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#StartUp #Atlanta #BrandedContent is a social networking website which showcases undiscovered Rap & Hip-Hop performances on video. Members upload their videos and information about themselves they'd like to share; while other members can then vote and comment on their performance, contact them - or just enjoy their music videos.

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MyRapAudition Business Plan

  1. 1. Business Plan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  2. 2. is a social networking website which showcases undiscovered Rap & Hip- Hop performances on video. Members upload their videos and information about themselves they'd like to share; while other members can then vote and comment on their performance, contact them - or just enjoy their music videos. It's a place where performers can promote themselves, add friends to their network and build an audience. Members can speak their mind and help shape tomorrows music. It's a place where you can discover people through music, and discover music through people. It's young, urban, hip and very now. HISTORY The concept for was formed in June 2009, design began in September - and then a 'soft' launch (without any fanfare whatsoever) went live in January 2010. With a minimal marketing budget and with many programming kinks still being worked on - as of June 2012 we had over 1700 members, over 1300 videos, and are approaching 3 million videos viewed. Several videos have been viewed over 50,000 times. We have members from all 50 states, and from as far away as the United Kingdom, Trinidad, Germany and China. We are on page one of Google search for the terms "Rap Contest", "Rap Auditions" and "Rap Music social network" and are moving up rapidly for many other related search terms (currently we are on page four of Google search for "Rap Music Videos"). OBJECTIVES Capitalize on the Social Media phenomenon where people share, interact, network and promote themselves to the community and the digital media world. Capitalize on the power of video. YouTube is the most popular site on the internet. We combine YouTube's video content for a niche market and an "American Idol" aspect of voting and contests to keep interest high while members help discover that next big star. Obtain key partnership deals with urban record labels, recording studios, cell phone companies, energy drinks, clothing designers, TV & radio stations, magazines, current Rap & Hip-Hop stars, and any business that targets our same demographic - young,
  3. 3. urban minded, tech savvy, upwardly mobile. Continually expand the site by utilizing cutting edge marketing techniques, search engine optimization, brand awareness, and shrewd business decisions. Take full advantage of our Atlanta, Georgia location which is rich with Rap & Hip-Hop talent. The site will build itself here initially, then expand nationally - then globally. We will be adding MixTapes (audio only) which will increase our page views and time spent on the site. Keep the site inclusive, rather than exclusive. In other words, make everyone feel welcome regardless of their talent level. Keep performers and members interest levels high by constantly having contests and promotions. Become the destination site where people will go to look for what's fresh and new and about to break in the Rap & Hip-Hop worlds. MISSION was created to provide a free, online medium where Rap artists can showcase their talents, build and interact with an audience, compete for cash and prizes; all by utilizing social media technology. Our ultimate goal is to make the site so good, so popular, and so big - that we will be 'bought out' by one of the internet giants such as Google, Yahoo, BET, News Corp, etc.. The internet is becoming a game of monopoly, and we plan on making a brand name synonymous with Rap & Hip-Hop music.
  4. 4. MANAGEMENT John Frank is founder and CEO of . After getting his Bachelors of Science degree in Education from Slippery Rock University, he went directly into the business world, taking a job as a purchasing agent at Bechtel Corporation. After a few years as a buyer, he segued to a sales career which included advertising, then computer software sales. Soon his love of movies pulled him to Los Angeles, where he worked on numerous film, television and commercial projects. His time in Los Angeles culminated in the award winning independent feature film 'Joint Adventure', which he wrote and directed. After returning to his adopted hometown, Atlanta, Georgia - John directed several music videos, most of which were Rap & Hip-Hop. While working in the sales department at Earthlink (the internet service provider), his love of technology and the incredible opportunity of the internet began to come together. cemented itself as the place to pour all his energy, creativity and business experience. Derek Peacock is President of Derek Peacock is President of . In addition to actually designing the site, Derek is an expert in social media, with extensive experience ?in music industry marketing and web site design. He holds an MBA in Marketing ?from Strayer University (2009), concentrating in social media and music ?internet marketing. His work developing web solutions and web site designs for?businesses is supported by his Bachelor of Fine Arts from American?Intercontinental University (2006). In the beginning, Derek earned an Associate degree in Radio ?Broadcasting from Draughon's Jr. College (2004).? In 2006, Derek opened D.Peacock Studios where he develops web solutions for a variety of businesses using social media expertise. COMPETITION
  5. 5. Everyone is competing for a percentage of online users, roughly 2 billion people are online at any given moment. Several sites that are similar to -,, - are consistently rated in the top 1000 most visited sites in the world (Alexa Rankings). is consistently in the top 20, averaging almost 600,000 visits per day. GROWTH Growth will be determined by a number of factors; marketing budget, marketing tactics, contests (frequency and size), partnerships, sponsorships, and digital word of mouth. That being said, our goal is to have 5000 members, 5000 videos, and 15 million videos viewed by the close of 2012. LEGAL STRUCTURE AND OWNERSHIP is a subsidiary of Zone6Media LLC. John Frank is CEO of both entities. Derek Peacock is President of John Frank and Derek Peacock are the major shareholders of COMPANY LOCATION The company is based and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. PLANS FOR FINANCING