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13 benefits of a business center


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13 benefits of a business center

  1. 1. 13 BENEFITS OF A BUSINESS CENTERIt is 2013 so it seems appropriate to give you 13 key benefits of a business center over aconventional office that you may lease or buy. 1. Space requirementsBecause a business center involves a shared environment, you do not require space for adedicated reception area, kitchen or pantry, conference or meeting room and wash rooms. Thisconstitutes space that is not required all the time but needs to be available when required.Sharing reduces the amount of space needed. 2. Start-up capitalYou don’t have to invest in furniture and equipment, installation costs, security deposits andother start-up expenses that usually end up being much higher than you had estimated. 3. No liabilityWhen you opt for a business center you have flexible terms and none of the liabilities you mighthave with a conventional lease agreement. 4. Recurring expensesYour fees are the costs you incur upfront. You do not have additional recurring monthlyexpenses such as paying for telecom services, payroll, building operating expenses, repairs andmaintenance, utility bills …the list goes on and on. 5. Support teamIn a business center you have the advantage of a professional support team. They will receiveand relay messages on your behalf and handle visitors and callers. They are also experienced inmeeting your needs and give personal attention to details. This makes for a smoother, moreefficient and pleasurable workday. 6. Recruitment and training of staffStaffing and training of office personnel is completely undertaken by the business center – andso are all those human resource issues.
  2. 2. 7. Quality of staff and serviceThe quality of staff and service is generally superior to that which can be achieved with a smallstaffed office. Besides, staff vacations, sick and personal leave are covered in a business centerso you always have access to the staff you need. 8. Furnishings and equipmentIn a business center, you walk in to a fully-furnished and equipped office. The furnishings andequipment are of the highest quality and regularly maintained, cared for and updated. 9. Technical supportBusiness centers have a technically-qualified team available on hand throughout the day to takecare of any problems and glitches and make sure there’s little or no downtime. This is especiallyimportant these days when so much business is conducted on-line. 10. Administrative supportYou get full administrative support including copying and printing services, binding ofdocuments etc. You also have the benefit of courier services to destinations in India andabroad. 11. ConnectivityYou can plug in and get instant Internet connectivity, so essential for your business. And youdon’t have to pay for the installation and maintenance of telecom facilities. 12. Pay-by-useAll the services and facilities you use in a business center are on a pay-by-use basis which makesfor cost effectiveness. You don’t pay for overheads. 13. Saving of timeThe business center handles all the details running the workplace so you can focus yourvaluable time on your core business. You can just do what you do best, what you are qualifiedto do, which shows on the bottom-line.When you take all these factors into consideration, you will find that the benefits of a businesscenter far outweigh those of conventional leased or owned office space. The saving of timeitself makes it worthwhile not to mention those hassles of running and maintaining an office.Besides, a business center usually gives you a more upscale workplace environment which isinspiring and also a great image-booster.