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  1. 1. Unit 29 Talking about celebrations around the world
  2. 2. What do people do on these special days?
  3. 3. What do people do on these special days? Find two expressions in the box for the previous events.
  4. 4. Listening Activity  Ryan and Tina are talking about a festival. Listen to the conversation and check true or false
  5. 5. Fill in the gaps
  6. 6. Vague Expressions In real conversation, people often say …and stuff in very informal situations.
  7. 7. Discussion  When is the holiday celebrated?  Is it celebrated as a family or a group?  Does your family celebrate this holiday?  Are there special foods connected with the holiday?  What are some of the things that are done to show that this holiday is being observed?  Why is it celebrated?  Do you like the Medellin Flower fair?
  8. 8. Festivals around the world Do you know something about these festivals? Which one attracted your attention the most?
  9. 9. Reading activity Read the text on page 98. Vocabulary  Cockroach  Gold  Race  Diving suit  Prize  Lorry
  10. 10. Reading activity  What do you think of cockroaches?  In Spain, people use about 40000 kilos of tomatoes for the festival, do you think it is fair to use that amount food on games?  What do you think of the other festivals?  Have you ever been in a festival like these?
  11. 11. Oral assignment  Get in pairs and do research on a festival or celebration in some of the departments of Colombia. Amazonas Huila Cauca Valle Chocó Arauca You’ll have 20 minutes to do research and present to your classmates