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  • Hello and welcome to the People Helping People business opportunity. Before we started, we have some breaking news!
  • Something extraordinary is happening that could dramatically impact your financial future and your timing for considering People Helping People could not be better. Because a massive shift of wealth is taking place in the wireless industry. This shift is the transition from the post paid market to the pre paid market. For example, in Europe 87% of the wireless subscribers are already on Pre Paid plans. They have no contract, no credit , and pay one flat fee. While in North America, 75% of the users are still on post paid plans which have contracts, credit checks and unpredictable monthly bills – and hundreds of billions of dollars are predicted to shift over the next 5 years as North America shifts to the pre paid market. (new millennium research council, April 2010) And this shift has already begun! In 2009, US Post Paid revenue dropped to 3% while the US Pre Paid revenue grew to 17% and People Helping People is ahead of the curve leading the way into the next decade. So what you want to do is position yourself to take advantage of this huge shift in the marketplace! You are definitely in the right place at the right time! With that being said, let’s go ahead and get started…..
  • Over the next several minutes , I will share with you information about The company – People Helping People, Inc The business model The products and services How to get started The Compensation Plan And your Next Steps
  • First, let’s talk about the company Headquartered in Kannapolis,NC with a culture of giving and paying it forward, People Helping People was designed By the People, For the People. The Executives and leadership of this company have hundreds of years of combined experience both in traditional business and network marketing and the marketing team is considered by some to the best of the best in the industry! Integrity and character will continue to mold and shape this great opportunity into one that will last for generations. We are building for generational wealth. And realize that you are in a very unique position. Timing is everything! We just recently opened up registration for new independent representatives so you are definitely in a very historical position.
  • Now let’s discuss our business model. People Helping People is based on a business model that frees you to grow and experience life! There is no inventory to track, no deliveries, no collections, no experience necessary and no limits to your growth. And, the best part is there are no employees and no employers, because as an independent representative - you own your own business – and you’re the boss! I know all that sounds great, but perhaps you are wondering - then what do you do and how do you get paid?
  • Here’s how it works. You see, traditional companies spend million of dollars upfront in television advertising to promote their products and services in hopes of gathering customers. People Helping People uses a different approach. Rather, than television advertising and paying celebrities spokespersons millions of dollars like traditional companies do, People Helping People takes those same advertising dollars and pays YOU to gather customers and spread the word. That’s called word of mouth advertising or network marketing. So maybe your are wondering – does it work? Let’s see what the experts have to say….
  • Network Marketing is the best kept secret in the business world” FORTUNE Magazine Network Marketing is the perfect business for the average person to create wealth…The richest people in the word build networks.” Robert Kiyosaki (best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) The best investment I ever made…” regarding the Network Marketing companies he purchased. Warren Buffet Network Marketers are creating fortunes at breakneck speeds!” SUCCESS Magazine So yes, it definitely works!
  • Now let’s talk about the Products and Services. Given the massive shift in wealth that is taking place from the postpaid to prepaid market, of course People Helping People, is launching as its primary product offering PrePaid wireless phone service! PeopleZ Wireless - what an easy product to market - most everyone on the planet has a cell phone or wants a cell phone. Both kids and adults alike. Pre-paid cell phones. Imagine…no contract and no credit check!! Finally, a mobile phone bill with no surprises or gotcha’s with taxes and fees included in one flat rate! What a tremendous value and this industry is exploding….
  • Do you realize that the telecommunications industry is nearly $4 trillion dollar worldwide? In 2009, 300 million people in North America had a wireless cell phone number. Currently 23% of the households in the US have no landline at all – they are completely wireless! And this trend is growing! The wireless industry has been growing at an average of over 15% for over 15 years!.
  • So why is this industry exploding? Because people want the convenience of mobility! And we are not just talking about making phone calls. Today’s Smart Phones allow us to send and receive emails, log on to the internet, Instant message and text our friends and family on demand, take pictures, record audio and video, navigate via GPS, listen to our favorite music as MP3 or ringtones, and now even blog, tweet and facebook! Social networks have grown at staggering numbers and have become a way of life, a new culture globally, not just in the US. The world has embraced this new phenomenon of social networking via cell phones! And with Smart Phone sales increasing 59% in the past year – you certainly won’t be short on customers!
  • And PeopleZwireless monthly pre-paid service plans are incredible and offer tremendous value with packages to fit any budget. Smart phone users will love our unlimited talk, text, and data package for one low, flat rate with taxes and fees included! And additional products and services from PeopleZ wireless will be announced soon
  • Next, we have PeopleZdigital offering digital VOIP phone service and the quality is incredible!! With amazing plans for both residential and commercial. Large business, small business - basically from one single line to a call center of 1500 or more - we can accommodate it. Offering both IP and Video phones And you can also add international calling to your package which will allow you to reach over 35 countries included in one flat rate. And stay tuned for other PeopleZ digital products and services coming soon.
