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Sakai K-12 Collaborative


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This a presentation from the 2009 Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Nashua NH

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Sakai K-12 Collaborative

  1. 1. Sakai Collaborative NH Christa McAuliffe Conference December 2, 2009 Debbie Boisvert, Deerfield - Allison Mollica, Lebanon
  2. 2. Designed by educators for educators, Sakai is an enterprise teaching, learning and academic collaboration platform that best meets the needs of today's learners, instructors and researchers. Sakai Project (
  3. 3. What is Sakai? Sakai is a set of software tools designed to help schools create collaborative sites online. Using a web browser, users choose from a set of features to create a site that meets their needs. The Sakai Foundation coordinates the ongoing development of a stable platform through the contributions of over 200 institutional installations.
  4. 4. How can Sakai be used? • Teachers can create collaborative online classrooms with the ability to take tests/quizzes online, complete and submit assignments online, conduct discussions, etc. • Professional development communities can be created in your district for staff, interest groups or even school boards. • Portfolios - for K-8 and High School can be created, maintained, shared, saved, and transported/exported.
  5. 5. What is the K12 Sakai Collaborative? NH K-12 Sakai Collaborative consists of a number of districts running their own instance of Sakai in a new and exciting collaborative learning environment, sharing locally developed materials such as • Rubrics, • Necap related test materials, • Matricies and Portfolios for professional development, ICT digital portfolios, HS competencies • Best Practices, and • Training.
  6. 6. Current Sakai Collab Members SAU1 Conval SAU53 Pembroke SAU4 Newfound Area SAU10 Derry Cooperative SAU74 Barrington SAU65 Kearsarge District SAU21 Winnacunnet SAU88 Lebanon SAU37 Manchester SAU 18 Franklin SAU41 Hollis SAU 59 Winnisquam Regional Districts in Maine and Vermont have expressed interest
  7. 7. Sakai is used in a variety of ways – there's a "site" for everything! • Portfolios - ICT K-8; HS 9-12, professional development • Staff Pages/sites - for announcements, calendars, forum discussion, resource files... committees • Courses & classrooms, clubs and sports • Library • Even school boards Here are some examples of how some of the collab members are already using Sakai.
  8. 8. SAU 53 Professional Development Portfolio Project matrix to webpage
  9. 9. SAU 53 ICT K-8 Portfolio Project matrix to submission form to webpage See 21st Century Digital Portfolio through Sakai, Wed 3-4pm
  10. 10. Coming soon.... High School Portfolio Pilot See Tracking HS Compentencies with Sakai on Thurs 2:30-3:30 All of these matrices and showcase portfolios are shared within the NH Sakai Collab.
  11. 11. The Five Districts of SAU 53 Armand Dupont Allenstown Chichester Middle School Elementary Three Rivers Central Sch School Middle School ool Deerfield Pembroke Community Academy School Epsom Pembroke Hill and Central School Village Schools
  12. 12. School Board Sites All seven SAU 53 School Boards have their own Sakai site (tab) for accessing individual resources. Example: • Budget • Calendars • Agendas • Committee Info • Bus Routes
  13. 13. Staff Pages @ Three Rivers School Sakai is used as a communication vehicle for Three Rivers School. Centrally located in the staff site, information can easily be accessed! Sakai is a wonderful tool to use to keep the staff informed and up to date on everything!
  14. 14. Barrington School District Barrington Middle School Examples: 7th Grade Math and Middle School Team Site
  15. 15. Barrington Grade 7 Math Class "I have posted the electronic link to the textbooks my math classes use on my Sakai class sites. Every day since showing my classes how to access the on-line text, I have had students and/or parents tell me they are so glad they have on-line access..." Using Sakai for Course Management grades 5-8, Tues. 1:30-2:30 If you have passwords for subscriptions that cannot be posted on the web, Sakai can help!
  16. 16. Team Site - Homework Announcements "I have convinced my team to post the homework assignments to a team page. Parents and students can access this with or without user id and password since we have made the site public. We use the Announcements for this - it is found on the home page of our site as well as one of the areas that can be made public. This gives a wider exposure to Sakai..."
  17. 17. Lebanon School District Lebanon has 7th and 9th graders scheduled to build portfolios in Sakai this month. Having implemented the instance fully only a few weeks ago already the hs teachers are implementing course instances in their classrooms.
  18. 18. "Freshman Foundations" Course Example: Assignment for Photoshop
  19. 19. Derry Cooperative I love Sakai! I find it a great way to have students use the computer to practice their math skills at any time of the day or night. With a simple log-in, they are able to complete assignments, engage in math through web-sites that I have chosen, and communicate with each other as well as with me. I have had students who have been stuck on homework communicate with me via Sakai and I was able to help them. It is amazing to see how many students are logged on after school, when it is not required work. Russ Manchester - Gilbert H. Hood Middle School
  20. 20. More from Derry.... I have created several assignments on Sakai, as well as a few quizzes. The students love it and when students are absent, I can have them complete it at home. It is a learning process, what the students see, what I want them to see, but they are really getting the hang of it and so am I. Kimberly Parsons, GHHMS Derry, NH
  21. 21. How is Sakai hosted? •Sakai is Open Source. That means it is free, but not necessarily easy to install. •The K12 Collaborative uses a hosted solution from Mainstream. The approximate cost of yearly hosting is $4,000 -$5,000 the first year. •You can however run it on your own server. There are consultants available to help with your install. SAU53 used Serensoft to get started.
  22. 22. How is Sakai hosted? •With either solution you can be part of the K12 Collaborative This is free and you immediately have access to the all of the NH materials developed so far. There is no commitment. There are monthly meetings that are also available as video conferences. The next one is January 19th at 9:00 am at SAU 53, Pembroke We often share space in staff training.
  23. 23. Join us at Contact Deb at or 1.Click New Account Allison at 2.Click Membership 3.Click Joinable Sites 4. Join as many sites as you like, but include Training and Support