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Citrix Remote Access Solution Soup


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BriForum London 2012 Lightning Round session

Published in: Technology
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Citrix Remote Access Solution Soup

  1. 1. WelcomeBriForum | © TechTarget
  2. 2. Citrix Remote Access SolutionSoup - CSG, AG, AGEE, NSDan Brinkmann @dbrinkmannblog.danbrinkmann.comSolutions Architect, VMware vExpertLewan & Associates (Denver, CO)BriForum | © TechTarget
  3. 3. Agenda● Architecture● Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG)● Citrix Access Gateway Standard (CAG)● Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (CAG-EE)● Netscaler platform● What do you choose?BriForum | © TechTarget 3
  4. 4. Remote Access ArchitectureBriForum | © TechTarget 4
  5. 5. Remote Access● ICA Proxy - Included in AG platform licenses - Most common requirement● SSL VPN - Included in Platinum or Universal License● Endpoint Analysis ● Included in Platinum or Universal LicenseBriForum | © TechTarget 5
  6. 6. Citrix Secure Gateway● Windows based● Proxies all traffic to Web Interface● “Free”● No built in HA/LB● ICA Proxy only● Long path for Pnagent● No authentication● No support for Storefront/CloudGateway (no 2 factor in SF)● Effectively it’s finally deadBriForum | © TechTarget 6
  7. 7. Citrix Access Gateway Standard (5.04)● Physical or virtual appliance - Both “rated” to 500 users for SSL VPN - Model 2000 (EOL) or Model 2010 physical appliance - *Also a model MPX 5500 but is using EE* - VPX (virtual appliance) model● ICA Proxy and SSL VPN● Opswat integration for Endpoint Analysis● Long path for pnagent● Supports HA/Clustering● Supports multistream ICA● No built-in LB for WI/SF/XMLBriForum | © TechTarget 7
  8. 8. Citrix Access GatewayBriForum | © TechTarget 8
  9. 9. Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (AG 10)● Physical (MPX 5500) and virtual appliance (VPX) - VPX rated for 500/100 SSL trans/sec (1K/2K) - VPX rated for 300 concurrent SSL VPN users● ICA proxy and SSL VPN● Endpoint Analysis isn’t using Opswat● HTTP header policy● Supports multistream ICA● Supports HA/Clustering● Web socket support HTML5 Receiver● No built-in LB for WI/SF/XMLBriForum | © TechTarget 9
  10. 10. Netscaler● All versions Standard/Enterprise/Platinum include CAG-EE● Adds additional functionality for LB/AF….● Physical or virtual appliance - Adds throughput options on VPX 10, 200, 1000, 3000 - Additional scalability options in physical appliance● Health monitors for WI/XML and aware of STA availability● Load balancing of WI/SF/XML● GSLB for XA/XD infrastructure● Support for WI on NS BriForum | © TechTarget 10
  11. 11. Physical vs Virtual● Limited SSL scalability on virtual platform● Network placement (resources available internal vs dmz)● SSL transactions/sec● Certificate size● Throughput● Other usesBriForum | © TechTarget 11
  12. 12. Want me to make it easy for you?● Secure Gateway – dead/dying…move on● Access Gateway● Access Gateway Enterprise Edition● Netscaler Standard/Ent/Plat● Physical or virtualBriForum | © TechTarget 12