  • And finally, we have PeopleZhealth which will tap into yet another expanding industry! U.S sales in the Health and Wellness industry were nearly $125 billion dollars in 2009 and world-renowned economist and best-selling author Paul Zane Pilzer predicts it to be the next trillion dollar industry. With PeopleZheath offering Health and Nutrition products which are remarkably aligned with the human body’s natural profile. Once again, People Helping People is ahead of the curve.
  • So how do you get started? To become an independent representative with People Helping People, you pay a $49.99 annual fee to secure your spot in the matrix and choosing the $39.99 monthly eShipZ™ package (plus shipping and handling) will make you Eligible for ALL commission payouts when qualified. This package Includes : Professional Virtual Back Office Professional Sales Website PeopleZtools™ Professional Marketing, Training, and Communication Tools A Health and Nutritional Product shipped to your door along with Unlimited Training and Support
  • Most importantly, how do you get paid? People Helping People’s exclusive and very unique hybrid compensation plan rewards everyone at every level of achievement. Our business model allows you to earn income through multiple revenue streams and bonuses. You can earn immediate income as well as long term residual income. (That’s mailbox money that comes to you month after month) And the best part is – there are no limits on your income. Let’s cover the features of this exciting new compensation plan.
  • First, let’s cover Retail Sales. Very simply, you sell a product or service at retail price and you earn a commission. This could include a one-time commission for selling a product (such as a phone) or a residual income such as selling a service that has a monthly recurring charge. In which case, you will get paid every month as long as your customer continues the service. That’s true residual income. Do the work once and get paid over and over again!
  • Now getting paid on your personal customer’s products and service is nice. But in addition to that, wouldn’t you like to paid on the efforts of hundreds or thousands of other independent representatives as well? Well, our PeopleZ Distribution system allows you to do just that! The concept is very simple – a traditional distribution system often has many brick and mortar stores with a few sales representatives who gather hundreds or thousands of customers. Conversely, our distribution system creates hundreds and thousands of work-from-home independent representatives who gather just a few customers. Here’s how it works: The structure is a 3x9 forced matrix which creates dynamic team building. Now, a 3x9 matrix means that only 3 independent representatives can be on your first level. You can’t have 5, 10, or 20. The system only allows for a maximum of 3 people to on your first level. Your second level can only hold 9 representatives. So if the 3 representatives on your first level each introduce this business to three people that decide to get started, that would equal a total of 9 on your second level and your second level is now filled. And the next person that comes into your business would appear on your 3 rd level. If you carry this out for 9 levels, a full matrix would include 29,523 representatives. And this forced placement can happen whether you introduce them to the business or not. For example, if you had someone in your support organization working a little faster then you, then their independent representatives can possibly be placed into your organization by virtue of the forced 3x9 matrix. That is not a guarantee, but it is possible. Again, timing is everything!
  • And with our 3X9 Matrix Customer Acquition Bonuses, you earn $1 on all of the sales of the qualified independent representatives in your matrix. And in a perfect world, a full 3x9 matrix has the potential of generating $29,523 per month in CAB revenue. Now of course we don’t live in a perfect world and these figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings – your personal earnings will depend upon the number of qualified sales in your matrix. But let’s just cut those numbers in half. Would you be happy with just 50% of that monthly income? What if you only achieved 10% of that number. Would an extra $3,000 per month have a positive impact on you and your family? Now this feature alone is very exciting and is attracting many people to our business. But what is attracting many of the leaders, those with proven success in this industry, who have built large organizations, earning millions of dollars… is the matching bonuses!!
  • With qualified matching matrix bonuses, you can earn up to 45% of your personally sponsored representatives matrix income! For example, in a perfect world, if your have a personally sponsored representative who is earning $29,523 per month on fully qualified matrix or even half of that amount or even 10% of that amount as we previously discussed, you could earn up to a 45% match of their qualified matrix income. And the best part is - there is no limit to the number of representatives you can personally sponsor! And it gets even better! As you promote to higher levels you can also earn a 5% match of the qualified matrix pay of those who fall on your 2 nd and 3 rd levels as well – which again can add up to a substantial monthly income. The bottom line is – the more you help your team grow, the more their income grows, the more your income grows! That’s a win-win for all! That’s People Helping People!!
  • And if that’s not enough, there’s even more additional bonuses you can receive as you promote yourself including shares in the Diamond Pool, a Revenue Sharing Pool, coded customer acquisition bonuses to infinity and PeopleZ9 customer acquisition bonuses. Essentially, you have unlimited income potential!
  • So now that you see the potential – think about what this opportunity can do for you. What if you had more time to enjoy your family and friends What if you were able to work from home and be with your family? What if you could build such wealth so as to create a legacy to leave behind? Your desire and willingness to improve your life is the strongest asset you can bring to the table.
  • But nothing will change in your life until you decide to change it and TAKE ACTION Get Back to the Person Who Invited YOU to This Opportunity And Secure Your Position in the Matrix Timing is Everything!
  • Thank you
  • People Helping People Business Presentation