The First Fifteen Minutes : At Media 2011 London


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A presentation by Daniel Burka, given at the At Media 2011 Conference in London, UK.

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The First Fifteen Minutes : At Media 2011 London

  1. The first 15 minutes Designing great new user experiencesDaniel Burka@dburka
  2. 1 hour 5 minute walk
  3. RULE ONEUnderstand your new visitor
  4. RULE TWO Date before you proposeCredit: Flickr user ‘Ian Hampton’
  5. Credit:Flickr user‘Ninjam83’ RULE THREE Introduce the experience in phases
  6. RULE FOURExperience education
  7. Credit: Flickr user ‘Hayley Young’
  8. Credit: Flickr user ‘FHKE’
  9. ... glass housesCredit: Flickr user ‘Leo Reynolds’ Credit: Flickr user ‘x-ray delta one’
  10. Photo credit: Jeremy Keith “We design for ourselves first” Jason Fried, 37 Signals
  11. Design with empathyBacked by research and data Credit: Scarleth White
  12. 1 Front-load the new user experience2 Express trip to your ‘ah ha’ moment3 Education as an experience
  13. Credit: Flickr user ‘Ben Haisch’1 Date before demanding commitmentGet your users invested before you propose
  14. Help people make something they’d hate to lose.“Save your progress”Credit: Flickr user ‘karpov the wrecked train’
  15. Or provide a treasure map That thing over the wall is worth your investment Credit: Flickr user ‘Fanboy 30’
  16. Credit: Flickr user ‘Mike Bailey-Gates’2 Understand your new user Don’t bury the lead
  17. FacebookDiscovering the “Ah ha” moment
  18. But then...
  19. 5%
  20. 500 MM400 MM300 MM 5%200 MM100 MM2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  21. Rob is new to Facebook.Suggest friends for RobSuggest a profile picture
  22. Rob is new to Facebook.4,000,000 per day RobSuggest friends for50,000 per day pictureSuggest a profile
  23. TwitterResearching New Users
  24. 3 Make education an experienceTeach new people without relying on a textbook Credit: Flickr user ‘kcolwell’
  25. Cut the Rope
  26. Cut the Rope
  27. Cut the Rope
  28. Cut the Rope
  29. Cut the Rope
  30. See your new user experience with fresh eyesGet newcomers invested right awayFind your ‘aha moment’ and get to it quicklySet small goals that expand into larger onesTeach by doing as well as by tellingDon’t neglect your new user experience
  31. Thanks! Questions?Honest feedback to @dburka or danielburka@gmail.comSlides will be at tomorrow