Very Active: 93 discussions this month · 14,404 members
  5. 5. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comCreative Design Professionals WorldwideGroup of Professionals from Creative Design Industry - Fashion Industrial Advertising Web InternetTelevision Radio Architecture Art Photography...2,935 discussions · 14,150 membersThe Freelance Creative Media Group USA (FCMUS)Part of the FCMA, FCMUS Group strives to bring together talented people in the realms of film, graphicdesign, animation, illustration,...Active: 48 discussions this month · 875 membersAIGA ClevelandAIGA, the professional association for design, is committed to furthering excellence in design as abroadly-defined discipline, strategic tool...2 discussions this month · 491 membersAIGA_ATLANTATo advance designing in Atlanta and the Southeast as a professional craft, strategic tool for businees,and global cultural force.16 discussions this month · 691 membersArt Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington (ADCMW)The Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington the creative community informed about design andthe professional aspects of design, and helps...6 discussions this month · 709 membersAIGA Salt Lake CityAIGA, the professional association for design, is the place design professionals turn to first to exchangeideas and information, participate in...7 discussions this month · 259 membersGraphic Design ProfessionalsThis is a group for graphic design professionals of the world.Very Active: 1,518 discussions this month · 14,186 membersCreative ThinkingHow do you stand out from a crowd? If youre a graphic designer, photographer or visual artist, is itbetter to show your work rather than talk...Very Active: 130 discussions this month · 5,251 membersAIGA | Upstate New YorkOur mission is to be the backbone of the design community throughout New York State.33 discussions · 468 membersThe University of Akron Graphic Design Program AlumniA social and professional networking group for current and former students and instructors of theGraphic Design Program at the University of Akron.2 discussions this month · 324 members
  6. 6. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comAIGA Houston8 discussions this month · 736 membersCreative Freelancer ConferenceFor anyone who is a "creative freelancer" and is serious about building a successful business, theCreative Freelancer Community is the place to...Active: 40 discussions this month · 2,962 membersArizona Creative ProfessionalsA group of graphic designers, copywriters, art & creative directors; hosted by Creativa Guides, dedicatedto advancing the creative profession.1 discussion this month · 180 membersThe Creative ForumWe are an international talent pool that encompasses a broad and varied range of disciplines producingeffective and comprehensive design across...2 discussions this month · 267 membersEast Carolina School of Art and Design AlumniThis group is for School of Art and Design alumni, teachers, and professionals working in art relatedfields.2 discussions · 62 membersApplied Arts MagazineApplied Arts is Canada’s premier magazine of visual communications. For over 20 years, we havedelivered gorgeous imagery, strong opinion and...Very Active: 242 discussions this month · 1,367 membersArt&Design Lounge ClubThe Art&Design Lounge Club is here to help Artists and Designers advance their careers and businessgoals helping them make vital new business...Very Active: 95 discussions this month · 4,176 membersAIGA BIRMINGHAMAIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.1 discussion · 53 membersGraphic Design Professional Group: New York Ch... [Subgroup]This group is a sub-group of the original Graphic Designers Professional Group. Members of thissubgroup are from New York.28 discussions · 257 membersGraphic Designers Professional Group - Atlanta ChapterAll desktop publishers, graphic designers, presentation specialists, production artists, graphic artists, andequivalent disciplines in the...4 discussions this month · 241 members
  7. 7. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comMECA Graphic Design Alumni NetworkThis group is designed to bring together Alums from the Maine College of Art Graphic Designdepartment.33 discussions · 157 membersD&ADD&AD is an educational charity that represents the global creative, design and advertising communities.This group is open to all those who...4 discussions this month · 21,325 membersArt Directors KingdomThis group is for Art Director. Connections are to be made to for a better future.4 discussions this month · 3,864 membersCSU, Chico Graphic Design AlumniThis is a group for graduates of the California State University, Chico Communication Design Program. Itis a resource for Alumni to network,...1 discussion this month · 254 membersType Directors ClubThe TDC seeks to raise the standards of typography and related fields of the graphic arts, and to provideinspiration, simulate research, further...Very Active: 117 discussions today · 3,964 membersThe Art InstitutesThis is a group for graduates of any of the Art Institutes nationwide.1 discussion this month · 388 membersAtlanta Graphic Design CollectiveWe are a collective of graphic designers in the greater Atlanta area.Very Active: 21 discussions today · 148 membersCREATIVE DESIGN RECRUITERSThe Creative Design Recruiters Group a is cross section of recruiters from Graphic Design, illustration,Fashion, Web design to advertising and...Very Active: 261 discussions this month · 7,569 membersAIGA BaltimoreThe official group for AIGA Baltimore, the professional association for design. AIGA’s mission is toadvance designing as a professional craft,...8 discussions this month · 640 membersInHOWse DesignersThe networking group for designers and managers working in corporations, associations andorganizations.11 discussions · 248 members
