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Aberdeen and Perks: Incentivizing Channel Management


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De-centralizing your sales organization is an easy, low-risk approach, right? Recruit some eager third-party sellers, reward them for closing deals, and keep your costs under control – what a great formula! If it works. In reality, managing a modern talent pool of channel partners, whose business agenda may not be fully aligned to your business strategies, requires as much focus as employing direct sales reps, if not more. From finding and onboarding external sellers, to enabling them with the optimal mix of products and support, to ensuring their long-term loyalty, the challenges are many. Join Aberdeen’s Peter Ostrow and Perks’ Co-Founder and VP of Business Development Steve Timmerman for this informative webinar that introduces Best-in-Class methodologies around sales incentives that create win-win results for OEMs, partners, and customers alike.

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