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Facebook for Business - Republic, MO


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A short presentation for local businesses with some basics on why and how to get started on Facebook.

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Facebook for Business - Republic, MO

  1. 1. Facebook for BusinessWhy Use It, and How to Start?David BrazealRepublic Tiger Sports.comdavid@republictigersports.com417.766.6997
  2. 2. OverviewWhy does social media matter?How can you get started?
  3. 3. Why does itmatter?Internet search started withdirectories edited by humans, likeYahoo! The Internet was smallenough to categorize pages.
  4. 4. Why does itmatter?Search evolved to a Google algorithm,where computers could pick the page wewant most. Eventually, people figured outhow to game the system, and search hasstarted to break down and become lessuseful.
  5. 5. Why does itmatter?Facebook and other social media make it easierfor us to search with the help of friends. Whenwe want a plumber, or a restaurantrecommendation, we can ask our 150 friends onFacebook, and get a personal recommendationthat’s far more powerful than regular search.
  6. 6. How much is aFacebook fanworth?One study says a Facebook fan is worth $136, onaverage. (Fans of big brands spend $136 more, onaverage, than non-fans.)Another study says a fan is worth about $3-4 intraditional advertising, based on the number ofpeople who see a typical posting on Facebook.The point is that Facebook fans do have monetaryvalue, if you cultivate them.
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  8. 8. Landing tabs (like this one)let you customize the look fornew visitors. You can include a “call to action” that encourages them to like the page, and give them an incentive to become a fan.
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  11. 11. The “like button” lets youcut-and-paste some text and put it on your website. When you do that, theFacebook “like” button showsup on your own website. Thatway, when people click “like”on your website, it shows up on their Facebook page for their friends to see.
  12. 12. The “Like Box” essentiallyputs the activity from your Facebook page on yourwebsite. Great option if you have a website, but don’t update it often. (Although you should update your website often anyway!)LIKE BOX
  13. 13. Insights
  15. 15. Facebook Insights gives you in-depth information about the people checking your page. You can see the number of new people who’ve liked the page, the total number of likes, and how many people are active with your page each month. “Interactions” include anytime someone leaves a comment or clicks “like” on one of your posts.PAGE OVERVIEW YOUR USERS IN GENERAL
  16. 16. Insights also includes demographic information about the age and gender of members, etc.USERS
  17. 17. You can also see how manytimes each post was viewed.For this site, posts averagedmore than 1,000 views apiece during the month.INTERACTIONS LIKES, COMMENTS, UNSUBSCRIBES
  18. 18. Questions?David BrazealRepublic Tiger Sports.comdavid@republictigersports.com417.766.6997