Tauranga DNUG 2010-11-11


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Survey results, plus intro slides to talk on BDD with SpecFlow and White framework

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Tauranga DNUG 2010-11-11

  1. 1. Agenda • 6:00pm – Welcome & introductions • 6:10pm – Survey results & discussion • (6:30pm – order Pizza – volunteer please!) • 6:30pm – BDD with SpecFlow • 7:30pm – pizza & mingling!
  2. 2. Survey results – Age Group
  3. 3. Do you consider yourself primarily… Others: Helpdesk, ME consultant, junior developer, IT Wannabe, Interested in programming
  4. 4. Which platforms do you develop for? Other = Server
  5. 5. What sort of app? (Roughtly half of respondents didn’t answer)
  6. 6. .NET framework version
  7. 7. Which practices do you use?
  8. 8. How awesome are your dev skills?
  9. 9. Meetings
  10. 10. Time suitability
  11. 11. How far do you travel to attend?
  12. 12. How important is… Pizza Beer Tech content Personal Networking Time Prizes / giveaways
  13. 13. Interested in occasional non-dotNet?
  14. 14. What do you like MOST about the group? • Themes – networking, good people, tech content, learning • An opportunity for me to learn how other people/sites carry out .NET development, learn about new methodologies, also find out about people's experience with the new MS software releases, Visual Studio, .NET f/w for example • chance to hook up with fellow developers in the flesh and bounce ideas around • Chance to Network and bounce ideas around • Chatting with other techies. • contact with developers • Exposure to new ideas and technologies. • Friendly group • Good mix of people • Hot Pizza, Networking • I have no opinion on that. • Learn heaps • Learning new things. • Learning things that you didn't know you didn't know. (ie, things it might not have occurred to you to learn). Also, the sense of community and meeting other like-minded people. • local & easy to get to, good content, good group of people • Local Meeting Place, International Content, Relevant to my learning • "Networking with other local developers.Getting exposure of new tools & development practices." • Non invasive. • Technical insights, catching up with colleagues • That it exists, Haven't been to any meetings yet though! • "The discussions that sometimes arise either during or after presentations, eg: Friday Mornings PDC presentation. Being part of discussions (Networking) with other developers.Learning about new Microsoft Development technologies & how they fit together." • The presenters and technical content. There are lots of things picked up on during question and answer time. • Variety of presentations, great content. (I'd like to contribute but not sure content would be up to scratch as I'm only a part time developer and not great in any one area)
  15. 15. What do you like LEAST about the group? • Themes – frequency, low/non-tech content, intimidating • Beer • Frequency of meetings • I have no opinion on that. Guess I'm neutral :-) • I would like it to be more interactive with everyone that attends, not just the presenters. E.g. get some introductions going to introduce everyone. • Irrevelevant topics! Cold Pizza! • It can be a bit intimidating if you do not know anyone..... • It's a bit over my head sometimes. • marketing presentations disguised as technica presentations • MS grandstanding. • no user group meetings this year • Not having frequent meetings • "Occasional low technical content, high propaganda presentations by Microsofte.g. Last presentation" • Several small Clique's have formed which are hard for those seen as "lesser developers" to break into. • Sometimes too much for me on non-.net. Too much sharepoint and enterpirse stuff that I will never use. • They stopped happening • They tend to drag on a bit sometimes. • Travel Time (minor complaint) • What is not to like... Not having a meeting. Or when I can't come :( • When it runs late. Cold Pizza, Warm Beer
  16. 16. Presenting
  17. 17. Ideas from the floor! • How to make it less scary? • Format – 1/2hr intro, 1hr advanced,1/2hr pizza? • Topic Ideas? (how many people twitter, by the way?)
  18. 18. BDD – my perspective • Have twice created automated test suites for complex apps – Useful to validate that an app “still works” after changes – Definite benefit, but ends up fragile & difficult to maintain. Requires discipline. • Started to hear about BDD. Attracted by – Workflow – Additional benefits (collaboration, documentation) – Test scripting in a mainstream tool, Visual Studio • I’m no expert! – Couple of proof-of-concepts and presentations
  19. 19. What does it look like? • You write specifications like this:
  20. 20. Then you run them
  21. 21. Wait – where’s the magic? • You have to write “step definition” files, to define what happens at each step. Think “codebehind”
  22. 22. Why? • Human-readable syntax – allows for collaboration with business stakeholders. • Integration testing – tests interaction between system components • “Free” system documentation – How does the system actually work?
  23. 23. Demo…
  24. 24. Thanks! • Code & full walkthrough on my blog: darren.bruning.net.nz