  8. 8. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comArt & DesignThe Art & Design LinkedIn Group has been created as an avenue for individuals that have earned a BFA,BA, BS or Masters in a design related major...Very Active: 60 discussions this month · 7,096 membersART Professionals WorldwideA group to unite art professionals worldwide. (Fine artists and all people working related to the arts.)Very Active: 1,810 discussions this month · 34,439 membersContemporary Art network groupThis group invites persons whom are active in contemporary art to share their experience, activities,development, advice and business. With...Very Active: 2,271 discussions this month · 19,160 membersfine art professionals & collectorsThe purpose is to bring artists and collectors together in meetings, workshops, exhibitions and groupshows.Very Active: 549 discussions this month · 12,978 membersVisual Artists and their AdvocatesThis group is for visual artists to discuss art and promote their work and generate and share ideas. Thisgroup is for people who love fine art...Very Active: 310 discussions this month · 13,526 membersArt Collecting NetworkThe Art Collecting Network has sprung from the conference The Art Collector: Between Philanthropyand Self-Glorification. It aims to bring...Very Active: 518 discussions this month · 16,228 membersMuseum & Art GalleriesIndividuals/ institutions in the field of art and craft. Working with museums or art galleries or similarinstitutions or self-employed or...Very Active: 561 discussions this month · 20,821 membersArtCollectorTo facilitate networking among art collectors, galleries and others who are interested in collecting art.The main focus is on the art collectors...Very Active: 260 discussions this month · 8,107 membersContemporary ArtFor anyone working in, researching, or interested in the field of Contemporary Art: artists, curators,galleries, museums, collectors, arts...Very Active: 473 discussions this month · 9,033 membersContemporary Art News:ArtExbhibition Reviews
  9. 9. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comThis web space is all about contemporary art news and art exhibition reviews: art news, art reviews,Contemporary art exhibition, emerging...Very Active: 236 discussions this month · 4,929 membersFOR and BY the ARTSThis group appeals all those who try to make a living or contribute to the Arts. Its goal is to create anetwork too rarely accessible or...18 discussions this month · 464 membersArt MarketingIts about learning how to market your Art Work as an Artist, by sharing your expertise to help otherartists.Very Active: 221 discussions this month · 8,162 membersCreative Art Consultants International NetworkIf youre working as an art consultant, advisor, agent or otherwise are in the arts, WELCOME!! This groupis just one of the many brain-children...Very Active: 153 discussions this month · 4,395 membersTrue Artist: living the artTrue Artist LinkedIn Group is for artists to connect and interchange ideas, build networking to obtainexpositions, eventually group-exhibitions....Very Active: 188 discussions this month · 4,475 membersContemporary SculptureSculpture! News and networking relative to contemporary sculpture, sculpture exhibitions and sites forthe display of large scale outdoor sculpture.Active: 37 discussions this month · 3,306 membersArt BusinessFor artists who are serious about building a business and selling more art-- founded by Alyson B.Stanfield of and Active: 76 discussions this month · 8,551 membersEmerging Arts Professional NetworkAn online career resource and community network of over 2,700 arts administrators, managers andartists who are at the start of their careers...Very Active: 75 discussions this month · 1,153 membersInvest into Art [Subgroup]An impressive art collection strengthens your corporate image, improves clients first impression of youand makes a bold statement of your...49 discussions · 1,843 membersART Without BordersART Without Borders Preserving and promoting artists rights in the worldVery Active: 91 discussions this month · 1,417 members
  10. 10. DARYA A. BUSHMAKIN, MBA Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Instagram / Video Resume / Website / Slideshare 603 689 – 4513 / dbushmakin gmail.comBusinesspeople & ArtThis group will unite businesspeople whose interests towards the arts are stretching somewhat furtherthen home video or paperbacks. If you are...Very Active: 58 discussions this month · 1,952 membersPaintingsA group for artists and art lovers.Visual arts including painting and sculpture. Artists can shareexperiences and resources. Art lovers can...Very Active: 1,024 discussions this month · 6,976 membersArt LoversThis is a group for art lovers, visual artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, musicians, film-makers,writers, collectors, curators,...Very Active: 315 discussions this month · 4,228 membersArtists and SculptorsThis is a group for artists, sculptors, painters and other creative professionals. Our group is for helpingartists to network and to make them...Very Active: 117 discussions this month · 6,413 membersThe Armory ShowThe Armory Show is Americas leading fine art fair devoted to the most important art of the 20th and21st centuries. Every March, artists,...Very Active: 100 discussions this month · 2,903 membersA MEETING PLACE FOR ARTISTS AND GALLERIES: FINE_ART_BLO...ART-ON-GOOGLE. A MEETING POINT FOR ARTISTS. ITS FREE AND ALWAYSWILL BE. INVITATION: discussions this month · 1,660 membersART NETWORK - Artists & Galleries★ ART NETWORK (Creator: Frank de Ridder, Holland-Spain) - Non profit organization promoting the Arts... Platform where ARTISTS & GALLERIES are...66 discussions · 3,481 members