The First Fifteen Minutes


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How to get newcomers invested in your product/service right away. Discover your 'aha moment' and get to it quickly. The importance of setting small goals that expand into larger ones. Understand how the feedback-cycle drives loyalty.

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The First Fifteen Minutes

  1. 1. The first 15 minutes Designing great new user experiences #first15 Rob Goodla e .me/g Daniel Burka @dburka Photo credit: Flickr user “Felix42 contra la censura”
  2. 2. 1 hour 5 minute walk
  3. 3. Credit: Flickr user ‘Ian Hampton’
  4. 4. Credit: Flickr user ‘Ninjam83’
  5. 5. My Mini Cooper
  6. 6. BART at SFO Credit: Flickr user ‘FHKE’
  7. 7. ... glass houses Credit: Flickr user ‘Leo Reynolds’ Credit: Flickr user ‘x-ray delta one’
  8. 8. “We design for ourselves first” Jason Fried — 37signals
  9. 9. Design with empathy
  10. 10. WTH??? We need the old FB back... this is ridiculous!!! Why wont you just let me sign in? I WANT THE OLD FAFEBOOK [sic] BACK THIS SHIT IS WACK!!!!!
  11. 11. Credit: Flickr user ‘Ben Haisch’ Date before demanding commitment Get your users invested before you propose
  12. 12. Help people make something they’d hate to lose. “Save your progress” Credit: Flickr user ‘karpov the wrecked train’
  13. 13. Or provide a treasure map The thing over the wall is worth your investment Credit: Flickr user ‘Fanboy 30’
  14. 14. The ‘Ah hah’ moment
  15. 15. You Must Provide Your Full Name But then... Unsupported Email Domain Incorrect Password
  16. 16. 5%
  17. 17. 500 MM 400 MM 300 MM 5% 200 MM 100 MM 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  18. 18. Rob is new to Facebook. 4,000,000 per day Rob Suggest friends for 50,000 per day picture Suggest a profile
  19. 19. Feedback Cycles
  20. 20. Blake Ross likes this Adam Mosseri Amazing Photo! 10 minutes ago Mark Bixby Cool story bro. 8 minutes ago Soleio This is awesome. 3 minutes ago
  21. 21. Make education an experience Teach new people without relying on a textbook Credit: Flickr user ‘kcolwell’
  22. 22. Try not to over-think it Teaching isn’t always rocket science Credit: Flickr user ‘Velo Steve’
  23. 23. See your new user experience with fresh eyes Get newcomers invested right away Discover your ‘aha moment’ and get to it quickly Set small goals that expand into larger ones Teach by doing as well as by telling
  24. 24. Photo: Flickr user Peter Kurdulija Thanks! Questions? Slides are on