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By: Daniel Brown

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Ppt for ct

  1. 1. Cooking for firefighters By: Daniel Brown
  2. 2. Critical Thinking?• We did use critical thinking skills in a few ways.• One way was we had to think when they would want the food and when to start to get it done in time.• Another was which fire stations to go to because there are so many to choose from.
  3. 3. Goal.• My goal was to give back to people that save lives every day.• I thought I could do this by making them dinner because sometimes they don’t have time to make a proper dinner.
  4. 4. Getting started• We started off by preparing the food.• We made the sauce for the lasagna and meatballs.• Then we made the meatballs and added everything to the sauce.
  5. 5. Cooking• We formed the meatballs into little balls then put them in the oven.• We also put the sauce on the stove and let it boil.• Then we played the waiting game...
  6. 6. Almost done cooking• After everything was cooked we had to start putting the lasagna together.• We made five or six layers of lasagna for each pan.• And we also had a separate pan with just meatballs in it.
  7. 7. The transportation.• After we cooked the food we had to bring it to the fire station.• We put all of the food in the back of the van then drove to the fire station.• When we got there they just had a call so we had to wait.
  8. 8. Giving them the food.• When they seen us with the food they seemed very happy because most of them didn’t have a lunch.• After one of the fire fighters saw what we brought him he offered to take us on a tour around the fire station.
  9. 9. The tour• He showed us the place they have to sleep.• There was one room where someone is supposed to stay in at all time to take calls and emergencies.• He also showed us the inside of the fire truck which was very cool.
  10. 10. The aftermath.• After we got the tour and they started eating one of the fire fighters got the parents information so they could send something as a token of appreciation.• Then we left and let the firefighters eat.